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 πŸ–‹ Hi, guys! I hope you’re having an incredible day full of good readings and beautiful moments! ❀️ Today I bring you a post where we will chat a little about new authors that I’ve met this year and have loved. Sometimes I think that it’s also super important to give the author who is behind such wonderful works the place he/she deserves, so I’m very excited to tell you a little about these six incredible writers. πŸ˜
I think this year has been super positive for me in terms of finding new authors that I’ve loved and I’m dying to try again, and I think it’s incredible because last year I had good new authors for me too, but this time in addition to it, many of these books will be among my favorites of the year too because WOW, I just can’t pick other authors this time. πŸ₯Ί In general, I don’t like being repetitive in these types of posts, I mean I don’t like talking about a book and then bringing you another end of the year post with the same book, you know? but this time I can’t help it because I really LOVE the style of each of these authors and although it may be a bit of a spoiler for my top favorites of the year, I’ve decided to include them anyway and give them the recognition they deserve as writers.  πŸ‘πŸ»
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So this 2020 I’ve chosen authors that for me have stood out a lot for different reasons, but all have made me feel SO many emotions while reading their books, so that’s why I’m dying to give them a second chance in 2021! πŸ”₯ Below each of them, I’ll specify why I was captivated by their writing style and thus be able to provide you with a post with much detail. πŸ˜Š
I hope you enjoy the post and that you can find new authors to enjoy too & without further ado let’s get started, my love! 

Sin tΓ­tulo-1

This author has been one of my biggest surprises this year. I think her style is very unique and above all, she has a way of building her story that seemed to me to be one of the most original that I’ve come across this year. Her writing style is somewhat creepy and dark, she also has a great handle on the combination of different styles of formats and graphic shocking scenes, and all that combined with the incredible descriptions this author give us, was an incredible experience to read. An incredible author who undoubtedly deserves more recognition.
The book that has won me over by the author has been Rules for Vanishing: In the town of Briar Glen, there’s this legend that says that every year a path open ups in the woods and Lucy Gallows wakes up. In the book we follow Sara whose sister, Becca, disappeared a year ago when she was investigating the Lucy Gallows’ case, and today while Sara’s trying to survive school, all her classmates including her receive a text message inviting them to “play a game “to find Lucy and even though Sara hasn’t talked to her friends in a whole year, they end up meeting in the woods equipped with cameras and cell phones, determined to playing this game and traversing the macabre path to find Becca and bring her home again. They must have a lot of courage to overcome the dark tricks this journey has for them and if they ever manage to leave, nothing will be the same.

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This author has conquered my heart for the raw and real way of telling her story, especially because it’s about my native Argentina and that obviously makes me feel proud, but on the other hand, also because I think her contemporary writing style is so easy to read on one side, while on the other it’s hard and quite intense. The way in which this author has decided to describe her characters has been incredible for me, an excellent construction of characters, especially the main character who chooses herself rather than a boy, and with that simple gesture, I think the author demonstrated her position within literature and I can’t wait to read more of her stories. I know that this year she will be the favorite of a lot of readers and that makes me feel very happy, she deserves it.
The book that made me love this author’s style is Furia: This is the story of Camila, a girl from Rosario, Argentina whose passion for soccer makes that once she’s on the field playing she forgets all her problems at home to become “La Fury “as her team has baptized her. When her team has a chance to qualify for the South American tournament, Camila is hopeful that her talents can earn her an athletic scholarship for the United States university. But no one in her family knows Camila’s true passion for soccer and they’ll not admit that a girl plays, now her childhood love Diego, a renowned world-class soccer player, has returned to Rosario but Camila doesn’t have time to be distracted with her feelings for him because now she has big ambitions and dreams for which she must fight if she wants to live off her passion.

| About the Author |

Of all the authors that I’ll talk about today this incredible person is one of those who when you read his books speak directly to your heart. I fell absolutely in love with Mark’s style, I think he has a super inspiring style that moves you and makes you put yourself in the shoes of the characters immediately. It’s obvious that he puts a lot of his own experiences into his work and I love how he makes the combination of magical realism with contemporary very realistic in a way. I just totally loved the way he’s handled magic in the book I read, and how the depth of the relationship between the characters feels and how you can feel so involved from the first moment. I absolutely loved his style and can’t wait to read more next year. All the feelings that you will experience reading this author are super difficult to explain, but a beautiful experience to live.
The book that has absolutely captivated me by this author has been Each of Us a Desert: This story follows Xochitl, “la cuentista” of her village who one day, after a tragic and unexpected event, decide to go out to pursue the truth about her destiny and for this, she must undertake a dangerous journey across the desert. But their path ends up bumping into Emilia’s, the cold and beautiful daughter of the town’s murderous mayor, and together they’ll go through hundreds of creepy and challenging obstacles to discover their destinies, and meanwhile, something magical to emerge between them.

| About the Author |

In general, I’m not a big fan of over-descriptive books and I’m not saying that this one is particularly so, but my point is that I absolutely LOVE every description that this book has and how the author has managed to capture the essence of the story in each of those descriptions, it’s simply magical. Following the main character through such unique settings and also enjoying those super-diverse landscapes in style, in the atmosphere, and textures, is lovely, and it’s saying a lot coming from me since in general, I don’t like trips in books, but this author is wonderful In that aspect, and it takes you to travel in your mind through extremely magical and powerful places that fill you with emotions, I loved it. Another thing that I really liked is the descriptions of the characters’ clothing and how the clothes are somehow related to myths, a very original author that I’m dying to read again this year actually because I’ll read the continuation of this incredible book which is Spin the Dawn: In this book, we follow Maia, a girl who dreams of becoming the best tailor in the land, but being a woman the only thing she can hope for is to marry a good man. When a royal messenger arrives at her sick father’s workshop, she makes a risky and dangerous decision going to court dressed as a man to participate in a competition to become the imperial tailor and thus not only fulfill her dream but also save her family from ruin. Although Maia doesn’t doubt her abilities, every day she’s at risk that they’ll discover that she’s a woman and be executed for it. The challenges that Maia must go through to prove herself the best tailor are difficult enough but she also attracted the attention of the court magician, Edan, who seems to see through her disguise of her. Still, nothing prepares Maia for her final challenge from her: to sew three magic gowns for the emperor’s reluctant bride-to-be, from the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon, and the blood of stars.

| About the Author |

I think I’ll fall short of words to describe the style of this author, like Mark she has also put a lot of her own experiences in this book including her own name, so it’s a story that due to its great weight of reality already impacts a lot, but also the style and the way in which the author has decided to play this story with elements of magical realism is extremely beautiful as heartbreaking. This is one of the few books that have made me cry this year, I think it’s simply impossible to read it and not feel involved with what this little girl must live and how she has struggled to grow and be a better person, as well as having a better future for her and her brothers, it’s really so emotional from start to finish, but also a deeply inspiring story. The style of this author resonates a lot with me, and I was deeply moved by situations that she herself has lived through as a child and as she has captured them in a book is brilliant, I think you have to have a lot of courage to do something like this and this book deserves all the recognition of the world, it’s a masterpiece.
The book I’m talking about that I’ve loved is Black Girl Unlimited: In this book, we follow Echo Brown who’s a wizard who lives on the East Side, where life situations are precarious and her parents are addicts, but she’s still able to find magic everywhere. When new opportunities open up to her, Echo is transferred to a rich school on the West Side, where she meets a teacher who will soon become a great support and mentor. But, there are dangers to leaving behind the place that made you and soon Echo will begin to see the pain of all those around her, and the black veil of depression will appear as a threat to destroy everything she has achieved.

| About the Author |

I know if you’ve read my review, you know I was expecting a little more from this story, but still love the vibe that surrounds it and the way the author handles the impact of the scenes. Above all, it seemed so unique in terms of how graphic it is at the moment of scare and how the author creates disturbing moments that make you feel physically uncomfortable, maybe I’m kind of weird but I love that, you have to have a very unique talent to create a physical feeling in the reader and I think this author is extremely talented, so I wanted to include her on the list. Maybe her book wasn’t a 5 star, but I still enjoyed it a lot, and it has many elements that I love, such as witches and haunted forests, as well as it’s a book with a very atmospheric style and that’s one of my favorite things, so I would love read more about the author since her style has many rich aspects to explore and if she continues to write such disturbing plots about curses and witches, and especially if she writes in this way about social problems and racism, I’ll undoubtedly be the first to buy her works, I think she’s an author with a lot of potential to give us unique and wonderful stories.
The book I’m talking about is The Year of the Witching : This book takes place in Bethel, a highly puritan and religious closed community, where the Prophet’s word is the law. Here we follow Immanuelle Moore, whom the other members of this society consider a blasphemy since she’s the product of her mother’s union with an outsider of a different race, which is considered high treason. Now Immanuella must live under strict rules following the Holy Protocol in order to fit in and show that she is committed to her people. One day a mistake put her inside the Darkwood, the forbidden woods that surround the community, and there she meets the spirits of the witches murdered centuries ago by the first prophet, and they offer her a gift: the diary of her dead mother. Immanuel doesn’t understand how her mother had been able to create ties with these evil beings, but once she begins to discover the dark secrets that the Church and its history hides, she understands that things in Bethel must change, starting with herself.

| About the Author |

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Hope you guys enjoyed the post a LOT! & above all, that it has inspired you in some way to give it a try to these incredible authors because they’re really deserved it ❀️

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 πŸ–‹ Let’s talk a bit! What are your favorite authors that you’ve had the pleasure of reading for the first time this year? & What are the ones that you haven’t read yet and are dying to give a chance to in 2021? Let me know everything in the comments, you know I love to know what you think πŸ–‹ 


31 thoughts on “Favorite 2020 New-to-Me Authors πŸ–‹

    • Thanks to you for stopping by, honey! ❀️ I feel you, when I find an over-descriptive book I usually get a bit bored, but the places we meet in Spin The Dawn are so atmospheric, beautiful and intriguing, that I managed to enjoy each one a lot. 😍 Plus, the story itself is super entertaining πŸ₯°

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  1. Elizabeth Lim has been on my tbr list for a while and while I have to be in the mood for the overly descriptive type books, I love it when the description is there for a purpose if that makes sense. The book sounds insanely atmospheric too, which sounds like my cup of tea.

    Fredrik Backman, Madeline Miller, and Fonda Lee would be the top 3 authors that made my reading year. Even if they did all reduce me tears haha.

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    • I have to be in the mood for that kind of book too, but I promise you that with Spin The Dawn you won’t even feel the descriptive style because everything is so vivid and beautiful, I enjoyed it a lot so I hope you do too! ❀️
      I need to read a Fredrik Backman book because I’ve heard the best things!! 😍


  2. I’m definitely intrigued by Kate Alice Marshall, as I’m usually not someone who likes horror, but Rules for Vanishing was a fantastic book! I honestly cannot wait to read her 2021 release and her backlist book πŸ₯° I also still have Spin the Dawn on my Kindle TBR! I definitely got attached to William Ritter this year, though I’ve only read his Jackaby books so far πŸ˜„

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