I’m Back: What Have I Been Doing? My Reading Plans & What’s Next on the Blog! 🌟

 🌟 Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of good readings & incredible moments.❤️ Today I’m back on the blog after taking a week off and I’m really excited and VERY HAPPY to share my plans with you and tell you a bit about some changes that will take place in my life. 😊 You know that I usually take a week each year away from the blog and social networks, I call it “my detox week” and that always helps me to take care of myself, my mental health, and I also take the opportunity to be closer to my loved ones and take care of some mundane things that aren’t as fun as being here with you but important still 😅
I’ve never taken a week in December, so it’s new, for me the month starts today, so it will be shorter here on the blog, but anyway super excited to be back full of energy and super ready to check all your blogs and answer all your beautiful comments 😍, what I’ll be doing starting today, although I know it will take me a couple of days, so be patient with me the important thing is that here I am! 🎉 
I decided to make this post to tell you that I’m back, to spend some moment together and you can tell me all about what you’ve been doing and what have you been reading, and also, of course, I want to share with you what I plan to read myself & some future plans for the blog that have me super excited, so I don’t want to make this introduction something so long,
just say want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, because I know you’ve been supporting me even when I’m not here and that makes my heart and my soul happy, you’re a wonderful being and super precious to me🥺 🥺 🥺  Happy to be back, mis amores & GET STARTED!

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Discussion Post | How to Balance Blogging, Reading & Writing with Daily Life 📝

⚡️ Hi guys, I hope you’re having an AMAZING day, full of good readings! 💞 Today I bring you another discussion post! (super excited), It’s something that really makes me happy to have started doing this year and I don’t want to start without thanking you for the support you have given me in my previous posts, it means the world to me. So, I love checking out this type of posts around the blogosphere, so I think it could be fun to start writing them myself and share with you so we can all talk about different topics related to the literary world, books & blogging. 

Today I come with a discussion post in which I’ve thought a lot, in fact, I think it will be one of those posts that are difficult to put into words, but one of those in which I’ve put all the best of me and all my energy to try to help you in your daily routine and give you something that’s useful to you. 🥰 Today we’ll talk about how to balance blogging, writing & reading with our daily life. I think many of us struggle every day to find that perfect balance between all the things we love to do, but without leaving aside our so valuable social life or worldly life that also offers us so many wonderful things, I’ve been there and I’m still there some days, I’ll not lie to you lol, so I thought I could share with you a little about my personal experience on the subject, how I’ve handled it and how I’ve evolved in my search to find a balance & I also want to give you the 5 most important tips for me, which have helped me to maintain a more mentally healthy daily life, where I can feel fulfilled without dying in the attempt. 👏🏻
As always, these tips are those that have worked for me, I‘m not the owner of the absolute truth nor do I have the magic formula to lead the perfect life, but I’ve thought a lot about this issue and I think I’ve been able to build a list with very important points to follow when looking for a healthy balance, so I’m more than happy to share them with you today. Plus: I have a super important message for you at the end that I hope will give you a lot of hope & positive energy.

If you want to check more of my discussion posts, here they are: The first is all about Book Reviewsthe second is all about The Meaning of being an International Book Blogger, the third one is all about Rating Systems, in the fourth one we talk about The Pressure of Blogging, we talked about the terrifying Reading Slumps as well & Last but not least, I share with you my 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging
I LOVE you, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, for the support ❤️, I don’t want to stop saying it, I feel honored to you to be in my life and that you allow me to be in a piece of yours. So without further ado, let’s get started! & I hope you enjoy it. ⚡️ 

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Top 10 | My Favorite Books of All Time & 5000 Followers 🎉

 🌻 Hi guys, I hope you’re having a beautiful day surrounded by incredible readings! ❤️ Today I’m SO SO excited, this is a very special post of thanks because the blog has reached 5000 followers and in honor of it, as a small but fun celebration, I want to share with you my favorite books of all time!!!  🎉


OMG, I still can’t really believe the blog reach the amount of 5000 followers 🥳, it’s SO awesome to think that there are 5000 wonderful people who have trusted me to entertain them and I hope I’m giving enough of myself to all of you. Each person who decides to trust me and my work with my blog means the world to me and only empowers me to improve every day to bring you only the best and always looking for this to be a place of love and harmony where we can share our love for reading, but also where you can be 100% honest without fear and without reservations because here there’s only positivity and acceptance. 🥰  I LOVE YOU from the bottom my heart, I’m very blessed by the fact of living every day enjoying this experience of being a book blogger and all the good that comes with it, I’ve met wonderful people and you know that you’re one of them, I’ve discovered incredible new reading and I’ve grown as a person and as a reader a lot. Also, of course, I’ve learned from you and I’ve overcome many of my insecurities and fears thanks to this safe space. 🥺 I would like to have all the right words to express everything I feel right now, but I’ll fail just trying, the feeling is much bigger than the words, but I hope you get a little bit of that through this post. I know it’s a little all over the place maybe because I’m talking about everything I feel right now, but it seems right because it’s real and honest, so I’ll just go with the flow lol. I’m planning to do a super special and incredible giveaway to celebrate my 4 years with the blog, that will be in November, I wanted to tell you to know that there will be a “THANK YOU” giveaway to return a little of all the love that I receive day by day. So, in summary, I wanted to say THANK YOU, for always being there for me, commenting on my posts, putting likes, sharing my work, that means a lot and helps me a lot to grow. You’re wonderful and I wish that all your dreams come true. LOVE YOU!! 😍 

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In other news, but also as a celebration of this special day, I want to share with you my top 10 favorite books of ALL times and only for you 👏🏻, I’ll leave a small quote because I think it gives more depth and more meaning to each book, and I know that you like quotes as much as me, so I’ll add them together with the synopsis my reviews and the links where you can add and buy the books if you’re interested. The books aren’t in any specific order, because that would break my heart, I LOVE them all equally and I highly recommend them. ❤️ 
I hope you like this idea, I felt it would be fun and light, my main goal was simply to thank, but I’m also a book blogger so it obviously seemed very appropriate to share my most loved books with you! Now without further ado, I hope you enjoy, let me know everything in the comments & let’s get started! 🌻 Read More »

The Sunshine Blogger Award || #3 🌙

🌙 Hi guys!! I hope you’re having a beautiful and wonderful day, full of incredible readings. 💕 As I told you, I’m trying to catch up with my tags and awards, so that’s what I’m doing today. I’ve been nominated 5 months ago, kind of, for the incredible Cait || GoodeyReads ||🌹 I’m super grateful for the nomination and I’m very sorry that it took me so long to do it, but better late than never, right? 😅. I highly recommend that you check Cait’s blog, she and her content are great, so you can’t miss it!. As always, I hope that we can chat a little about each question, I would like you to know your own answer in the comments and tell me what you think about my answers and about how my mind works, I think it’s always interesting and fun to talk about bookish and not-bookish things with you. 🥰 

Before I started, I wanted to share with you my little frustration of the week, I know you’ll probably tell me that it’s not a big deal, but I wanted to read at least my 2 ARCs this week to bring you my reviews, since both were released the same day, but things are a little crazy in my life right now and I couldn’t do it. ☁️ We have discovered that my mother will have to go through surgery, thanks to God and the universe it’s nothing serious, but as it will be the first time she went through this type of intervention I’ve been there for her and taking care of everything so that she can be calm and not worry about anything else, that’s why I’ve neglected my readings a little, I guess my mind has been elsewhere. I don’t tell you this to victimize myself, I just really wanted to bring you the content in time and I couldn’t, so I wanted to let you know why, and I also want you to know that it will be arriving very soon. ☁️  I’m currently reading The Grace Year by Kim Liggett and spoilers alert… I’M LOVING IT. So stay tuned for my review very soon. I LOVE YOU and I always appreciate your support, I swear I feel you very close despite the distances ❤️ 

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International Blogger || Tag 🍃

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 🍃 Hello my beautiful people!, I hope you’re having a great day enjoying your activities and feeling amazing. This morning I was looking for some BookTag/Tag to do, among many of the incredible ones that many of you have tagged me on, you know I love that you tag me, I really appreciate it so I’m trying to catch up with that. So, looking, I found myself with this great “International Blogger” tag and I think it’s the perfect time to do it!. I want to thank the great Aly || Alys In Bookland || for having tagged me, it would be great if you could visit her blog, it’s so incredible, I love it and I know that you’ll love it as well. I hope you like it, it consists of 8 questions that I’ll love to answer and be able to talk about with you in the comments, so without further ado, let’s start! 🍃 Read More »