Book Review: No Good Deed by Kara Connolly

32766757Title: No Good Deed

By: Kara Connolly

PublicationJuly 18th 2017

By: Delacorte Press

Genre: YA-ARC-Historical-Fantasy-Time Travel-Retelling-Sci.Fi

Fans of Dorothy Must Die will love this reimagining of the legend of Robin Hood. Girl power rules supreme when a modern girl finds herself in the middle of a medieval mess with only her smart mouth and her Olympic-archer aim to get her home.

Ellie Hudson is the front-runner on the road to gold for the U.S. Olympic archery team. All she has to do is qualify at the trials in jolly old England. When Ellie makes some kind of crazy wrong turn in the caverns under Nottingham Castle—yes, that Nottingham—she ends up in medieval England.

Ellie doesn’t care how she got to the Middle Ages; she just wants to go home before she gets the plague. But people are suffering in Nottingham, and Ellie has the skills to make it better. What’s an ace archer to do while she’s stuck in Sherwood Forest but make like Robin Hood?

Pulled into a past life as an outlaw, Ellie feels her present fading away next to daring do-gooding and a devilishly handsome knight. Only, Ellie is on the brink of rewriting history, and when she picks up her bow and arrow, her next shot could save her past—or doom civilization’s future. 


Copia de SPRINGTIME (5)

I want to thank to NetGalley and Random House Children’s for providing me with this copy in exchange for an honest review 

I really enjoyed reading this guys, I live for the time travel themes, that was in fact what make me to want to read this book and was handled in a super fun and interesting way, plus I’m so happy about the Doctor Who references , because I’m crazy Whovian so I hope you understand me


I like Robin Hood and everything that has to do with, ie, I know the story well, I’m not a fan but anyway I really liked the idea of seeing Ellie, this main character who is characterized by being a strong and Intelligent girl and also she’s in n archery team !, how incredible is that ?, I can actually see in her a kind of hero, is a very well created character I liked to see her growth and to be present in her decisions, her intolerance to Injustice it was even adorable, she’s temperamental but in a good way, a great character.


I’ve found an extremely original book and I recommend it a lot especially if you’re tired of the typical plot in YA, this book breaks the schemes a little and makes of something that we always read, something unique and fun, in addition the end I think it’s very good

I’ve Loved loved the setting of a Medieval England described in the book, was so amazing to be in the middle of all that action and adventure in the middle of that era, the descriptions were really good, it becameabsolutely my favorite thing of the whole book , Wish to be there

I was expecting a little more about the subject of time travel, ie, it was well managed and original, as I’ve already said, but maybe some kind of explanation of why everything happened in the first place, would have been great, yet it isn’t something that should be there, but I would have liked to know more about it anyway

I wasn’t at all interested in the romantic aspect of the book, but this is the first time that I feel that really doesn’t matter. I feel the book has so much to give, it was so funny and original that it really doesn’t need the romantic touch at all, and although it’s present, it hasn’t been relevant to me.
It holds up well with its action plot and its hilarious characters, are perfect. The personalities of each are very well defined and give a very special touch to the era. I was really sad when I finished it and I would surely read it again because I’ve had a fantastic time with it and it has been a very refreshing reading


I hope you give it a chance is a very fun book, its release date is just in a few days, you’ll laugh and get excited, I highly recommend it


4/5 Stars

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14 thoughts on “Book Review: No Good Deed by Kara Connolly

    I've always been a fan of Robin Hood, so this captured my attention quickly. (At least, the Disney version. And I also tried watching the BBC version quite a few years ago.) Also, Medieval England!!! I definitely have to add this to my TBR now!

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  2. I am a simple girl. I see a Doctor Who gif and I must read the review. Glad I did because this book sounds amazing! I love Robin Hood, too, and the concept of time travel has always interested me (I am a dedicated Whovian). So this sounds like a book I’d love to pick up one day. It seems to have quite a few amazing elements going for it. Glad you enjoyed reading this one! Great review! 😀

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  3. I’m reading this book now, so I’m glad to hear you liked it. Though I’m only a couple chapters in, I think it’s going to be a pretty good read.

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