Blog Tour | The Unadjusteds (The Unadjusteds #1) by Marisa Noelle

TitleThe Unadjusteds

By: Marisa Noelle

Series: The Unadjusteds #1

Pages: 414

Published November 1st, 2019

By: Write Plan

Genre: Young Adult – Dystopia – SciFi

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Sixteen-year-old Silver Melody lives in a world where 80% of the population has modified their DNA. Known as the altereds, those people now possess enhancements like wings, tails, and increased strength or intelligence. Although Silver’s parents created the nanite pill used to deliver these genetic modifications, Silver is proud of her unadjusted state.

However, when the president declares all unadjusteds must take a nanite, Silver has no choice but to flee the city with her father and some friends to prevent the extinction of the unadjusteds.

With Silver’s mother in prison for treason, Silver’s father is the unadjusteds’ only hope at finding a cure. But time is running out as Silver’s father is captured by the president’s almost immortal army. Vicious hellhounds are on Silver’s trail, and her only chance to recover her father involves teaming up with a new group of unlikely friends before all humanity is lost.

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I’m very grateful to be part of the blog tour for this book, so thank you so much to The Writer Reads

I adore the concept of this story and how despite showing a great development and focus on technology and mutations in this futuristic dystopian world as suchit also touches on very human and mobilizing issues regarding family, the fight for your rights, and know that you’re valuable just as you are. I had a great time reading it, it’s my first time with the author but it will certainly not be the last.


In this story, we follow Silver a girl who lives in a society where 80% of the population has modified their DNA and therefore now possess from special abilities to genetic mutations such as wings or tails. Although Silver’s parents created the nanite pill used to deliver these genetic modifications, Silver is proud of her Unadjusted state. But when the president declares that everyone should take the pill then Silver has no choice but to leave the city, being her father the only hope to find a cure. But with the invincible army touching her heels her only hope will be to join a group of rebels before humanity is lost.

I think in terms of plot this is a highly addictive and entertaining book to read, I think it manages to keep you intrigued and always wanting to know what will happen. It has a very fluid style accompanied by very few descriptions and solid characters. This makes it very easy and fast to read, but that doesn’t detract from the intensity of the subplots of many of the characters or their main objective. I liked it a lot, I think it’s very well written, and without a doubt, I’ll continue with the sequel, even so, I must mention that I don’t think it is the most original book I’ve read, at least personally I have read this type of plot many times already which makes it even predictable at times. The rebel’s group, the dystopian world, and the special abilities are things that I can recognize in other books, even so, I don’t want to detract from the book since it managed to capture my attention all the time, so despite being a recognizable plot for me, I think it’s one of those that hit the mark and achieves its mission which is to make the reader commit and enjoy.

The author’s style is very enjoyable and light, I would like to read more from her in the future, especially I think she’s a perfect author to read when you don’t have much time, I know it sounds odd, but by this, I mean that her style is very fluid and easy to understand, so there’s no effort when reading it, but you simply go with the flow of the story, and when you realize you’ve more than half into it, that’s fantastic. I was also able to see that she’s not a very descriptive author, which may work for some people more than others, but I found it interesting to mention it.

As for the characters, I think it’s a pretty diverse group, and the personalities of these “rebels” stand out as well as distinguish one another, which is great! Our main character is quite good, I felt extremely committed to her cause and to her fight, as well as her strength of will and her pride for who she is, is just admirable. Beyond this, the other characters are very good in their own ways; you may like some more than others, that always happens, but you cannot deny that they’re very well created and thought out, since the execution of their personalities and dialogues is very well accomplished.

There is a bit of romance, but I don’t think it is worth highlighting, and with this, I don’t mean to say that it was bad, I just think it’s a factor that’s in the background since the book focuses much more on the personal struggle of the characters as well as in society and the rights of its inhabitants, which you must know by now I appreciate a lot when I read a dystopia. On the other hand, I would have liked to have a little more construction of the world, although there’s no factor that prevents the enjoyment or understanding of the plot itself, I think that a more thorough and detailed development of the world would have given it greater realism and it had placed the reader better from the beginning in the story. As I said before, this isn’t a negative factor in itself, it’s just something that I wanted to mention since personally I would have liked to know more.

I think the strong point of the book is the fight for rights, in this case, because this group of rebels is proud of who they are, but it can be interpreted in many ways and this fight against a corrupt government is something quite realistic as we all know. The feeling behind the characters’ struggle and their motivations are somehow super realistic and their actions are full of feelings and personal weights of each character. I managed to feel a lot of their anger and passion for their ideals while reading the book, and that made me even more committed to it. Undoubtedly I think that I highlight this book from the other dystopias with touches of sci-fi, due to the intensity behind the plot, the dialogues are full of feelings, as well as their actions and there’s even growth in the characters. I really liked it and I think I had a super positive experience with it.

I highly recommend it if you want a dystopian fast-paced read with hints of sci-fi, if you like plots of rebel groups rising up against the government, and especially if you like plots full of emotions but still fluid to read. Perhaps it’s not the most original idea for me, but without a doubt it’s a super enjoyable book that I would easily recommend to have a great time, cheering up for each character and their ideals, I have no doubt that you’ll take their side immediately and you want justice too.


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