Discussion Post | How to Stay Motivated as Reader & Book Blogger? πŸ“ PS: It’s my birthday! πŸŽ‰

Β πŸ“Β Hi, friends!! I missed you SO MUCH!! I hope you’re having a beautiful day ❀️, I’m more than happy to come back with a new discussion post after a long time of not writing one, I’m also super excited to be writing in general, since I started with my business I’ve been dedicating 100% to it, and although I know that you understand and support me, I want to apologize for my absence in the communityΒ πŸ₯Ί, I want you to know that it makes me very happy to have the blog and continue writing posts even when it’s not as much as before, and I also enjoy a LOT of sharing with you and checking your posts too, so THANK YOU for being there for me even though I’m not giving you so much content, and I understand if you decide not to be here right now being active on my blog for those same reasons, there’s wonderful content in the community, so I know you’ll find Incredible posts and blogs much more active than me right now. 😊 I love you infinitely, this is and will always be my safe place and where I feel most comfortable, also where I can express myself without fear and be myself so THANK YOU again for accompanying me in each stage of my life, both here on the blog, and in my personal life.

PS: I’m turning 27 todayΒ πŸ₯³, and I LOVE my birthday, I’ve never looked my age I’ve always seemed younger, so I think I’m reaching the age where my genetics is an advantage, I’ll start to say that I am younger nowΒ πŸ˜‚ VERY HAPPY to share my day with you & I hope you enjoy this post a lot, I did it with all my love, hoping it will be useful for someone out there. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!Β πŸ’•Β 

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So why are we here today? Well, as you know, I usually write this type of post when I feel really inspired to do it, and I’ve been coming up with this idea for days in my head, so I’m going to take it all out and hope I can give you useful tools for you as blogger & reader. πŸ₯°Β Today we will talk a little about how to stay motivated in times of stress as the world is happening right now, and how to stay focused also on blogging and generating content in difficult moments perhaps, but also I want to chat a little with you about the approach that we give to things and the importance of simplicity when doing what we love.Β πŸ‘πŸ»Β 

It’s an interesting discussion to have especially because I’m dying to get to know your opinions about it, I want to know how you stay motivated in difficult times or what your daily motivation routine is like. 😍 Next, I’ll give you 3 tips to stay motivated as a reader without feeling that pressure or reading slump & also 3 tips to stay motivated as book bloggers ignoring external situations or getting down by statistics and that kind of thing. 🌟 I hope you enjoy the post very much, hope it’s useful to you, and of course let me know everything you think in the comments, I love chatting with you. Now, without further ado, make yourself comfortable & Let’s STARTED!Β πŸ“Β 

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Before starting with the tips that I want to talk to you about, I always like to make a small introduction to the subject and tell you a little about my approach to writing this post. It’s totally normal to feel unmotivated to do things, human beings don’t always feel the same, and sometimes we don’t feel like doing certain things, or we lack that spark of inspiration or energy to put in our projects, in this matter, I’ll focus on us as book bloggers and readers.
When you’re a super active reader as we all are within the literary community, it can happen that from time to time we experience reading slumps or moments where we don’t feel like picking up any book, and we wonder what’s wrong with us, right? And the thing is that nothing is wrong, but rather are stages and signals that we must listen to. I think it’s unnecessary to say this, but at the same time, it never hurts to remember that you’re not less a reader for reading 1 book a month than you would be reading 30, ok? If you enjoy the experience of reading once in a while or every day or whatever, then you’re an exceptional reader.
In today’s post I’ll share with you 3 tips that have helped me to return to my state of motivation to read when I didn’t feel like doing it, but not in a forced way but rather organized and relaxed, which is the way I like to handle things.
As Bloggers is the same thing, Haven’t you felt that blogging is the most incredible thing for you and you love the experience of doing it, but do you sometimes want to run away from the idea of ​​writing a post? Because, YES, it has happened to me, I’ve been in those moments where I’ve felt pressured in a certain way (by nobody but myself) to create content and stay active, these negative thoughts and ideas can affect your experience as a book blogger and It ends up making your brain want to avoid sitting down to write at all costs, to the point of blocking your creative side, making you feel 100% unmotivated.
The demotivation of doing things doesn’t mean that we don’t love doing those things, but rather that it’s more like a moment where we avoid or don’t feel like doing certain things because there’s an irrational fear of perhaps failing or negative feelings that you accumulated at some point stuck to that thing. But this is totally reversible and we can change this state of mind by focusing on a few and perhaps somewhat obvious points, which I will gladly share with you below.
My tips aren’t magic, the magic is you, each person is different so I’ll not be here preaching that I know everything and the absolute truth, but what I share with you are my own experiences hoping they can be of help. I’m sure that at some point you’ve heard each one of them and they’ll even be obvious to you, but I hope that a little reminder will help you focus more on them.Β 

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 πŸ“ Remember why you enjoy reading in the first place?

This is one of those points that you think is so simple, but I can tell you that it’s extremely important whenever we have a general conflict with something that we used to love to remember why we started doing it in the first place. How did it make us feel? Why do we like to read so much that we cannot and don’t want to stop doing it? Cover yourself with those feelings without being hard on yourself.
I started reading because I loved and still love to immerse myself in fantastical and impossible stories where anything can happen, I love how it makes me feel!! Reading a book is a very complete experience where all your senses are involved and you can feel from happiness to sadness and even cry or feel anger, it really is a roller coaster of emotions but it’s so worth it.
Remember, in those moments when you don’t feel motivated to pick up a book, think, why you want to? Is it because of how it makes you feel? and how is that? ask yourself all those questions. Even remember how reading a favorite of yours made you feel or even better, re-read it, that always helps.

 πŸ“ Keep your reading goals small & reward yourself for reaching them

It’s not the first time that I give this advice here on the blog, but it seemed valid to repeat it again since I believe it’s the key to having a successful stress-free reading. When you feel like you want to read but at the same time you pick up a book and you feel demotivated to continue reading, or when you know you want to read but don’t even pick up the book, then it’s very smart to manage your time wisely without feeling that you’re forcing yourself to read. That’s why it’s something that I personally do and that helps me a lot is to set small reading goals, for example, reading 50 pages on a very busy day or reading at least two chapters before going to sleep and then if I feel like doing something else I just do it, without guilt and relaxed as a reward for having met that small daily goal.
Of course, I handle this as a way to keep reading even when I’m very busy or I feel unmotivated, but you don’t have to do it as an obligation, but rather use it as a fun technique where you can also vary activities by doing everything in a few measures.

 πŸ“ Change your reading habits

This is one that I became aware of very recently. You know, I always used to read in my bed and at a specific time of day, with the change in my life, I realized that being tied to that thought that I can only read in a specific place restricted me and I wasn’t feeling like reading at all. I realized that I had accustomed my brain to reading in my bed and because of this I couldn’t concentrate anywhere else, so obviously I didn’t feel the motivation to read, since I didn’t usually read in other places in my house or at my work. Now I have the possibility to read in my free moments while I work, as well as I listen to audiobooks and read physically before going to sleep also a little, in this way I’ve gone from having a super strict reading habit to having several different habits that are much better suited to my new life. This is exactly what I mean by this point. When you don’t feel motivated to read because perhaps you have little time and that frustrates you, or you’re not used to reading at certain times or certain places, change that, relax and create new habits that better adapt to your lifestyle and your activities.

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πŸ“ Evaluate what positive you’re getting from your blog & Focus on it

When you start to feel unmotivated about writing posts, creating content, or just sitting down to write in general, it’s good to think just stop for a moment and think about what it is you love the most about having a blog, and I know that again maybe it’s a simple point, but I understand that we can see ourselves lost along the way, especially after blogging for a long time, we can enter this state of doubts and demotivation when it comes to blogging. So in a certain part, it’s important to remember why we like doing what we do so much, what is this activity giving us that gives us gratification and happiness? & above all, something I always say, is remember why we started doing it in the first place? I think that all these series of questions will lead us to answers that will make us feel better about ourselves, and will help us feel motivated to create content and above all, it will also generate a sense of peace, I even think that sometimes remembering what blogging gives us as an activity it can give us a guide on why way going as bloggers, what topics make us feel more comfortable or bring us happiness, even what kind of personality we give to our spaces. I know at the bottom of my heart that you’ll find the right answer, and if in one of those cases you don’t find one, maybe it’s time to give yourself a break, nothing will come out good from doing things forced, you know? Don’t be hard on yourself and always try to be honest about how you feel.

 πŸ“ Create your content pressure-free & keep it fun

Sometimes I think that as bloggers we put ourselves to the test a lot and force ourselves to follow some kind of standard or some kind of perfect schedule to upload posts or we also have some forms of organization, which although they’re necessary and helpful, can be somewhat stressful in some cases and they lead us to feel pressured to comply with these guidelines that are established only by ourselves. I think that this point of feeling pressure and wanting to reach absolute perfection, which is something that I’ve struggled with a lot, can generate demotivation and also a lot of stress, even that we want to drop everything for the simple fact of not being able to comply with those schedules. I’ve gone through that and it’s not worth it, I’ll always say this, but leave perfection aside, that’s not the focus where your attention should be and have more fun!! Because when you have fun, everything flows easier. Create your content without pressure, take off that structure and allow yourself to create without rules, you’ll see that this will make you flow much better when communicating with your readers and everything will feel more natural. Also being in this pressure-free state will make you feel more motivated since you will create only when you want to do it, let yourself be carried away by your creative moments, and only when you feel like do it, I promise you everything you do is transmitted to those who read you, so if you put pressure on your content, it will not be a good thing what you’ll be transmitting.

 πŸ“ Take breaks & do other activities

I already mentioned this point in several past posts also in this post above, and it’s SO IMPORTANT!! When we love doing something as much as we love blogging, we can get a little obsessed and that’s totally normal, especially at the beginning, but you have to remind yourself that you’re always first, though! That’s why it’s so essential that you take breaks from time to time, at least for a couple of days, just disconnect from everything, you’ll not be wasting time, but on the contrary, it will be super useful to recharge energies and you will return to blogging fresh and renewed with a new sense of motivation! So, I highly recommend it when you’re unmotivated because maybe all you need is to focus on other activities or just rest. Don’t be afraid to be open about this with the people who read your blog, talk about what’s happening to you, and take care of yourself, it’s a great example to give and a wonderful way to recharge yourself with motivation and the desire to write again. But make sure not to do anything that has to do with your blog for at least a few days, complete disconnection, guys, do other activities that you love for which maybe you don’t have much time and so you’ll come back fresher than ever! PS: mental health is first, ALWAYS!

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Thank you SO much in advance for reading this, I hope you liked it and that’s useful for you & thank you, as well, for all the support and love! ❀️

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🌿 It’s Time to Chat! What do you do when you feel unmotivated? What are your best tips for me? & What activities relax you besides reading and writing? I would love to know what you think, so don’t hesitate to let me know everything in the comments 🌿 


145 thoughts on “Discussion Post | How to Stay Motivated as Reader & Book Blogger? πŸ“ PS: It’s my birthday! πŸŽ‰

  1. Happy Birthday Sofii, hope it was a great one!! Your advice was so helpful, I feel like I get into these slumps a lot more recently now over the past couple years, but you are so right it’s because of a pressure I’ve put onto myself as a creator. Hopefully I’ll find a way to step away from the rigid structure from time to time. Happy March!! πŸ’—πŸ’—

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much, honey!!!! I’m so sorry for the late reply, it’s been a super busy week, but I appreciate your comment so much and it makes me happy to know that the post has been somehow helpful to you.
      ❀️❀️ II completely understand what you mean, in the past I’ve had high standards for myself as a Blogger, but I realized that I ended up frustrated and ended up being almost an obligation, that was my click, now my life is super busy and I hardly have any time, which is kind of sad because I LOVE my blog , but at the same time it made me learn to value my creative space and my ideas, now each post has in some way more value and I love that. πŸ₯Ίβœ¨ Also I’ll always love to share with all of you, I got a little sentimental here I don’t know what happened πŸ˜… THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing with me and for your comment, beautiful! 🌟😊


    • Aww, it makes me feel so good to know that the post can be useful in some way, you’re very sweet, Birdie! ❀️ Taking breaks should be mandatory for everyone, they’re so necessary and make us much more productive when we return to our activities 😍✨

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this! I’m just coming back to blogging after a small break (but it’s one of many breaks I’ve been taking lately) and this advice really hit the spot. I get burnout and stressed out if I don’t meet these imaginary expectations and I really just need to focus on the WHY and the FUN of it. So thank you for writing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks to you for sharing your experience with me!! ❀️ It means a lot and we definitely have to learn to focus on why we love blogging and what makes us happy about it, you know? 😍✨ I’m sure most of us have so much to be thankful for with our blogs and the community!! 😊🌟


  3. I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing your pearls of wisdom. I’m a fairly new book blogger but could relate to a lot of what you said, particularly about letting go of structure and routines and letting our creativity sweep us off our feet. I think that it takes time to find your voice as a blogger (I’m still trying to find mine) and it can be so easy to fall into the trap of following certain structures and trends that others are instead of just following our hearts and doing what brings us the most joy, which is what blogging should be about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It makes me SO happy that you liked the post, Shannen! Thank you very much for stopping by. ❀️
      I absolutely agree with you, blogging is a journey of self-discovery in addition to many other things, and finding your voice is part of that journey, which I’m sure you will do. 😊 Then the most important thing is to try not to structure yourself too much and do what feels best for you, the limit is always set only by yourself πŸ‘πŸ»βœ¨


  4. Ahhh happiest of belated birthdays to youuuuu wonderful Sofii. I hope your day was absolutely amazing and full of cake and books. Or whatever your dream may be hehe. Lots of love to you.

    And love this post so much. Your tips are so amazing. Easy but also I think very effective. Especially for someone who struggles with that balance. I go through times where I don’t read or don’t blog for periods of time and it’s something I’m trying to improve on. So love your list. Also yay for this post is doing so well, so happy for you. Sending hugs xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww, you’re the sweetest, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, beautiful! ❀️❀️ I had a beautiful day, full of food, so I was happy πŸ˜‚
      I’m so glad that you liked the post, sometimes I think it’s important to remember the simple things that can help us along the way, right? 😊 Again, thank you very much, you’re an angel, and you know that I greatly appreciate your support. I hope you’re having a beautiful month πŸ₯°βœ¨

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy belated birthday from a fellow Pisces! I hope you had a wonderful day!
    Thank you for this post! As someone who’s had a two month long reading slump and a blogging burn out recently, I love these tips. For me, the best thing to do is just take a break, and do other activities I enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much!!! I adore my Piscean friends! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»βœ¨βœ¨ there are so many of us in the Book Blogger community, what a blessing! ❀️ & I’m so glad that you liked the post, I really agree with you 100%, there’s nothing better than taking a step back at least a few days and enjoying other activities, that helps a lot to clear up the mind and feel more relaxed 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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