TBR Lows & Highs #19 🌙

🌙 Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of good readings. Super excited cause this weekly series will be focused on helping me clean my Goodreads shelves and also prioritize some readings and organize myself in general. I LOVE this idea, I know that many of you already know it and do it as well, the creator is the incredible: Destiny | Howling Libraries | 💫 whom I love as a human being and I respect a lot as a book blogger ❤️, so it’s really a pleasure to start with this new project especially because it’s created by someone who I admire a lot and that makes me very happy, I also really need help to organize my books, So here we go! 👏🏻 

I wanted to give it my own twist to make it more fun and also fit my needs or what I hope to do with my books and my readings. So I’ve decided that as well as Destiny, I’ll be opening voting every week so that you can participate in the whole process and help me decide which books to prioritize, for this: I’ll ask you to vote for one of the books in the “LOWS” section and not only I’ll be adding it to my priority list, but I’ll also be creating my own TBR Jar with each of your choices!. So, every week the book you choose from my selection will be added to my TBR Jar and then at the end of the month, I’ll choose one of them to read and finally give a real chance to it. I’ll not be removing all my “LOWS”, only some if necessary, maybe one per week or sometimes none, I’ll be super honest about them and I hope you can help me make a decision anything can happen in these posts! LOL 🥰 

I hope you like this idea, I think it will be fun, I’ll be cleaning my Goodreads shelves a bit, which is great, but you can also participate in the process and so will have a super interactive experience, so we can all have a little fun ❤️. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for the support always, from the bottom of my heart & LET’S START! 🌙


  • Link back to the original post at Howling Libraries
  • Sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, ascending
  • Find 5-10 (or more, if you feel ambitious!) titles to purge from your TBR (the “lows”)
    • ALTERNATIVE OPTION: Find 5+ titles that are at the BOTTOM of your TBR—books you want to read someday, just not right now!
  • Post those 5 books in the list, with a brief explanation
  • Next, sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, descending
  • List the last 5 (or more!) books you added to your TBR, with a synopsis or your brief summary of why you added it (the “highs”)


Thank you SO much if you voted on the previous week post and thanks to you as well that have let me know your thoughts, it was really helpful to make my decisions ❤️

✔️ I KEEP ON MY TBR | The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza by Shaun David Hutchinson, Omens (Cainsville #1) by Kelley Armstrong, The Breakdown by B.A. Paris & The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski

 LEAVES MY TBR | What the Woods Keep by Katya de Becerra, Given to the Sea (Given Duet #1) by Mindy McGinnis, A Treason of Thorns by Laura E. WeymouthThe Raven Tower by Ann LeckieState of Sorrow (Sorrow #1) by Melinda Salisbury

⚱️ TBR JAR |  Everything I Never Told Youn by Celeste Ng



🌙 Going Off Script by Jen Wilde | This is a YA Contemporary Romance featuring LGBT+ Characters. In this book, we meet Bex and she’s super excited because she has an internship in her favorite TV show, but once she begins she realizes that things aren’t as she thought and she sees herself only serving coffee, but she’s determined to show what she’s capable of as a writer and decides to write her own script and present it to the head writer, but after using it he passes it off as his own script and even decides to change the character that’s proudly lesbian to straight, this get Bex furious! Now it’s time for her and her crush to fight back.
You know that this type of book is a hit or miss for me most of the time, so I don’t think it’s a read for me, since it involves a lot of romance and the television thing doesn’t call my anticipation. I would give it a chance just for the diversity and representation, which is always appreciated, but I don’t think it will resonate with me. Still, I know it has good reviews, which is great! So tell me what do you think?

🌙 Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty | This is an Adult Contemporary Mystery. Big Little Lies follows three women, each at a crossroads: Madeline, who’s concerned that her daughter seems to prefer her ex-husband over her. Celeste is like this perfect woman, and she and her husband look set to become the king and queen of the school parent body, but reign comes with a price. Jane is new to town, a single mom, and much younger than the other moms, who mistake her for the babysitter. Madeline and Celeste soon take Jane under their wing, but none of them realizes how the arrival of Jane and her inscrutable little boy will affect them all.
I want to read this book because I know there’s an HBO series that I would love to watch later, and also I’ve heard the best things about this book, I know it’s dramatic and has a lot of mystery surrounding the people on the town and these women, so maybe I’ll give it a chance. Have you read or heard about it?

🌙 Mine by Courtney Cole | I think it’s an Adult Mystery Thriller. This book is about a woman named Tessa who finds photos of a naked woman on her husband’s phone, but Ethan’s on a work trip so he’ll not be able to return home soon due to a hurricane approaching the city. With that panorama, Tessa decides to act and face Lindsey, the woman in the photos, but both have their own demons to face and like storm-ravaged Florida, neither woman will be the same when the skies clear.
I don’t want to read this book for the blurb itself, but I do want to read it because of the author, she’s the author of the Nocte trilogy, which is one of the rarest but most amazing/addictive trilogies I’ve read, so I’m interested to know what kind of point of view she’ll give to a plot that sounds quite ordinary to me. So I hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

🌙 The Furies by Katie Lowe | This is a YA Thriller. In 1998, a sixteen-year-old girl is found dead on school property, dressed in white and posed on a swing, with no known cause of death. The novel opens with this image, as related to us by the narrator, Violet, looking back on the night it happened from the present day, before returning to relate the series of events leading up to the girl’s murder.
I added this book because I liked the main idea for a mystery thriller, I think there’s also a kind of ritual involved and many secrets and revelations, which I love. BUT, I’ve recently seen quite average reviews, so I’ll have to think about it. Have you heard about the book or the author? I would love to know!

🌙 The Third Twin by C.J. Omololu | This is a YA Mystery Thriller. In this story Lexi and her identical twin, Ava, made up a third sister, Alicia, when they were little, then when some of them did something wrong they accused Alicia of having done it. But things continued as they grew up, and now the girls use Alicia to go on dates with boys who, although attractive, are not exactly boyfriend material. But one of the guys Alicia dated with ends up dead, the DNA evidence and surveillance photos point to only one suspect: Alicia. The girl who doesn’t exist. Now Lexi has to find the truth before another boy is murdered. Because either Ava is a killer … or Alicia is real.
I LOVE the idea of ​​this book and without a doubt it’s one that I want to read at some point. To begin with, the idea that we follow twins and a mystery it’s just perfect, but this concept about Alice intrigues me a lot. I think it will be a good mystery to follow. Have you heard of it?

🌙 Ignite the Stars (Ignite the Stars #1) by Maura Milan | This is a YA Sci-fi. Ia is an incredible pilot and one of the most feared criminals in the galaxy, she has spent her entire life terrorizing the Olympus Commonwealth, the nation that destroyed her home. But once they catch her and her true identity is revealed they forced her to stay and serve them. Ia is eager to escape, but once she meets Brinn, a seemingly average student with a closely-held secret, and their charming Flight Master, Knives, begins to doubt of where her alliances really are.
You already know that sci-fi isn’t my favorite genre, but this year I’m trying to read more, so maybe I’m willing to save this one for a while and see how it goes with my sci-fi TBR that I already have for this year and then make a decision. In the meantime, I’d love to know what you think about this story! Is it worth it?

🌙 Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren | This is an Adult Contemporary Romance. Follow Hazel who doesn’t believe that anyone can be much time dating her, she ruins it by her crude honesty or her pet army will. Josh has known Hazel since college and has always thought of Hazel more as a spectacle than a peer. But now, ten years later, after a cheating girlfriend has turned his life upside down, going out with Hazel is a breath of fresh air. Not that Josh and Hazel date. At least, not each other. Because setting each other up on progressively terrible double blind dates means there’s nothing between them … right?
I don’t know about this, I’ve had it in my TBR because a lot of people love this book, but I honestly don’t think it’s my kind of genre or kind of story right now. I’ll think about it because I know that it’s very loved so I don’t want to miss something incredible, you know? Do you think it’s worth reading? Let me know everything!

🌙 Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson | This is a YA Historical Fiction with Sci-fi components. The story is divided into three time periods and follows three different characters. Kansas, 2065: Where Andri discovers the journal of a girl who lived in her house over a hundred years ago, and is immediately drawn into the mystery surrounding her fate. Oklahoma, 1934: Where Catherine must find the courage to sacrifice everything she loves in order to save the one person she loves most. & England, 1919: Where Lenore struggles with her grief for her brother, a failed British soldier, and plans to sail to America in pursuit of a childhood friend. While their stories spans thousands of miles and multiple generations, Lenore, Catherine, and Adri’s fates are entwined.
I LOVE the idea of ​​this book and it really surprises me that no more people talked about it, it has a unique premise, that I would love to explore to share with you!

🌙 When the Light Went Out by Bridget Morrissey | This is a YA Contemporary Mystery. Five years after the accidental shooting of Marley Bricket, her friends, who were there the day she died, reunite when a box of letters from Marley is found in her former home. The discovery leads them on a scavenger hunt that reopens old memories, wounds, and betrayals, and leads them to question what they thought they knew about Marley’s death.
Still super interested in this book, first I added it because I love the cover, but I think it also sounds very interesting. I think it could play super sensitive and strong teams, so I’ll keep it in mind, but I want to read it and see what I think about it. Have you heard about it?

🌙 I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest | This is a YA Contemporary Romance. When Chloe Pierce’s mother forbids her to apply for a spot at her dream dance conservatory, she devises a secret plan to drive two hundred miles to the nearest audition. But Chloe hits her first-speed bump when her annoying neighbor, Eli, insists on hooking up, threatening to tell Chloe’s mother if she leaves him and his smelly dog, Geezer, behind. So now Chloe is chasing her ballet dreams down the east coast: two unwanted (but a little cute) passengers in her car, butterflies in her stomach, and a really silly repeat playlist.
I want to read this? I don’t know, I’m interested but I don’t know if enough to read it, you know? I think it sounds good, but I should think about it. It’s in my TBR because that cover is really beautiful and I hear it’s easy to read, so I’ll think about it and make my decision next time, cause I truly don’t know. Have you read it? What do you think?


Book Reviews List (5)

🌙 Descendant of the Crane by Joan He | In this shimmering Chinese-inspired fantasy, debut author Joan He introduces a determined and vulnerable young heroine struggling to do right in a world brimming with deception. ( YAFantasy )

🌙 Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender | From Stonewall and Lambda Award-winning author Kacen Callender comes a revelatory YA novel about a transgender teen grappling with identity and self-discovery while falling in love for the first time. ( YAContemporary Romance LGBT+ Characters )

🌙 Where Dreams Descend (Kingdom of Cards #1) by Janella Angeles | Where Dreams Descend is the startling and romantic first book in Janella Angeles’ debut Kingdom of Cards fantasy duology where magic is both celebrated and feared, and no heart is left unscathed. ( YAFantasy )

🌙 The Stars We Steal by Alexa Donne | Engagement season is in the air. Eighteen-year-old Princess Leonie “Leo” Kolburg, heir to a faded European spaceship, only has one thing on her mind: which lucky bachelor can save her family from financial ruin? ( YASciFi Romance Retelling )

🌙 The Betrothed (The Betrothed #1) by Kiera Cass | When King Jameson declares his love for Lady Hollis Brite, Hollis is shocked—and thrilled. After all, she’s grown up at Keresken Castle, vying for the king’s attention alongside other daughters of the nobility. Capturing his heart is a dream come true. ( YAFantasy Romance )

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 🌿 Now is YOUR time to decide! Choose one of the books in my “The LOWS” section and I’ll add it to my TBR JAR to give it a chance at some point.
I’ll be making the decision of which books I’ll be letting go of my TBR completely, cause I really need to clean this out, after knowing your opinion and in the next week I’ll let you know 🌿

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Let me know EVERYTHING you think in the comments, you know I LOVE to know and talk with you  🥰 

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28 thoughts on “TBR Lows & Highs #19 🌙

  1. Ok so the books I’m the most interested in reading are Josh and Hazel’s Guide to not dating (for the Lows) and Felix Ever After (for the Highs). I really hope that this helped you and that you are having a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think I’ll definitely be giving Big Little Liars a chance because I’ve heard the best things and I’m interested in checking out the HBO series! I hope you enjoy it a lot if you get to read it 😊 & I’m glad that although you didn’t love it, you’ve enjoyed reading Josh & Hazel’s guide, that’s great, I’ll have it in mind 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I read Big Little Lies and wasn’t really wowed. If I remember correctly, the ending wasn’t that great. Going Off Script, Josh and Hazel’s Guide and I Wanna Be Where You Are are both on my TBR, they sound so good! So obviously, I choose those to stay 🙂
    I haven’t read any of the Highs, but I have heard a lot of good stuff about Felix Ever After!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jas, thank you so much for let me know your thoughts! ❤️ I think for now I’ll keep Josh & Hazel’s guide, I’ve been hearing great things and thanks for voting for WBWYA too, I’ll keep it in mind when making my decision & Happy Ever After sounds SO good, right? 😍👏🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I read Big Little Lies after watching the first season of the show, and I have to say I recommend both! The show is different enough from the book that it may be weird watching that after reading, but man I loved the story in both. The relationships between the women, the surprisingly poignant social commentary, all of it’s wonderful! The plot twist is heartbreaking, and the writing really impressed me!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I might be too late, but Going Off Script is AMAZING. I love all of Jen Wilde’s books (this is technically #3, but you don’t have to read them in order if you don’t mind spoilers about side characters). It funny, there’s a F/F relationship, there’s female empowerment and also youth empowerment, and it’s got this super heartwarming side story part about being yourself with your family and acceptance. Highly recommend.

    Liked by 1 person

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