ARC Review | Fantastic Tales of Nothing by Alejandra Green & Fanny Rodriguez

TitleFantastic Tales of Nothing

By: Alejandra Green & Fanny Rodriguez


Pages: 320

PublishedNovember 17th, 2020

By: Katherine Tegen Books

Genre: Middle Grade – Fantasy – Magic – Graphic Novel

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In the first book of this full-color fantasy graphic novel series filled with humor and hijinks, the fate of the land of Nothing hinges on Nathan and an unlikely team of magical beings to save the day—perfect for fans of Amulet and Estranged.

Welcome to Nothing! Despite its name, this is a fantastic land where humans and magical volken coexist peacefully—at least they try . . .

This is the tale of Nathan, an ordinary human (or so he thinks) living an ordinary life (or so he wishes). Everything changes when he meets Haven, a mysterious creature who is neither human nor volken. Oh, and the two of them are being chased by volken mercenaries—a grumpy wolf named Bardou and a delightful crow named Sina.

Nathan soon learns he has mysterious powers, even though humans aren’t supposed to have magic. But there’s no time to dwell on that because this discovery sets the group on a perilous quest across windswept terrain, through haunted forests, and in ancient tombs. Nathan and his unlikely friends must prevent an impending war and defeat a dark evil to save their land.

No pressure, of course. If they fail, everything will turn into, well . . . nothing. 

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I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

OMG, this graphic novel has one of the most beautiful illustrations I’ve ever come across with!! I fell absolutely in love with them and I took my time reading it to be able to appreciate each image in detail. You can see the work that has been dedicated to this story, from the care of the illustrations to the development of the characters and the world. Super easy and dynamic to read, I think that even being a Middle-Grade it can be super enjoyable for any age.


In this entertaining and adventurous tale, we follow several characters but its protagonist is Nathan, a young human who lives in the land of Nothing, where humans coexist with the Volken, but that seems to be about to change. Nathan soon discovers that he has powers, powers that he’s not supposed to have since humans don’t have such abilities, and together with a group of magical companions, they must undertake a journey where they’ll pass through many obstacles to achieve a common goal: Save the land of Nothing and destroy a dark evil.

I don’t usually read graphic novels, not because I don’t like them, but because I suppose I haven’t gotten into the habit of doing it, but it makes me very happy that I decided to read this book. It’s a very entertaining adventure journey, it has a lot of magic going on and even though it take place in a land called Nothing, a LOT of things happen all the time. I loved how dynamic it felt to read it, it’s a very beautiful experience, and I think that anyone who enjoys magical readings and fantasy plots could easily enjoy it.

The way the story is built is beautiful, it’s a graphic novel so it’s obvious that it’s a superb visual experience, but I also think it has the right amount of dialogue and text, especially so that we can adapt to the world and surroundings. On the other hand, it feels a lot like an introductory book, so there will surely be more volumes after this one. That wasn’t a problem for me, though, but I do see that the author has focused a lot on introducing the reader to the characters and the world in a direct and brief way so that everything can feel more and more familiar and I liked this focus.

I loved how the author has managed the creation of the characters, I liked all of them, some are very magical, but above all, I liked them because they’re really different from each other, not only because they’re different species, but you can also clearly see the difference between personalities, due to where they come from, their beliefs, experiences, and customs, which I thought was a very nice touch. It’s always positive to be able to differentiate each character well by giving them something unique, especially when we follow a group of characters during a journey.

Although this graphic novel is focused on a youth/middle-grade audience, it has some scenes of violence that can be shocking, as well as grief, so I wanted to mention that just in case it’s something you don’t want to read. On the other hand, I would like to mention that it touches on very rich topics, especially with respect to the characters and their identities. There are a couple of subplots that I would love to explore further in the future as well.

This is an extremely entertaining read to spend an incredible time full of action, adventure, and lots of magic. It’s perfect to read if you usually enjoy high-fantasy and especially if you like the “chosen one” plot and follow multiple characters. I think there are moments that it proves to be a fairly innovative graphic novel, that touches issues of the time in a fresh way.

In summary, I highly recommend it, being a quick read there’s much that I don’t want to say because it could easily be a spoiler, it’s also a fun book to experiment with and see by yourself. It’s visually beautiful, the illustrations are unique, full of color and life. The characters are very good as well as the world-building, and the main idea of the plot is solid.
I think everything is touched in a superficial way, but even so, the illustrations give it a lot of life and depth in their own way. There’s a lot of magic, unique creatures, and the group goes through the most beautiful places, as well as other dangerous ones, but just as captivating. I hope you decide to give it a try because I think it’s one of those graphic novels that’s worth reading. Too much fun!


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14 thoughts on “ARC Review | Fantastic Tales of Nothing by Alejandra Green & Fanny Rodriguez

  1. This sounds like such a cool book! I like the idea of the concept… although I could see it becoming a bit predictable? I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway 😊 While I’m here, do you have any tips for how to get ARCs? I really want to try but I don’t know where to start

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    • All my ARCs I have obtained with Netgalley and Edelweiss+ I think they’re the two best ways to obtain them, even more if you’re international. Then, if you’ve been reviewing for a while, a publisher may contact you to offer you a book in exchange for a review and that’s wonderful 😊✨


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