June Wrap Up || ARCs, Surprises & Out Of My Comfort Zone || 2019 ❄️

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❄️ Hi guys!! I hope you’re having the best day and every time you see your beautiful face in the mirror you love yourself as much as I love you. 💞  Today I bring you our beloved Wrap Up of the month of June where I’ll talk about all the books I’ve read during the month.
This was a great month, I feel like I started it with a lot of energy and finished it with a lot of energy, you know, so I’m really enjoying the moment. Winter has come where I live, which means I’m almost frozen myself writing this post, I swear I can’t feel my fingers, damn circulation.😂 But on the other hand, I adore cold weather, I feel that put me on a better mood, I have more desire to do things, I love the combination of my coffee, my blanket, and my book when returning home from work, it’s those little moments when you know you’re completely happy, you know? I LOVE it.⛄️ 
I‘ve been feeling much more connected with you this month, I feel that despite having been a little messy with my post schedule, I had a month full of interactions with wonderful people within the community, I have seen many new faces in my comments what It makes me SO HAPPY 😭 ❤️, so in that aspect, it has been a great month. I’ve participated in a read-a-thon, and I’ve spent such a great time with it, I’ve pushed myself out my comfort zone with my readings, what I recommend you do from time to time, it’s such a fun experience!.

Well I think I’ve started talking too much, I always think that I’ll not have anything to say, I don’t know if I’m the only one, but sometimes I think “Oh, what I’m going to write about on my wrap up?, I’m so uninteresting” lol, but here I’m talking of anything less than what brings us here, so without more further ado, I want to tell you EVERYTHING about the book I read. 😊 
I‘ve had a great reading month, you’ll see in my statistics below, but in summary, I feel happy to be able to say that I’ve read more than normal, it’s not much for you I guess, I know that compared to many of you I read quite a bit, but the important thing is that I enjoyed most, I had a sad disappointment, but for the rest I can say that I enjoyed everything I’ve read, I had a couple of very pleasant surprises and, as I mentioned before, I’ve also been able to get myself out of my comfort zone, which I hope to continue doing because it has led me to enjoy other types of genres, and expand my literary tastes a little more. I wanted to focus more on my ARCs because in July I want to be more relaxed about, and I think I did a great job so I’m pleased with that. 👏🏻 
I’m dying to tell you more about my readings of the month, so let’s START!❄️ Continue reading


June TBR || Books For The Rest Of The Month || It’s All About ARCs || ❄️

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❄️ Hi guys, I hope you’re having an amazing day. Today I bring you my TBR of what would be the rest of the month, where I’ll tell you everything I’ll be reading in the month of June. As you already know this first week I’ve been focused on my readings for Smutathon, so I didn’t want to post my full TBR before, but here I’m to tell you all about it.
What I have left of this month I really want to focus on my ARCs, and some books that have been sent to me by the author, so I’ll be only focusing 100% on them, they’re quite huge books, of 500 or more pages, so I’m kind of sure that I’ll not be reading more than that, but I’m still happy to get a little more up to date with my ARCs, so I can have a much relaxing July ❄️ Continue reading

April TBR || ARCAttack Month and Such a HYPED Up Book || 2019 || 🍂

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 🍂 Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great day and you’re reading delicious stories!. Today I bring you my TBR for the month of April, where I’ll tell you all about the books I plan to read during this month. Where I live in, the Autumn 🍁 has arrived and it’s my favorite season, I always feel that it’s so great and I feel so good reading in this season, for some reason, I LOVE it, so I hope to achieve some incredible readings * fingers crossed * 🤞🏻 
I created my TBR this month with a lot of anticipation, in fact, I have it for a few weeks since I’m determined on what I want to read. I’ll be mainly focusing on my ARCs, I only read 1 last month so I have to catch up this month, many of them will be out in May, but I want to read them in advance so I can give you my opinion as early as possible, in case you’re interested and want to buy or pre-order the book. For this I’ll be participating in the #ARCAttack, this is hosted by Vicky (What Vicky Read) 💕 and it’s about reading only ARCs throughout the month so we can read all those we have pending. I think it’s a great idea so I’m excited to join in, if you also want to participate you just have to create your TBR and then use the hashtag I mentioned earlier on Twitter to chat about the books you’ll be reading during the month. I personally, will not read ONLY ARCs during the month, because I also have other readings planned, even so, I hope to read several of which I’m very excited for 😄 
I also plan to buddy read a really hype book with my wonderful boyfriend, and that has me so excited, I feel it will be fun, and we can discuss it and then maybe make a post together about all our thoughts, to share them with you, which always it’s my favorite part 😍 
Last but not least, I’m doing my own challenge where during the following months I’ll be reading The Lowest & The Highest Rated Books On My TBR, and this month I’ll continue with another of the books on my list, if you want to check my TBR for that, I’ll leave you the link 👏🏻  🍂 

Before starting and as I usually like to do, I want to THANK YOU for the wonderful support you’re giving me, the amount of comments I’ve received this past month is crazy, they were more than 500 in total and despite the fact that visits and likes make me most than happy, there’s something in comments that fills my heart, is that possibility to talk to you and connect with you, that’s really the magic that blogging has, you know?
I know that maybe you’re super bored to see me thank all the time 😅 , but I can’t help it, this year is being INCREDIBLE for the blog and I want you to know how much I appreciate your support 😭 
This month my goal is to comment more in your posts, visit new book blogs as well and continue to create connections with you all 😍 
I hope you have a WONDERFUL month and I love you so much 💖 

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