April TBR | Trying to Catch Up on My Reading! : Arcs, Big Books, Continuing Series & New Releases. πŸ‚

Β πŸ‚Β Hi, friends, how are you? I hope you’re doing great, safe, and surrounded by the best people & readings! ❀️ Today I’m super excited because it will be my first TBR since I’m back, so somehow everything feels almost new.Β πŸ™ŒπŸ» Autumn is starting here where I live and that makes me so happy! my favorite season, no doubt, can you believe that next year I’ll be experiencing my birthday in winter for the first time in my life? CRAZY!. 😍 As you know, this is the post where we discuss and share all about my plans for the new month in terms of reading & where I’m also uncontrollable when it comes to creating lists lol, hopefully, I’ll try to be more reasonable about the latter this year, and I’ll be giving myself a TBR that I actually feel like I can complete. πŸ˜…Β 

This time, guys, you’ll notice that I’m not doing a Wrap-Up, which was originally going to go before this post, this is because I haven’t read almost anything this past monthΒ πŸ₯Ί, it has been a month of getting back in tune with everything I had to do, I’ve been catching up with you, I’ve been trying to organize some things in my life as well, I’ve been visiting family that lives far away, and I’ve also been in town shopping for my trip and obviously planning all that, as well. So never mind, it’s ok, I read a 500-page book which is a super positive thing, that book was The Kiss of Deception (The Remnant Chronicles, #1) by Mary E. Pearson, in case you want to check out my thoughts it’s the first book I have reviewed with my new review structure, so I’m very excited about that fact.Β πŸ’žΒ 
Obviously, I’m not here to beat myself up, I probably could have done better, but that’s okay, I’m getting back into this whole blogging thing, so I respect my time.β˜•οΈ
The really good news, guys, is that after getting more involved in the community after my break, I feel more motivated to catch up with my reading, so I’m crossing my fingers that April will be a successful month! 🀞🏻 

So, what will I be reading this April?Β πŸ€” Well, my idea, as the title says, is to catch up, I have several ARCs that I’m extremely grateful to have received, and I want to get to read them, at least in their month of release even if I don’t reach the specific date, I still want to try it. Also, on the other hand, I have a new release from one of my favorite authors, which I’ll be buddy reading, I’ll be starting a duology in preparation for the second book, & I also plan to continue a series I’ve recently started (I think this one is easy to figure out).⚑️⚑️⚑️ 
So with this little teaser, I think it’s the perfect time to get straight to what we are here for, I already want to share with you all the books I plan to read and also hear about your plans as well! Let’s support each other, we can do this!Β πŸ₯° So, without further ado, LET’S GET STARTED!Β πŸ‚Β 

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My last ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of 2021 & my first ones of 2022! πŸ“š

Β πŸ“šΒ Hi, bookish friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, full of the best readings!❀️ Today, I decided it would be fun to chat a bit about my ARCs, and share with you a small pile that I have yet to read for this 2021, but even more exciting are those that will be my first 2022 ARCs! πŸ‘πŸ»Β 
I’m actually feeling super optimistic about my ARC situation, in the future I was super careless about it, and was always requesting more than I could read, which is a bit irresponsible now that I think about it lol, but… over time I’ve found a way to feel more comfortable requesting advanced copies as well as feeling more confident to know which ones to choose and which ones to reject. That has taken me from having a lot of ARCs backlogged from reading to having a 98% rating on NetGalley at one point. Since I’ve been able to control this situation, I’ve wanted to keep it to a number of copies that I know I can handle easily without losing my mind lol, so even when I have books to show you, they won’t be as many as they used to be, in fact now the ones I request myself are books that really interest me or some that I get by accepting requests from authors I’ve read and loved in the past. 😊 
I think I’m being a little pickier about the ARCs aspect and that’s fineΒ πŸ‘πŸ», as a book blogger and as someone who has been in the community for over 5 years now and almost 5 years with my blog, I’m aware that while it’s fun to have advanced copies of books to share, it’s not exactly necessary to have good content and engage with the community, so if you’re just starting out in all this, and getting ARCs is something you’re worried about, just don’t my love… relax, it will all come naturally with time and if not, you still have thousands and thousands of books already published to talk about.Β πŸ₯°Β 
With all this said and cleared up,
I can’t wait to share these titles with you as they’re books that have me super excited to read and share my thoughts with you! 🌟 Now yes, without further ado, grab your coffee and get comfortable because we’re getting started!Β πŸ“šΒ 

Excited Fun GIF by Rosanna Pansino
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