Top 5 || Least-Favorite Books of 2019 👎🏻

☄️ Hi, my beautiful bookish friends!! I hope you’re having the most wonderful day! 🥰 We’re VERY close to Christmas, OMG, I can’t believe the month is going so fast, isn’t it crazy? I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and remember that it’s not about the gifts, but about connecting with the people we love and being grateful for everything we have. As always, I’m SO SO grateful for having you in my life, so THANK YOU for being there reading this post, you don’t know how much it means to me.❤️ 
So, today I bring you another one of my series of the end of the year posts, where I’m summarizing my entire year of reading. This time it’s about my least favorite books or “worst” books of the year for me, as always I want to remind you that this is only my opinion and I think it’s great if you’ve loved any of these books, they just weren’t for me, maybe because they didn’t have that click with me or because they have some kind of triggering content for me. ❌ 
I had a post recently where I talked about my most disappointing readings, and I want to clarify that this post has nothing to do with that, but here I’ll mention my top 5 of those books that I really didn’t like and don’t enjoy at all, so obviously, I’ll not be repeating any books that I mentioned in that previous post.
Again, I’m doing this post in the form of a top since I think it’s more fun like that, starting with the least non-favorite until the worst book I’ve read this year in the number 1 position. 👏🏻 
I repeat that I respect your opinion on each book 100% and it makes me happy if you’ve enjoyed them, this is only my personal opinion about each one of them & of course, I would love to know everything you think in the comments, so now, without more further ado, let’s start! ☄️Read More »

Marvel Avengers || Book Tag || 💥

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 💫 Hi guys, I hope you’re having an INCREDIBLE day. Today I bring you a Book Tag that I’ve seen in the blog of the wonderful Jenna ❤️|| Bookmark Your Thoughts ||, and since then I’ve wanted to find a moment to do it myself. I’m not sure who was the creator, but if you know, let me know to give her/him the recognition it deserves. 💫 

 🌸 Before starting the tag wanted to clarify something, as you see by now, I haven’t posted on Wednesday, which I’ve never done before, but everything is GREAT!, it just has been my boyfriend’s birthday 🎊 and I’ve been very committed with the read-a-thon, so I haven’t had time to post, and being honest I didn’t want to do something just for post, you know?, because I knew then I wouldn’t be giving 100% of me. But it’s just that, and I wanted to share it with you.
I’ve been really having a great time with the Smutathon, I’ve read 2 of the 5 books in my TBR, so I think I’m doing pretty well, I’ve read The Unhoneymooners and Vicious, but I’ll tell you my thoughts next week, in my Wrap Up, and I possibly also have a series of short reviews so you can check out if you’re interested in knowing more about them.😊
Finally, you’ll notice that I’ll be testing new headers, I tend to get bored quickly from what I have and from time to time I like to change, so don’t worry anyway is a small change but it feels refreshing for me. Of course, let me know what you think, I don’t have a lot of design skills, actually, I don’t really have any, 😂 but I do what I can so I hope it’s pleasant to the eyes, at least 🌸

 💫 So now, without further ado, let’s start with the tag and I hope you enjoy it and decide to do it yourself! 💫 Read More »

April Wrap Up || ARCAttack Month & A Must-Read Fantasy ||2019 🍂

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 🍂 Hi guys, I hope you’re having a beautiful day, today I bring you my Wrap Up of the month of April, where I’ll tell you all about my reading of the month. I think I’ve had quite average months in terms of the number of book reads, and this month isn’t the expectation, I feel it’s a good month, but at the same time, I feel I could have done better, you know? So next month, I mean now, lol, I’ll try to push myself a little more because I know I can read even more. Was a moment also in the middle of the month when I felt a little slumpy so that may have affected me a little, but the truth is that I’m fine with what I read, but I’m not completely impressed.
On the other hand, talking about blogging, I think this has been a FANTASTIC month for the blog, we have reached 3000 followers, which I still can’t believe, we are 3020 right now, so thanks to those beautiful 20 more people! I only feel pure love from all of you and it makes me happy that you’re enjoying my content and come back to see every post, it means the world to me. All this and also the gratitude post I’ve published, has filled me with nostalgia and has made me remember a little my beginnings and relive all this unique journey and that’s a wonderful thing for me. Sometimes stopping a little and looking back, everything we have done to get where we are makes us appreciate the little things, so I recommend you to do that at times when you’re stressed or lose your inspiration. Right now I feel that some way I’ve started again, I feel fresh and ready to continue! 💕 

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In other news, I made my own Book Tag (The Perfect Bookthis month, I mean, maybe this sounds SO silly, but I was scared to death because I thought no one would like it, but everyone supported me a lot and I know you enjoyed it, so that makes me very happy!, maybe I’ll try more in the future!! I have a lot of fun doing it, but even more, seeing your answers 😍 

Returning to the books that I’ve read, I have a very varied mix of genres and enjoy almost everything I read, with the exception of a book that I’ve given only 1 star and that didn’t happen since a while but well, I’ll tell you more about it. I decided this month to focus a little on some of my ARCs, which I’m very grateful for, so then participate in the ARCAttack Month, and finish reading 3 of the 4 ARCs that I planned to read, so I think it was successful! 👏🏻 
Well, let’s start because then I talk a lot and this is getting longer and longer lol. 🍂 Read More »

Book Review || The Pisces by Melissa Broder

32871394Title: The Pisces

By: Melissa Broder

Pages: 270

Published: May 1st, 2018

By: Hogarth Press

GenreAdult|Romance|Contemporary|Magical Realism

You can buy it HEREBook Depository

An original, imaginative, and hilarious debut novel about love, anxiety, and sea creatures, from the author of So Sad Today.

Lucy has been writing her dissertation about Sappho for thirteen years when she and Jamie break up. After she hits rock bottom in Phoenix, her Los Angeles-based sister insists Lucy housesit for the summer—her only tasks caring for a beloved diabetic dog and trying to learn to care for herself. Annika’s home is a gorgeous glass cube atop Venice Beach, but Lucy can find no peace from her misery and anxiety—not in her love addiction group therapy meetings, not in frequent Tinder meetups, not in Dominic the foxhound’s easy affection, not in ruminating on the ancient Greeks. Yet everything changes when Lucy becomes entranced by an eerily attractive swimmer one night while sitting alone on the beach rocks.

Whip-smart, neurotically funny, sexy, and above all, fearless, The Pisces is built on a premise both sirenic and incredibly real—what happens when you think love will save you but are afraid it might also kill you.

|| Goodreads ||

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WWW Wednesday ||#21|| 🍂

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🍂 Hi guys, I hope you’re having a wonderful day!. here I am with a new WWW Wednesday (originally hosted by A Daily Rhythm, and revived by Taking on a World of Words, where we’ll share the books that I’ve finished, my current and upcoming readings 🍂


This meme tries to answer the following three questions:

🍂 What are you currently reading?

🍂  What did you finish recently reading?

🍂 What do you think you’ll read next?

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April TBR || ARCAttack Month and Such a HYPED Up Book || 2019 || 🍂

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 🍂 Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great day and you’re reading delicious stories!. Today I bring you my TBR for the month of April, where I’ll tell you all about the books I plan to read during this month. Where I live in, the Autumn 🍁 has arrived and it’s my favorite season, I always feel that it’s so great and I feel so good reading in this season, for some reason, I LOVE it, so I hope to achieve some incredible readings * fingers crossed * 🤞🏻 
I created my TBR this month with a lot of anticipation, in fact, I have it for a few weeks since I’m determined on what I want to read. I’ll be mainly focusing on my ARCs, I only read 1 last month so I have to catch up this month, many of them will be out in May, but I want to read them in advance so I can give you my opinion as early as possible, in case you’re interested and want to buy or pre-order the book. For this I’ll be participating in the #ARCAttack, this is hosted by Vicky (What Vicky Read) 💕 and it’s about reading only ARCs throughout the month so we can read all those we have pending. I think it’s a great idea so I’m excited to join in, if you also want to participate you just have to create your TBR and then use the hashtag I mentioned earlier on Twitter to chat about the books you’ll be reading during the month. I personally, will not read ONLY ARCs during the month, because I also have other readings planned, even so, I hope to read several of which I’m very excited for 😄 
I also plan to buddy read a really hype book with my wonderful boyfriend, and that has me so excited, I feel it will be fun, and we can discuss it and then maybe make a post together about all our thoughts, to share them with you, which always it’s my favorite part 😍 
Last but not least, I’m doing my own challenge where during the following months I’ll be reading The Lowest & The Highest Rated Books On My TBR, and this month I’ll continue with another of the books on my list, if you want to check my TBR for that, I’ll leave you the link 👏🏻  🍂 

Before starting and as I usually like to do, I want to THANK YOU for the wonderful support you’re giving me, the amount of comments I’ve received this past month is crazy, they were more than 500 in total and despite the fact that visits and likes make me most than happy, there’s something in comments that fills my heart, is that possibility to talk to you and connect with you, that’s really the magic that blogging has, you know?
I know that maybe you’re super bored to see me thank all the time 😅 , but I can’t help it, this year is being INCREDIBLE for the blog and I want you to know how much I appreciate your support 😭 
This month my goal is to comment more in your posts, visit new book blogs as well and continue to create connections with you all 😍 
I hope you have a WONDERFUL month and I love you so much 💖 

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Reading The Lowest & The Highest Rated Books On My TBR 🍀

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 🍀 Hi guys, I hope you’re having an amazing day and I hope you’re enjoying your readings. Today I bring you something very exciting for me, as you’ve already seen for the title, I’ll try to read the books with the lower and higher ratings that are already on my TBR. I’ve seen this done by several Booktubers and I think it’s SUPER fun to watch, so I wanted to try it, it could be very interesting and I’m curious to know how I’ll feel about the books I’ve chosen.
I’ve chosen 3 books that have the lowest rating that are, obviously, already on my TBR and 3 of those that have the highest rating. I’ve chosen 6 books because I think it will be more comfortable and easy for me, and I’ll be able to read one per month and then write a review and tell you all about how I feel. I would love to read them all right now but there are other books that I need to read as well, so I couldn’t do it and, to be honest, I want it to be something fun, not just for you, but also for me and that’s not a stressful thing, you know?, so I hope it’s ok for you if I read one of these books per month, starting right now in March
The books that I have picked are books that many people have already read and given their ratings, of course, so I haven’t chosen those books that just a few people have read since it would be unfair.
So, if you have any questions about it, you can always let me know in the comments and I hope not to forget to tell you anything. And obviously, I hope you enjoy it, will be so fun, I can feel it.
So, without further ado, let’s start, I’m excited to show you my TBR for the following months 🍀 Read More »