My Top 5 Favorite Booktubers 🎥

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🌺Hi guys I hope you’re having an incredible day and you’re, above all, enjoying your readings. Today I bring you a somewhat different Top, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, this will be my Top 5 of my Favorite Booktubers. Personally, I’m a big fan and consumer of many amazing booktubers, I find their work very inspiring for me so I want to share, here with you today, some of the ones I love the most🌺

I have always found that watching video from booktubers is a great incentive to read more, so I recommend it a lot if you’re having a reading slump, you can check some of their videos, because I know they’ll be helpful and then you’ll want to read everything. You can also get many new books from them to add to your infinite TBR, so, you’re welcome(? 😂 💕

I love each of these ladies, and also I think they do an incredible job with their channels so if you want to check them out, I’ll leave a link so you can do it and spread the love! Continue reading