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 🍦 Hi, guys! I hope you’re having the most wonderful day, full of good readings & beautiful moments.❤️ Today is another one of those Fridays where I want to relax and try to continue catching up with my tags & awards! You know that I love spending these moments with you, where we can chat freely about any bookish topic. This time I’ve decided to bring you the This or That book tag, it’s not the first time I do this tag, but I did it in 2017, so I thought OMG, I love this tag, and I need to do it again, I don’t even know if the questions are the same, so I decided to go for it and I hope is a lot of fun. 😄 You know that I would love to know your opinions on each of my choices and to know what you would choose! that’s always a lot of fun.
I’ve been tagged by
Riddhi | Whispering Stories | so thank you SO much, you’re amazing, and I’m very excited to do the tag again after so long. Of course, don’t hesitate to visit her blog, it’s wonderful! 🥰
I hope you enjoy reading the post, that you have a relaxed & fun time with me, so prepare a coffee, tea, or whatever your favorite drink is and without further ado, LET’S START!

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 🍦 Read on the bed or the couch? 🍦

I actually can do both without problems, but there’s nothing for me like reading in bed with a blanket and a coffee, just perfect. It’s my natural habitat, I swear lol

Glasses Blinking GIF by truTV’s I’m Sorry

 🍦 Read at night or in the morning? 🍦

Lately, I’ve been reading whenever I have the time lol, so I don’t have the luxury of choice right now, but in a normal less busy month I probably enjoy reading at night more because I feel like it’s more atmospheric and I can concentrate better.

cat kitty GIF

 🍦 Male main character or female main character? 🍦

I’ll undoubtedly choose female, I’ve realized as time goes by that I always tend to choose books with main female characters, and it’s not that I don’t like reading a book with a male character like the main one, not at all, but I think so I prefer a female character.

marie jacquemin yes GIF by SoulPancake

 🍦 First person POV or third person POV? 🍦

Well, for this one I have a curiosity to share with you.
When I started reading regularly many many years ago, I used to only read the books that had first-person POV, because there was no way that I could concentrate on third-person POVs, I don’t know why but I just couldn’t, and it was more organic for me to read while the character lived his experiences, you know? But then I grew up, I wanted to expand my world of reading and began to give more possibilities to books told in the third person and so suddenly I fell in love with that POV, as well. And
today I really have no problems, I hardly ever notice, maybe I continue to feel that it’s easier for me to read the first person POV, but it’s not something that really prevents my enjoyment.

Book Club All Of It With Alison Stewart GIF by WNYC

 🍦 Trilogies or quartets? 🍦

Oh, I don’t know, guys! I always think the same, that if I like a book a lot then obviously I wouldn’t mind reading thousands of more books with the same characters, right? But sometimes, I also think that there are stories that are better as stand-alone because sometimes I feel that some ideas are too exploited or some authors delay the end a lot to just sell more books, and I don’t like that very much. I guess I’ll stick with the trilogies, but because I’m more used to reading them, I still think that if you’re going to make a trilogy of your idea, the second book should be as solid as the first one or even more.

books study GIF by SoulPancake

 🍦 Libraries or bookstore? 🍦

I would love to have the chance to choose, but here where I live in the library there are only textbooks, and there’s a small bookstore, so I will choose that option because it’s the only one valid for me now.

Movie Imagine GIF

 🍦 Books that make you laugh or cry? 🍦

Cry 100% lol, that sounds so sad! Actually, I love when a book gives me all those feelings that I can’t control and I feel like OMG, I LOVE THIS, but at the same time it makes me cry because the story is super emotional and beautiful, well that feeling is the one I love

doctor who crying GIF

 🍦 Black book covers or white book covers? 🍦

I don’t have a preference here, I think books with black covers look beautiful with other types of colors and textures in the letters, illustrations, and that kind of thing, so I’ll choose that one, but I also like white covers, I just don’t really mind.

GIF by Dubsado

 🍦 Character-driven or plot-driven? 🍦

Character-driven is perhaps more important to me, although I do appreciate good plot creation, I have to feel something for characters, so I definitely prefer character-driven stories.

GIF by Disney Zootopia

I Tag

Meeghan Reads | Never Judge a Book by its Cover | Whimsically Meghan | Bookmark your Thoughts | Jessica C Writes | Between Folded Pages | Sorry, I’m Booked | celinelingg

I decided to pick some wonderful bookish friends, because I haven’t done it in a long time, but if you’re not tagged and you still feel like doing it, consider yourself tagged by me!! ❤️ 

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  I hope you enjoyed the post, I had a lot of fun doing it, so I hope it was entertaining for you & you know I love to know your opinions about my answers and I’d love to know what you would choose! ❤️  

 🍦 What do you think about the books that make you cry? Do you prefer them or do you prefer those that make you laugh? & What do you think about the trilogies and series? What feels better to you? or do you prefer standalone books? Let me know everything in the comments, I’ll be reading you soon! 🍦 



49 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag ðŸ¦

  1. This is great! I might use this for my blog. Your answers are wonderful.

    To your questions:

    What do you think about the books that make you cry? – I think the only book I can recall that I cried to was PS I Love you by Cecelia Ahern. I know there are probably two others but I just can’t recall the titles right now.

    Do you prefer them or do you prefer those that make you laugh? – Books that make me laugh is always a good thing.

    Laugh or cry- I’m game for either one!

    What do you think about the trilogies and series? – I do not mind series as long as the story is awesome and keeps you on your toes.

    Do you prefer standalone books? – I don’t mind them. I think majority of the books I’ve read are standalones. Perhaps I will check my list to see.

    What feels better to you?- I prefer either one. Depends on the story!

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    • It makes sense that you like both types of books, the ones that make you cry and the ones that make you laugh, I also like those scenes that make me laugh, it’s always fun to find them. 😍
      Standalone or Series is always so difficult to decide, right? I think it depends on the story and the quality of the development, some are better when it’s only a book and some you just want it to never finish 😄✨👏🏻


  2. Oh this is a fun tag! It’s been around so long and this is my first time running into it~~!
    I also love reading in bed. You’re right–there’s just something about being able to snuggle up with a blanket and a good book that feels great. 🙂

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  3. “Reading whenever i have time” sounds just right 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Loved all your choices and totally agree about the trilogy rule. The second book’s got to be solid. Lovely tag!

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  4. This was so fun to read!! And believe me, you’re not alone in the crying. I cry ALL OF THE TIME, but I love it 😂 I just think it means that we are actually able to relate to the characters and understand what they’re going through ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Tasya, I’m glad you liked it! ❤️ OMG, YES! I need to read more on the couch too but only to change landscapes from time to time 😂😂 and I confess that although I love reading in my bed, sometimes it makes me very sleepy 🥺


  5. I agree with so many of your answers! Ooh you described it beautifully – nighttime reading is very atmospheric. I also don’t have a preference for POVs, they can be done really well no matter what type. I find myself reading a lot more standalones these days, or am unable to finish a series for precisely the reasons you stated. And you have a very nice habit with your books and coffee – what a dream!! Have a great rest of your week 😀

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  6. LMFAO! How are you so adorable?! Gosh … tags back in 2017 … that’s when I started my blog … time flies! And HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COMPETE WITH THIS GIF GAME!?!?! I will try to have just as lovely GIFs! I MAY have to steal the Zootopia one … I love that movie. I love your point about POV. I used to ONLY read first-person — or at least mainly choose those. Nowadays, I still prefer first-person POV BUT I don’t NOT read a book because it’s the third person. I actually never thought about that until now ha-ha. Great tag and thank you for tagging me! ❤

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    • You’re the adorable one!!! 🥺✨
      I know, right?? I still can’t believe I have my blog for 4 years already *mind blowing* 🤯
      It makes me happy that you like the gifs, it’s fun to use them & I LOVE Zootopia too, such a good movie. 😍
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who went through that with first person POV, now that I think about it, it feels so silly, but I guess it was easier for me to feel connected to the main character. 😊
      I can’t wait to know your answers ❤️❤️

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  7. I prefer books that make me cry too. I can relate to loving a book so strongly that the tears overflow. I’d just like to add that some hearty laughter from a good story can make the dam break too! 😂

    I guess I need to make sure to drink plenty of water while reading. 😊

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  8. Honestly, I love a book that will make me laugh and cry in the space of 400 pages. I’m just going through so many emotions while reading! For me, I good book is a book where I felt emotions!

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  9. It was so much fun reading your choices

    I don’t have a library around me either so I prefer bookstores too, I love both character and plot driven stories and as long the protagonist is flushed out well I love any and all characters

    Have a great day and happy reading 😊

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  10. This is one of my favourite tags ever!
    Books that make me cry are amazing, but I also dislike them because WHY HAVE YOU MADE ME CRY?!
    I think I am equal when it comes to laughing and crying worthy books, they’re both awesome!
    I prefer trilogies where the story is shorter and can be condensed ( although middle-child syndrome tends to apply to books, too ) but I prefer series because I get more satisfaction. Standalone books are amazing but I also find myself wanting to know what happened next?
    Emma xx

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    • I’m SO glad you like it!!! ❤️ I know, right? I also have all those feelings when a book makes me cry and when I’m ok again I think: OMG, love that! 😂
      I totally understand that, I love standalones, but it’s super satisfying when you love a story and you can keep reading more and more of it 😍✨


  11. oh no I think my comment from a few days back disappeared haha! let me write another one…

    I loved your answers Sofii and the GIFs were so funny and apt! Ah same, night owl for me and atmospheric is the perfect word – there is something so calming about darkness all around and a tiny light in the middle illuminating your book!

    Haha same, books that make me cry are the best! I just love the feeling for being emotional for characters that i have grown attached to!

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    • Oh, I don’t know what happened to your comment, but thanks for commenting again, you’re the best! ❤️
      SO happy you like tag, it was a lot of fun doing it. 😊
      YES, reading at night is the best thing, I totally agree 👏🏻 & There’s something so incredible in feeling emotional about a book, those are the stories that stay with you the most 😍✨

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  12. This was fun to read. I mostly read on couch that eventually turn into bed, i prefer to read at night and books that makes me laugh but I don’t mind emotional read either. And I like both trilogies and series as long as all books are interesting in series.


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