Book Bloggers Appreciation | August 2021 💻

 💫 Hi, my beautiful friends, I hope you’re having the most amazing day.❤️ This is a blog post series I’ve been doing all of 2020 and I’m doing it again during 2021, because I just love it, and it’s all about highlighting a series of blog posts from around the book blogger community, that I enjoyed reading or that I think are amazing and deserve more love and recognition. With this, I hope to be able to somehow support other book bloggers on a monthly basis, and I also hope you can find new book blogs to follow or content that interests you or help you. 🥰
Maybe the look of this post will be simpler than what you usually see on the blog, but I like this idea and it’s honestly with the simple purpose of supporting each other more and we can find new content in a simple and organized way.
I don’t have a certain amount I’m highlighting per month, they’re just posts I’ve come across with and I think they’re INCREDIBLE, so I want to share them with you all. 👏🏻 I used to make a small top 5 with my favorite posts of the month, but I realized that I had to delete many posts to be able to select only 5, and I don’t think it’s fair, there are SO many wonderful posts and everyone deserves the same love and recognition, so that’s why I decided to make
this post apart 😊

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 I hope you enjoy, like and support this idea. 😚 I LOVE YOU ❤️ and let’s start! 💫 


⭐️ dreamingofcats | Release Day Review – ‘Sugar Town Queens’ by Malla Nunn


⭐️ The Book Place | THINGS I HATE READING ABOUT (and some exceptions)

⭐️ Bookish Luna | Let’s Talk | My Chaotic Reading Habits Tag

⭐️ Comfort Reads | Twenty-Four Book Recommendations For 24

⭐️ Phoenixfeather.Quill | Review || Bloody Spade by Brittany M. Willows

⭐️ stories with saima | books with summer vibes

⭐️ Booksophobia | Why Historical Fiction is My Favorite Genre

⭐️ bookswithbroganx | Ranking ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Adaptations

⭐️ Books Teacup and Reviews | Settings I Love in Books

⭐️ Reading On A Star | The BEST book tropes of all-time – I will duel you if you disagree

⭐️ Whimsically Meghan | Review: A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

⭐️ Bookish Rebel | Dagger to Throat Troupe Book Recommendation

⭐️ Bionic Book Worm | Under The Whispering Door

⭐️ By Hook Or By Book | A History of Wild Places, By Shea Ernshaw ~ 4.5 Stars

⭐️ Rania’s Rambling Reads | How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love With the Universe by Rachel Vasquez Gilliand | Book Tour and Review

⭐️ Lindsey Reads | 5 Boring Places I Usually Read & 5 Places I’d Love To Read Instead For Once

⭐️ library in the tower | Future Reads: YA Books I’m Excited For in Fall 2021

⭐️ ReadingMaria | 9 Book Recommendations: best books to read

⭐️ Hear me out | 5 BIG BOOKS WORTH YOUR TIME

⭐️ The Fictional Journal | dark and shallow lies: author interview || a delightfully dark cup of tea

⭐️ Beware Of The Reader | Fire with Fire by Destiny Somia . A very pleasant surprise!

⭐️ Alix Reads Books | To Binge-Read or Not to Binge-Read? A Discussion

⭐️ Hasnita Singh | The Raven and the Dove by Kaitlyn Davis: A Book Review

⭐️ Anotherbookworm | 5 star book predictions 



 ⭐️ A Bookworm’s Paradise | 8 Things I Look For In Books // does it show that I am desperate for recs?

⭐️ Inking & Thinking | Reading Slumps: How do you get out of them? // A Discussion

⭐️ A Bolt out of the Book | If You Liked That Marvel Movie, Read This Book!

⭐️ The Infinite Library | The Dark Academia Reading List: 49 Books of Tragedy, Elitism, Secrets, Violence and the Pursuit of Knowledge

⭐️ Shameeka’s Fictional World | Review: The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden

⭐️ The Character Study | To read or not to read? // DNFing Books & 8 Sapphic Adult Book Recommendations

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Thank you SO much, bloggers! for all the effort and work you put into your blog❤️

  💻 Makes me happy that you like the idea and I deeply appreciate that you support it. I hope you can find new bloggers to follow & Remember that supporting each other is one of the most wonderful things about being part of this community 💻

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45 thoughts on “Book Bloggers Appreciation | August 2021 💻

  1. Sofii OMG!!! I am so honored to be featured here!! 🥺🥺 It means a lot!! Thank you so so much 💕And thank you for highlighting all of these amazing bloggers and posts!! 🥰

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