March Wrap Up | Amazing Sequels, An Unexpected Disappointment & An Addictive Trilogy πŸ‚

πŸ‚Β Hi guys! I hope you’re having a beautiful day full of good readings.❀️ Today I bring you a new post… my March Wrap Up! where I’ll tell you ALL about my readings of the month. I always feel SO excited and with such beautiful energy sharing with you my reading month, I love writing these posts and I hope you like reading them too. Well, this was an incredible month for me in terms of reading, I read A LOT of books that I really loved, which doesn’t happen to me every month since I’m quite demanding with my ratings, but this month was really great for me, I feel super pleased with myself for everything I’ve read, so let’s celebrate together! YAY!Β πŸŽ‰Β 
Before continuing to tell you a little about my readings, you know that this month of March has been very intense in general, with the issue of Covid-19 that unfortunately has affected almost all the countries of the world, so obviously It’s a very stressful and difficult month in general for all of us. I tend to be very positive in my life and I really like being at home, so I can’t complain about being at home, but I’ve missed my family a lot and I still do because I can’t see them, so that has affected me a lot, on the other hand, I know that staying at home is the best, healthiest and safest right now. I LOVE you and I send you all my energy of absolute love wherever you are, I promise that everything will be fine very soon.Β πŸ₯°

As always I can’t leave another month of this year without thanking you for your unconditional support with me and with my blog, you don’t know how much it means to me, your support, your likes, your comments, all that encourages me to improve every day to only bring you the best and also fills my soul and makes me extremely happy, so THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. 😍 On the other hand, OMG, I’ve had so many problems with WordPress, in general I like it very much, I’ve never had problems that I haven’t been able to solve, but this month has been hell, some of my posts were published but they never appeared in the reader, most of you didn’t see them, then I had some problems with the editor and it was all very stressful and frustrating. I hope that WordPress will soon solve this kind of thing, so we can create peace and with confidence. And despite these technical problems you’ve still supported me and I’ve been posting my content a bit on twitter and you have shown me a lot of support so thank you, my beautiful friends, seriously, I have no words, I’m just blessed to have you! ❀️ 😭 

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Well, leaving all those negative things aside for a while, I want to focus on the good of this month, so I’ll focus on my reading. I read all the books I had in my TBR, with the exception of one, so that’s super successful for me. Β πŸ‘πŸ»Β 
I read a couple of sequels that I loved with all my heart, they met and even exceeded my expectations, so I have nothing but wonders to say about them. This month also, it was my first time participating in a blog tour and I had a lot of fun, I’m very grateful, it’s a great experience and I also ended up enjoying the book a lot, despite the fact that it’s a genre that I don’t read since a while ago. 😊 
On the other hand, I have a super disappointing reading for me, especially because I thought I would love that book, so I’m sad! I’ll tell you a little more about it later. #unpopularopinionALERT
And last but not least, I’m continuing with my personal challenge of reading YA well-known old trilogies/series, I’m having a lot of fun with this challenge and this time it has been super successful, I adored what I read so I’m super excited to talk to you more about it. 😍 

Now, let’s stop with this long introduction that I always love to doΒ πŸ˜…Β , and let’s jump directly to the important thing, I’m very happy to share another month with you, so without further ado, I hope you can find some interesting reading here & let’s begin! πŸ‚

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March Statistics

πŸ’«Β Books Read: I’ve read 7 books this month 😊
πŸ’«Β Total Pages: 2807 *celebration dance* Β πŸŽ‰Β 
πŸ’«Β Authors Gender: I’ve read 5 books by female authors & 2 books by male authors πŸ’ž
πŸ’«Β Book Genres: ALL the books I’ve read are YA || Within this, I’ve read Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Dystopia & Magic
πŸ’«Β Releases: I’ve read 2 from 2019, 2 from 2018, 2 from 2013 & 1 from 2011

Β πŸš€ Amazing Sequels πŸ’€Β 



πŸ‚ Starsight (Skyward #2) by Brandon Sanderson | So happy to finally have read the sequel to this incredible series, and to be a sequel, honestly, exceeded my expectations, I didn’t expect that I liked it as much as the first book, but I had such an incredible time reading about this story and about the characters, I just LOVED IT. In this book, we also expanded a lot and we know a lot more about the galaxy, other worlds and all kinds of different alien races, and we not only know them in a superficial way. but we know their customs and the way they live, it’s very interesting to read. Also, this is a book that brings us a lot of new information and also enhances the information we already know, as the characters we already knew, giving them more depth, which I appreciate because it keeps you entertained from moment one and now I’m even more excited to continue with the following books. It’s a story that never ceases to amaze me and gets more and more complicated and intriguing, I want to know what will happen RIGHT NOW! Many of you already know my complicated relationship with sci-fi, but Brandon Sanderson is changing that in me, so I can’t stop recommending this story to you! | BOOK REVIEW |

4.5 Estrellas

πŸ‚ Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe #2) by Neal Shusterman |Β Oh GOD, this book is gold! Many of you had warned me about this ending, but nothing prepared me enough and I even cried a little, I feel so sad, but at the same time 100% on board to read the conclusion very soon. I think the key of these books is the world so wonderfully unique and original, where the human being has defied everything including death and now excites this Scythe society that must kill people in order to contain the growth of the population and it’s truly brilliant, I would never get tired of reading something like this. And point number two, but no less important: THE CHARACTERS, I love them so much and I think the fact that I’ve become so attached to each one of them has been a very important factor in my enjoyment of books and especially of this one. Love this technological world, managed by artificial intelligence and everything that this entails is extremely interesting to read, but even more interesting are the discussions on life and death and the purpose of human beings and of each role that each sector complies within society, all this is very well developed and makes reading very addictive. We meet new characters that are very amazing additions, I’m happy that we can further expand the plot and give it so many new directions. And as always, has that surprise factor and many incredible twists that leave you wanting more and more, it’s an incredible book and I couldn’t recommend it enough.
This is an example of what a well-done sequel should be. | BOOK REVIEW |Β 

4.5 Estrellas

⭐️ Challenge: Reading a Popular YA Series πŸŒ‡



πŸ‚ Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu | First, I know that this is not a trilogy but a series, and there’s a fourth book, which I’ll undoubtedly be reading very soon!!
It was a lot of fun reading this trilogy, it was something I had wanted to do forever and my new challenge was perfect to finally go for it. I love Marie Lu, she wrote one of my all-time favorite trilogies: The Young Elite, so I was obviously super excited to read more by her, and while I don’t think this trilogy compares to The Young Elite, I really enjoyed it. It’s very addictive and easy to read, I also really like dystopian worlds, so it’s something I usually enjoy. This story is very well built in a way that we know the thoughts of each character very well and clearly, as well as their personalities and I like and appreciate both Day and June, are imperfect characters and have thousands of defects, as any of us, knows? but I like that because then the growth is more noticeable. There’s a lot of strength and power in the political plot, which I’ve really enjoyed in all three books, I think it’s a factor that is constantly transforming and changing so it manages to keep you hooked very easily. It has a strong family focus since both characters strongly loved their families and both have lost people they love, and that’s a big weight in the plot, there’s a lot of talk about it and about brotherhood bonds, which I LOVE and you know is my weakness. Lastly, I want to be pretty brief here, so about the romance… I LOVE IT! and it was quite unexpected that I managed to enjoy it because it’s quite insta-love and has very cliche scenes, but the chemistry between them is SO GOOD, it’s very well created and accomplished, and I was all in about it. Finally, I was so hooked on these books that all my feelings came out and made me suffer so much, I felt each loss and each battle as my own, which makes you know how good the plot is. It has its flaws and maybe some weak points, but in general, it’s incredible, super addictive and I recommended it, without a doubt.

I’ll be, as I’ve already done, making a separate post just talking about this trilogy, I’ll be reviewing each book and telling you ALL my feelings and thoughts about them. It will be on the blog very soon!!

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Β πŸŒ– An Unexpected Disappointment βš”οΈΒ 


Β πŸ‚ Wicked Saints (Something Dark and Holy #1) by Emily A. Duncan | I’ll put here a fragment of my thoughts that I have just when I finished reading because I think that they reflect much better my feelings of the moment than right now, you know?. I’m still thinking of writing a mini-review this month because I’ll be reading the sequel so I’ll combine both reviews.

I spent about half an hour thinking about how to rate this book because it’s SO hard, I had many thoughts that I’ll soon share in my full review, but it was basically a disappointment. I expected much more from this book, especially when the promise sounds like something I usually love in fantasy, a bit brutal, magic and gods! But the execution fell on being quite flat and the focus of the plot suddenly changed to a direction that bored me a lot. I think that the characters lack personality, I liked at least a little Serefin I think it has potential & beyond that, the magic system although it’s incredible, is really confusing, I never finished understanding it and the rules change continuously as the plot requires.
I don’t know, I guess I expected much more from it.
What I do like? the dialogues are entertaining and the idea of ​​using gods along with the discussion about religion and politics is a really cool concept.

2.5 Estrellas

Β πŸ’₯ Blog Tour πŸ’«Β 

36192231. sy475

Β πŸ‚ Magic Unleashed (Venators #1) by Devri Walls | This book was a lot of fun, it’s been a while since I read urban fantasy of this type with a paranormal and magical focus, I quite liked it. It has very well created action scenes, which is great because in general, I find it hard to find good action scenes in books, and the world-building seemed very successful for me, interesting to explore and easy to imagine. It was a little difficult for me to commit to following the characters and their voices because their personalities didn’t resonate with me, then there’s a growth, which I appreciate, but was a bit problematic for me. Beyond that, it has a very suspenseful vibe that I could easily enjoy and it helped me a lot to move through the plot, as well as being generally very easy and entertaining to read. I would recommend this book if you want an entertaining plot, a little cliche maybe, but even so, it works very well and has very solid impact moments. | BOOK REVIEW |

3.5 Estrellas

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Tell me, What’s your favorite book of the month? | Have you read any of these books?

🌿 Let me know everything in the comments, you know that I always love to know what you think 🌿 

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35 thoughts on “March Wrap Up | Amazing Sequels, An Unexpected Disappointment & An Addictive Trilogy πŸ‚

  1. i’m so happy you enjoyed legend as personally it’s my favorite series in the dystopian genre πŸ˜€ i was disappointed with wicked saints too as despite the amazing atmosphere, it was too similar with the grisha trilogy it made me uncomfortable. i am curious with where the story is going though so I’m still going to read the sequel haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOVED the Legend books, and it wasn’t really a surprise because I love Marie Lu’s style, so I knew I would like it and I that ending was so heartbreaking!! OMG, now I need to read the fourth book soon, to get a little more of the story. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»
      I’ll be reading the sequel to Wicked Saints this month as well because I have an ARC, so I hope it works better for me and that the characters grow a bit, I hope we both end up enjoying it *fingers crossed* 😊


  2. THANK GOD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DISLIKED THE WICKED SAINTS! It gets so much hype, but I could barely get through it! Definitely a disappointment.

    The Legend series is so amazing! I read it a long time ago, but I remember loving it just as much as you did!

    Great wrap up! Hope your April is just as great! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY!! Although makes me sad that you didn’t enjoy it, it makes me happy not to be the only one πŸ˜… I was honestly expecting SO much more.
      Oh, Legend was SO addicting and amazing, I really enjoyed it and after that ending of book 3, I need 4 to know more about what happened in this story! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»
      Thanks, sweetie! I hope you have a great month and enjoy all your reading! ❀️✨

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ugh Wicked Saints was such a disappoint! I’ve tried to wipe my memory of it but I remember really not like the relationship or pretty much anything else. I did love Starsight though already counting down to the next book!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad we think the same! It’s a shame because I really expected a lot from Wicked Saints, and it was disappointing.😣
      YAY! I can’t wait for the next book, after how Starsight ended, I feel super excited to know what will happen πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»


  4. Okay, it’s so good to know that someone else’s WordPress is bugging out even though it’s incredibly frustrating πŸ˜…. Hopefully, they’ll fix all the problems soon 🀞🏽. It’s so great that you had a fantastic reading month, and I can’t wait for those reviews of Legend! Ah, I’m sorry Wicked Saints flopped for you ☹️. I haven’t read it yet, and I honestly had no intention of, so at least I’m not missing much πŸ˜….
    Have a safe and peaceful April, Sofii πŸ˜„πŸ’•!

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG, YES! We definitely need a WordPress solution. πŸ‘πŸ»
      Thanks, sweetie! I’ve already written almost all the reviews of the trilogy and I’m excited to share them soon, I really enjoyed all the books!! 😍
      I was expecting so much from Wicked Saints, I think that’s why it was even more disappointing when it didn’t work for me.😣
      Thank you SO much! I hope that, despite all that’s happening in the world, you have an incredible April ❀️✨

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my gosh, my WordPress was acting so weird, too- I had to republish my blog post yesterday because it didn’t go in anyone’s reader! It’s so frustrating because then the post didn’t do as well as others. I’m glad to know it’s not only me, though! Also, I felt the same about Wicked Saints. It really didn’t work for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The same thing happened several times to me! and it’s SO frustrating because we work so hard on our posts, we deserve better, I hope they fix this soon so that everything works properly *fingers crossed* 😣
      Although I feel bad that Wicked Saints didn’t work for you, on the other hand I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one! πŸ˜… I’ll read the sequel because I have an ARC, and I hope that at least gets better, otherwise I’ll have to DNFed.

      I hope you have a save and in peaceful month, love ❀️✨

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi, sofi. I just joined the readathon and I even nominated you for real neat blogger award. Your books look tempting and we both re in the same house, HUFFLEPUFF!!! Thanks for such a great idea and good, refreshing posts. ❀✌✌😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you’re going to participate! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you enjoy all your reading! πŸ₯° & thank you SO much for the nomination, I didn’t get any notification sorry! But I’ll go check it out on your blog right now ❀️✨


  7. WordPress has been acting kinda stupid lately and it gets very frustrating sometimes.
    I read 6 books in March (how?) it was a good month, I enjoyed whatever I read and I’m super excited for April!
    There are a lot of books on this list and it’s wonderful how you read entire series in a month, I used to do that but stopped, in trying to get back into the habit again, maybe I should do a challenge like this myself.
    Happy reading πŸ’›

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m glad that you enjoyed most of the books you read this month, Sofi πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’› I’ve read both Skyward and Scythe, so it makes me super happy to know that you weren’t disappointed in their sequels!! I’m especially excited to get to Thunderhead, because Scythe was so close to being a 4-star read for me (I gave it 3 stars), and most people say that Thunderhead is better than Scythe! and I really wanna continue Spensa’s story, but a part of me is hesitant to pick up Starsight so early when the third and fourth books are coming out in 2021 and 2022 πŸ₯Ί I’m scared that the wait will kill me, haha!
    I’m sorry that Wicked Saints was disappointing for you! I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about it, and though I was excited for it before it released, I don’t think I’m going to pick it up anymore :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, sweetie! πŸ₯° Yes, I’m super happy that the sequels were SO amazing! I hope you enjoy both of them once you read them, I would love to know your thoughts. ❀️
      OMG, it’s true! I can’t believe we have to wait that long for Skyward’s next books, I need more of that story right now!! I love Spenza 😩
      I really think that Wicked Saints is a hit or miss for most, for me it was super “meh” and disappointing which makes me feel so sad because I expected a lot from it, so personally I couldn’t recommend it, but if you ever get to read it I hope it works for you and if you don’t read it them you’re not missing much πŸ˜…

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Ahh I’m glad you had a great reading month, Sofi, this is amazing ❀ ❀ I'm really curious about the Scythe series, I hope to get to it sometime and hopefully will love it πŸ™‚
    I hope April will be kind to you ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Uuuh, I love your new header, hun! And the colors! ❀
    I'm so glad that March was actually a good month for you! I feel like most of March wrap ups I've read (including my own) were not so positive. πŸ˜€
    Well done staying true to your TBR! I'm trying to only read books from my TBR this month and so far it's been going well.

    Aaaaah! I need to read Thunderhead asap! But it's not on my "original" April TBR D: what to dooooo?! Lol

    I've been meaning to try Marie Lu books for a long time, and I really love Dystopian settings as well. I think I might give it a go soon. Thank you! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alex, it makes me SO happy that you liked it! 😭❀️ I was thinking of making a post about it but I couldn’t wait πŸ˜‚
      That’s true! I’ve never done so well in March before. I never have too many problems sticking to my TBR, but I know that it can be a challenge for most. πŸ˜„
      If you add Thunderhead to your list I promise not to say anything πŸ˜… it’s SO amazing, I hope you love it once you read it, I can’t wait to know what you think about it!
      YAY!! That makes me so happy, Marie Lu is an AMAZING writer, so I know you’ll love her books, and if you enjoy Dystopian settings then Legend is perfect to start with πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

      Liked by 1 person

  11. You’ve had a great blogging month, despite the WordPress stress. I’m really curious to read Sanderson’s Skyward series. I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve read by him so far. It seems like Wicked Saints is a divisive book. Some people love it and others not so much, I’m curious to read it.
    Have a lovely April. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I hope that if you get to try Skyward, you really enjoy it, is SO amazing, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. 😍 I know, right? Wicked Saints is a hit or miss for most, I hope you love it if you get to read it!
      Thank you, darling, I hope you have a great April too & stay safe ❀️πŸ₯°βœ¨


  12. I totally understand about missing your family. I feel the same way, because I can’t see them either. They live four hours away and their area is far worse with the virus than mine is. Hopefully this gets over soon so things can start going back to normal again. It’s definitely been stressful and difficult for everyone. I’m glad it was an incredible reading month for you though! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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