August Wrap Up & September TBR | Some Witchy Books, Unexpected Ratings, Polarized Reading & Taking a few Weeks Off 🌺

 🌺 Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful day filled with the best readings & obviously, I hope you all had a beautiful past month! Today I’ve returned with one of my favorite posts to share with you my Wrap Up of the month, where I tell you all about what I’ve read during the month of August, plus: What I’m going to read in the month of September!. I think I repeat this every month, so I’m sorry, but OMG, I can’t believe we’re already so close to the end of 2021! it’s crazy! 😲 I hope from the bottom of my heart that you’re all safe and healthy, and have been able to get vaccinated if you wanted to, personally I’ve already had the first dose, so I’m more relaxed now, I’m waiting to be called for the second and luckily I haven’t had any symptoms or anything, so a very good experience. In other news, the month of August has been super quiet for me in my personal life, honestly nothing super amazing has happened but luckily, I did have been feeling very well physically, I’ve returned to be more active and walk which I haven’t done for a while, and that’s very good for me. 🏃🏻‍♀️🌟 I also want to thank everyone deeply because it has been a very good month for the blog and I’ve been seeing a much more active flow of new people joining the family and that makes me very happy and I’m honestly flattered that you subscribe to the blog and check my posts, I love this space and all the wonderful people I’ve met through it. 🥺💕

I’ve embarked this month on a new challenge in terms of reading, where I’ll be reading some favorite books from other book bloggers, which I’m very excited about, and I’ve already made some progress on that TBR specifically so I’m super happy, anyway I’ll share more about it in another post. 👏🏻👏🏻 I’m looking forward to creating weekly posts where I keep you updated with this challenge maybe, or updating it as well, something will come up, but I promise to keep you posted on all of that. In terms of reading in general, you know I’ve already shared with you that this year has been very busy for me, so I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to read as such so I’ve taken this stance of reading what I can, and being patient with myself, and celebrating every little victory, you know? Still with this mentality I managed to read a bit more than I had planned so YAY! 🎉 I’d say it was a very successful month in terms of reading. 😄 
As for the quality of these readings, it’s been a month of highs and lows,
I have some books that really impressed me, some genres that I’m not usually used to reading that I loved, and others that I expected a lot from and really disappointed me, so there’s a little bit of everything here to talk about and analyze today. We have a bit of romance, a bit of sci-fi, mystery and above all a lot of magic! Would I really be myself if I didn’t read stuff about witches?…it’s literally all I’ve been reading this year 😅.

‼️ Another thing I want to share with you before starting with the post, is that I’ll be taking 2 weeks off in September where I won’t be uploading anything to the blog, I might read a little but I don’t really promise anything, you’ll see that my TBR for the month is very general because I don’t even know how much I’ll actually read, but well, this is something I do every year together with my boyfriend and we take the opportunity to relax, visit our families and really be with each other, so maybe during those two weeks reading won’t be exactly my priority, and that’s perfectly fine. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF & TAKE BREAKS is SO important for your mental health! ❤️❤️ 
Still, I’ll be back with my reading updates for you, and obviously I’ll share a bit of those books that could be in my stack.

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Now without further ado, thank you for being there on the other side supporting me, I LOVE YOU!!! 🥰 I have the best readers and this is by far the best community, so super honored to belong & I hope you obviously enjoy today’s post, and let me know all your thoughts in the comments. Now yes, LET’S GET STARTED! 🌺 

 🌺 TBR Challenge | Reading Book Bloggers’ Favorite Books 

 🌺 Top 10 | 5-Stars Worthy Magical & Paranormal Books 

 🌺 5-Star Book Predictions Update 

 🍂 Witch-y Magical Readings 🌙 

 🌺 The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin | I really liked this book, especially because the author has made this story a super atmospheric journey with the most beautiful settings I’ve ever read. Also, this story follows witches who can handle the seasons and are more powerful when they’re in the seasons which they handle, and I think that’s super unique and also gives a great step for a very pleasant and even delicate magic style to read about, I liked it a lot. I also enjoyed the monologues and internal thoughts of the main character and her journey of self-discovery, growth and strength, is very well portrayed and is one of the most powerful factors of the book in my opinion. It also has a very strong message behind it about climate change, and it’s good to give way to that kind of conversation, I think it’s a great aspect of the story. Plus: THE ROMANCE HERE IS EVERYTHING. Maybe I was expecting a little more from the story as such, but it did the job and was super entertaining to read. | BOOK REVIEW |

 🌺 Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley | I feel like I expected a lot more from this book, I really liked the first part, I feel like the premise is great and I love the idea of the main characters and their stories, it’s all really very intriguing and I enjoyed several aspects, especially the personalities of the girls, I think it’s well thought out, but the plot itself wasn’t powerful, or interesting enough I would say, to get me 100% hooked, I think mostly after the middle everything gets kind of heavy and too predictible. Even so, I still have very positive things to say soon in my full review. | FULL REVIEW TO COME |

3 Estrellas

 💗 An Incredible Surprise & A Sad Disappointment 🌊

 🌺 You Say It First by Katie Cotugno | I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did but there’s something about the plot that seemed so human that made me connect immediately with the characters and their personal stories. Especially with one of them, whose insecurities mirrored a lot of my own, and I feel somehow that also made me like it even more. Besides being a beautiful romance story, with lots of twists and turns and hearbreaking moments, it’s also a story that explores a lot of family and friendship situations, it also touches on sensitive topics like overcoming the loss of someone you love, like alcoholism and how it affects the people around you, you know? It’s much more complete and deep than I expected and has a super successful execution with an unexpected ending perfect for me. | BOOK REVIEW |

 🌺 The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He | I was so confused with this book, which isn’t always a bad thing when as you get further into the plot your doubts become clearer, but OMG, this book never stopped being super confusing to me, the sci-fi elements were much heavier than I thought, and that’s absolutely my bad because I wasn’t expecting it. I actually decided to read the book because of the sisters relationship it portrayed having and it was there, there are some good scenes and moments of unexpected twists quite well executed, but it wasn’t interesting enough for me, I also don’t think the execution of the characters as such is done for me, I just couldn’t connect with what was going on and it’s one of those super sad cases because I really thought I would give it 5 stars and it didn’t get even 2, so here’s hoping you don’t hate me for this opinion, the book just isn’t for me, but THAT COVER! BEAUTIFUL! | BOOK REVIEW |

ARC of The Month 🔥

 🌺 Lies Like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez | This is such a good book where we follow unlikeable characters that are cliché but with a gripping and addictive plot from moment one. I LOVE when mystery thrillers do what this book does and manage to hook us into the plot from the first few pages giving us bits and pieces of information as we go along making us want to know what will happen. I also really liked the twists and turns, they really are super unexpected, and it has a very good ending, I really loved the ending, it’s kind of open ended but it’s super creepy in a lot of ways too. I think that following characters that are the “villains” of the story is always a big plus, but also the evolution of them makes the plot more and more dark and twisted. There are a lot of betrayals, secrets, lies, jealousy, and really toxic friendship situations. I highly recommend it, I’m happy to have been part of the blog tour. | BOOK REVIEW |

Currently Reading ⚔️

33359446. sy475

 🌺 A Torch Against the Night (An Ember in the Ashes #2) by Sabaa Tahir | What can I say about this story that I haven’t already said, right? I just LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! these characters are some of my favorite characters EVER, Laia & Elias are one of my favorite fictional couples and they’re giving me beautiful scenes in this book. I’m clearly loving it, I’m so excited to continue reading it to finally read the fourth book which I haven’t read even once yet, so I’m going to continue with this re-reading of the books. If you haven’t read them yet I highly recommend them, the plot is unique, the settings are powerful and incredible, the characters are AMAZING. I know you’ll love it!

Remember this is just a quick glimpse of what I might be reading, I would probably like to read some contemporary books as well for more variety but we’ll see. 🥰 

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Thank you SO for joining me in another post, guys! Hope you have a month full of blessings & THE MOST AMAZING READINGS ❤️

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 🌺 Have you read any of these books? What do you think about them? & What will you be reading this month? Let me know everything in the comments, you know that I always love to know what you think 🌺


39 thoughts on “August Wrap Up & September TBR | Some Witchy Books, Unexpected Ratings, Polarized Reading & Taking a few Weeks Off 🌺

  1. Oh, These Violent Delights is a favourite of mine! I almost squealed a few days ago when I was sent the e-arc for Our Violent Ends by the publisher! I am now trying to magically make more time appear this month so that I can squeeze it onto my tbr! I hope you have the best September and enjoy your 2 week break!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG! Super excited to know it’s one of your faves, I’ve really heard only positive things about that book, so I’m so glad to finally put it on my priority list! 😍✨ I hope you really enjoy your read of the sequel, Louise!!! ❤️ & thank you SO much! Have an amazing month 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! Congrats on getting your first shot, sofii! 🥰💕 Glad to hear you’re feeling good after it to. I know after my first shot I didn’t feel the greatest, but after my second shot I was fine (which seems to be the reverse for most people 😅). I hope you have the best time off with your boyfriend and family!! ❤️ taking breaks is so good! You look to have had a great reading month! Here’s to a great reading month in September too! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Enjoy your two weeks off!! I hope you’ll be able to relax and spend some time with your loved ones ❤ I’m so happy to see that you liked The Nature of Witches, as I’m so excited for it!! (especially because I love atmospheric books) Still so happy that you loved You Say It First! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much, love!!! ❤️ Once a year I really need to take these weeks to renew energy, so I hope to come back to blogging like new. 😄 I really liked The Nature of Witches, especially because it gives you that atmospheric vibe that makes you feel like you’re inside the story, which I love ☺️✨ & YAY!!!! I COMPLETELY LOVED You Say It First ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh no! I’ve heard so many good and bad things about The One’s We Are meant To Find and I’m not sure if I want to read it . . . I really need to read These Violent Delights and The Iron Widow, I know both of them are already on my TBR 💓 And Fable 😭 Enjoy your two weeks while you can and soak it all up! Mental health is super important so make sure you drink many water (I now sound like a dear mother🤣) But lovely wrap-up!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I know honey, I wish I could have brought more positive opinions about it, but honestly it wasn’t for me 😭, still, I know the people who love it are the majority, so I hope you love it if you get to read it ❤️❤️ & YAY!!!! I’m excited for all the possible books I’ll read, I hope I enjoy them! *fingers crossed* 👏🏻✨
      You’re so sweet!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 Thank you so much, Becky!!! I hope you have a wonderful month full of great reads 🥰


    • Destiny!!! It makes me SO happy to see you here, thank you so much for stopping by 😭❤️ & thank you also for your words.✨
      No doubt a break from time to time should be almost mandatory, it’s necessary and healthy.☺️ Have a wonderful month 🥰


  5. Congrats on getting your first vaccine dose Sofii! I didn’t have any real reaction to either of my shots, just a little soreness in my arm with the first. Glad to have it out of the way in case I do get exposed although I’ve kept my mask when I do go out which isn’t often. Anyway, happy reading! Looks like you’ll have some good ones coming up.🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much, Carrie! I got my second dose this weekend, so I’m done or at least I hope so 😄❤️ Absolutely! No doubt at least we are a little more protected, and as always, I’ll continue to wear my mask. I honestly got used to it, so I feel like it will be so weird when we can walk around freely without a mask again, right? 😅 Happy Reading to you too and have a GREAT month! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wonderful wrap-up, Sofii! I am glad you had a nice August and I agree about Lies Like Wildfire – the characters were unlikable but the plot totally gripped me. I am super excited that you might read These Violent Delights in September, that is honestly one of my all-time favourites! 😍 Have a lovely month, and enjoy your well-deserved break. It is always good to take a break every now and then.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much, Steph! ❤️ Absolutely, I really enjoyed Lies Like Wilfire, I”ll definitely read more from the author in the future. 😍 OMG!!! YES!!! can’t wait to read These Violent Delights, I’ve heard only the best things and knowing it’s one of your faves makes me even more excited to read it.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✨ Thanks again! breaks every now and then are SO needed, I’ll make the most of it. And I hope you have an amazing month ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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