February 2021 New Book Releases 🔥

 🔥 Hi, mis amores!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of good readings & beautiful moments.❤️ Super excited to have the chance to share with you again this post series, where every month I’ll be bringing you the newest book releases of 2021, obviously focusing on those that sound more interesting and more appealing to me. 🌟 As I always say “Good news for the heart but bad for the pocket” right? that expression never gets old 😂 So if you’re not afraid to let your TBR grow… even more, & you’re dying to know what books are about to come out, this is the series for you. 👏🏻 In these posts, I always include those book releases that, as I said before, resonate the most with me or sound like something that I’ll love, so I’ll only highlight those that I plan to read at some point.
I hope you enjoy this post a lot & above all, that you can find new books to enjoy.  😍 Thank you for choosing to share this moment with me, make yourself comfortable, grab your favorite drink & LET’S GET STARTED! 🔥  

‼️ Small Clarification: The dates of some of these books may change due to Covid-19 and everything that’s happening in the world right now, so if that’s the case, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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Last Post! : Colorful Bookish Sundays | Prioritizing Books from my TBR 💫

 💫 Hi guys! I hope you’re having a beautiful day, full of good readings & amazing moments.❤️ Today I brought you the last Colorful Bookish Sundays post!! 🥺 It’s a weird feeling because I know that I’ll miss sharing beautiful covers with all of you, but at the same time, I had a lot of fun, it makes me happy that you liked it and I have to accept that every series has an ending and that’s fine! This post series has helped me a lot to put some order in my TBR and to created a list with my priorities, which I’ll be using for the next monthly TBRs. 😍 (Soon obviously, I’ll be sharing that list with you) I’m glad to say that I’m a little more organized now and ready to read several of the books on my list, I also want to thank you deeply for joining me throughout this series every Sunday, that means SO much to me, I love interacting with you in each comment and chatting a bit about books, but above all, I love knowing your opinion about some of them cause has given me a better idea of ​​where to place them on my priority list. 🥰 

Today to finish and say goodbye to my Colorful Bookish Sundays, I’ve decided to bring covers with details in a color tone that I love & also I’ve reserved some of the most beautiful covers for this special day. 👏🏻
Obviously, I’ll be creating something new soon, you know I love spending Sundays with you and doing something light and fun 😊, so stay tuned, something will happen soon, it’s like a work in progress for now.
I LOVE you so much, thank you again for supporting every crazy idea I have and always being there for me.❤️ I hope you enjoy the post very much, that you love each cover and each book, and we’re going to find out which books will go on my priority list for the last time.
Make yourself comfortable, prepare yourself something tasty & without further ado,
let’s get started! 💫 

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New ARCs Recently Approved #5 📚

🌟 Hi guys! I hope you’re having an amazing day.❤️ Today as the title says I come to share with you some ARCs that I’ve been so fortunate to receive recently. I don’t usually do this type of posts so often but this month seems like the exception & I’m SO excited because I been approved with such wonderful books that I’m dying to read, that I really wanted to share it with you and couldn’t waitSO grateful to NetGalley, Edelweiss+ & the publishers who were so kind to approve me and send me these ARCs I’ll be sharing with you today. 🥰 

I already made four of these posts showing you my new ARCs stack, so if you’re interested to know what those books are, I’ll leave you the links 123 & 4  😍

Always grateful and blessed for every ARC that comes to me, I can’t wait to read them and I’m dying to know what you think about them, so let me know everything in the comments, LOVE YOUUUUU & LET’S START! 🌟

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