Discussion Post: Rating Systems | Are They Really Important? 📝

⚡️ Hi guys, I hope you’re having an AMAZING day, full of good readings! 💞 Today I bring you another discussion post! (super excited), It’s something that really makes me happy to have started doing this year and I don’t want to start without thanking you for the support you have given me in my previous posts, it means the world to me. So, I love checking out this type of posts around the blogosphere, so I think it could be fun to start writing them myself and share with you so we can all talk about different topics related to the literary world, books & bloggingIn the past I’ve felt kind of insecure about doing this because English isn’t my first language and something in my mind was afraid that my concepts wouldn’t be understood correctly, you know? But you know what? I stop being afraid this 2020 and I’m really encouraging and daring to new things, I also feel much more confident with my writing and I know that you’ll understand me, so it really shouldn’t be a problem. 🥰

Today I come back with a slightly lighter discussion perhaps than my previous ones, we’ll talk and focus on Rating Systems, how important this is for our reviews or when rating our readings and what meaning they have for me personally. I think it’s interesting to be able to talk a little about this topic, I think it’s not very touched so I am dying to know your opinion about it. We’ll gradually see each point that I think is important or interesting to discuss on this topic and then we’ll be able to chat in the comments, which is always a blessing! ❤️ 
If you want to check more of my discussion posts I have 2 others because I’ve just started doing it, so I’m very excited… if you have the opportunity to check them out t would mean a lot to me: The first is all about Book Reviews & the second is all about The Meaning of being an International Book Blogger.
I LOVE you, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, for the support 😊, I don’t want to stop saying it, I feel honored to you to be in my life and that you allow me to be in a piece of yours. So without further ado, let’s get started! & I hope you enjoy it ⚡️


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For me Rating Systems are super important, maybe I put a lot of weight on a couple of stars and numbers lol, but for me, they not only have the responsibility to transmit with just one view what I felt for the book but it’s also a great reminder for myself of what I felt for that book. When some time goes by and I don’t exactly remember what the book was about, I can read my reviews, of course, but for some reason, my rating always takes me to that moment and helps me a lot to remember my feelings for the book. Besides being important to me personally, because I enjoy using them, I really like to see other types of ratings around the blogosphere in other book blogs, I love checking book reviews on other blogs, which I talk about a bit on my post about reviews, and sometimes I don’t have ALL the time I wish I have to read the whole review, so seeing the rating makes me know what to expect, you know? Somehow it prepares you for what you’re going to read and I can also feel better the feels of the readers while I read their reviews, I know it sounds a bit complicated to talk about ratings, but it has a great meaning for me and I really like to see them used.
I LOVE when other bloggers get creative, I personally use a star system, I’ll talk more about that below, but there are other people who choose to use another type of system, and I find it super cute, I’ve seen from tardis to cakes, also from princesses to coffees … I just fall in love every time I see a new style, it’s so aesthetic and beautiful to see, also you can see the work and dedication put into what they do and I really appreciate it and find it very beautiful and original.
So in summary, YES, I LOVE having a rating system and also see other systems on other blogs, I think it’s a very useful tool.

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As I said before, I use a star rating system, I know, nothing too fancy, but I like it a lot. I thought about changing it and maybe doing something with feathers more fun for a while, but then I always return to my stars and the truth is that I feel quite comfortable with them, they’re familiar to me, so they’re staying for now.


1 Estrellas

1.5 Estrellas

2 Estrellas

2.5 Estrellas

3 Estrellas

3.5 Estrellas

4 Estrellas

4.5 Estrellas

5 Estrellas


Oh, look at that! It looks like a Christmas tree lol, I wanted to put it here for you to see my simple but effective rating system, you probably have seen it if you ever checked my reviews, but here you have a complete panorama. I found the stars on Freepink and I loved it, it was just one of the images and then I edited it with Adobe Illustrator and that’s it. I’m not an expert editor, much less a graphic designer, so doing this was already an achievement for me *clapping myself*.
So, you can see I use half stars and I do this just because it feels so good in my head, and there’s no way I can explain this perfectly, but you know… when you really like a book for example, and you know it’s SO good but not enough to be 5 stars and you feel 4 stars is too little? well, there’s when the wonderful 4.5 stars come to save me. I adore the half stars, they’re very useful for me and they help me a lot to express my ideas about a book better, so without a doubt, they’re indispensable in my rating.
Sometimes I get a little desperate that Goodreads doesn’t have this option yet because I always feel like I have to make a decision that makes me feel uncomfortable, you know? In my heart and mind, it feels right to put the full 5 stars if a book is 4.5 for me on Goodreads. I understand and respect that some people prefer to put 4 stars and then clarify that it’s a 4.5, in fact, I have seen that this is more common to do, but personally, I can’t because I feel that I would be giving an imaginary half star, you know? LOL, so I prefer to up my ratings. Even so, I would love to have the half stars, would help me a lot and would make my life easier.

So, you may wonder how it really works for me, well I tend to be quite demanding with my readings that’s why I hardly ever give 5 stars. I already told you how I use half stars, I’ll ignore that and I’ll show you in a simpler way what each number means to me from 1 to 5 stars, also I always have it as a separate page where everyone can check it out HERE.

DNF– I’m not interested enough to finish it (I don’t give a book a rating if I don’t finish it)

⭐️ – *Bad*: I didn’t like the book at all and I wouldn’t recommend it
2 ⭐️⭐️ – *Meh Read*: The book has some good point, but even so I didn’t like it or it wasn’t for me and I wouldn’t recommend it
3⭐️⭐️⭐️ – *Good* I think it was a good book, I liked some aspects of it and I would probably recommend it
4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- *REALLY Good*- I really LOVE this book and of course, I would recommend it
5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-*EXCELLENT* – I rarely give 5⭐️, and if I do, I just LOVE the book, it’s PERFECT for me, you have to stop everything you’re doing and run to read it


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Even when they’re important to me and I enjoy using a rating system, I don’t think it is SO important for the community as such, no more than the words themselves and I say this because I’ve seen bloggers remove this resource entirely from their reviews or even change it for simpler things, like recommending the book or not just in words, and I could see that it’s perfectly possible to talk about a book and give your opinion clearly without the need for a rating. A while ago I asked on Twitter about whether people had a DNF shelf on Goodreads and then we all have a super interesting debate about it and one of you told me that had stopped using rating in general, that using them stress her, and she felt super comfortable now, which seemed great to me because we always go back to the first rule: which is to do what feels good for ourselves, right? If it feels good, it’s probably the right thing to do, and I have a new perspective on it now.

I talked a little about DNFing in that tweet, so I would love to know your opinion about it too since we’re talking about ratings, Do you classify your books if you don’t finish them? Do you have a separate shelf for them? Do you give them a rating or review? I want to know EVERYTHING!!
Personally, I have a separate shelf where I put them, but I don’t classify them as read if I don’t finish it because it just doesn’t feel right to me. Then I give it a review, explaining why I didn’t finish it and what are my thoughts in general, but no rating.

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To conclude, I think that I don’t have much more to add, but I would like to remind you that rating systems are so diverse and can be as unique as you want it to be, the important thing, in the end, is that it feels right to use it, that it has some kind of meaning for you and that isn’t a pressure factor. If this is not something which you feel comfortable with, I understand it 100% and I’ve seen that it’s absolutely possible to have a clear and safe opinion of anything without the need to use any type of rating system. On the other hand, there are as many variables as I have already told you before, I’ve had the pleasure of coming across hundreds of different ways of rating even when they’re not the most conventional, they’re super interesting and entertaining to see. Express yourself in the way you like best, be creative and feel good while doing it, that’s the most important thing!
If you decide to use a rating system because you think it’s fun but you don’t really give it much importance, then it’s super valid too!
I think that in the end rating systems, or the lack of them, are factors as diverse as the opinions of people writing reviews and reading books.

Credits for the source of the original image HERE
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Thank you SO much in advance for reading this and I hope you liked it & thank you, as well, for all the support and love! ❤️

🌿 Now, is the time to Chat!: What do you think about Rating Systems in general?| If you use one, What type do you use? | Are you demanding with your rating? | Do you use half stars? & What do you do when DNFed a book? 🌿

Feel free to leave your comment below, I always love to know what you think

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57 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Rating Systems | Are They Really Important? 📝

    • Thank you SO much, Lucy! ❤️ you’re right, it all depends on the reader & OMG same on the 5 stars, I almost never give them unless the book is completely perfect for me and makes me feel all the feelings, so I also use 4.5 stars a lot, which is also an incredible rating, of course 😍✨

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is such a great post Sofii. Ratings are very important for me too and I love my half stars. But I’m actually not consistent on Goodreads. Some of my 4.5s get downgraded to 4 and others get upped to 5 on GR, and it’s totally based on my feelings that I can’t even articulate. I guess anyone looking for consistency shouldn’t go for it on my GR 😂😂😂
    I actually never used to add DNF books on my shelves before but I just created a separate one this year and only adding those books to it which I might wanna revisit again.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m SO glad you liked the post, honey 💞 & YAY! half-stars are super necessary sometimes.😄 Oh, I fully understand what you mean, I think Goodreads needs to add the half-stars this year to make life easier for us. I hope your DNF bookshelf works, I think it gives you some organization and it will be easier to remember a title if you want to give it another chance 🥰✨

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this post, Sofii 😁!
    I definitely agree that rating systems are helpful for all of the reasons you mentioned. It’s true that they’re not as important as the words in a review and can’t always summarize the complete feeling of a book. (Every time I have to rate a book with whole stars on Goodreads because there aren’t fractioned stars, I can feel something in me break 😂.) But overall, they’re usually a great, quick way to assess if a reviewer likes a book. It’s really fun when people get creative with their rating system, but I personally just use stars like you hahaha 😅. Also, I completely get how you don’t rate books five stars! Five stars are reserved for books that made me cry and deserve a VIP spot on my shelves 😅.
    Awesome discussion, Sofii! Your writing is always so clear and direct, at least to me haha, so don’t worry about your thoughts not coming across 😄.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m SO glad you like it, beautiful!😊 OMG, I feel that same when I have to choose whether to put 4 or 5 stars 😂.
      Absolutely! I think they’re a great quick and visual summary of everything you’ve felt reading it & I’m so glad you feel me about the 5 stars! I think exactly like you 👏🏻
      Aw, Belle you’re the most wonderful, thank you SO much for your words, it means so much to me! 😭❤️
      I hope you have an amazing day 🥰

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  3. I really wish Goodreads had half stars, it would make life so much easier. I feel like I often rate books fairly instinctively, which is why I put my rating system up on my blog. It can lead to confusion when discussing books with friends, I admit, when our rating systems are different.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES!!! I hope this year half-stars are finally something that we can use in Goodreads.😍
      I absolutely understand what you mean, I do the same, it’s like to give a rating that it feels good for you, right? and then, the general explanation can come with the words, of course 🥰✨


  4. Great discussion Sofii! 🙂
    I agree with you, I love all the different rating systems people use. It’s all so very fun and clever!
    I don’t use a rating system on my blog, I do rate books on Goodreads, but I’m always having trouble what I should rate things that I didn’t bother bringing the system to my blog. I’ve thought about it, but in the end I just leave my review. I like your rating system, it’s clear and concise! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, love! ❤️ I know, right? people are so creative with those little details, I love it!
      I love that you share that with me, because I think that in addition to being super valid it could inspire someone to do the same, instead of feeling the pressure of having to put a rating because everybody does, you know? so I love that that’s your way 🥰✨

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love the rating systems. I think they are needed for two reasons above all else:

    1. Numbers are a universal language. You mentioned how English isn’t your first language (not that you could tell, you write beautifully) yet, no matter a person’s level of reading in any language, 5 out 5 always means the same 🙂

    2. Nice, quick way to glance at something and decide if its worth more of a deeper look.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I love the idea of a half star, but when i get to goodreads to add my two cents then its the same problem of what side of the star does it lean towards? That why Io am just going to stick with the full stars for now.

    Love the topic discussion tho!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Great post, Sofii! Made me think about my own rating system. I find ratings useful and I definitely use half-stars, but when I rate I also like to clarify how much “my thing” a certain book is. So for example I give a lot of leeway for books with the enemies-to-lovers trope since it’s my absolute fave, but I can be harsher on books using a single-parent trope because I don’t really like reading it in the first place. Like you I also very rarely give out 5 stars—I reserve that for books that I just can’t stop highlighting passages from. 🙂 again, great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m SO glad you liked it!! 🥰
      I totally understand your point, and I think it’s a very good idea to clarify those kinds of things knowing that we all have different tastes, it’s like 3 stars, which has a unique meaning for each one of us. 😊
      YAY!! I’m SO glad you feel me about the 5 stars, for me it has to be a very special book and loves it with every part of my soul 😍✨


  8. We have the same rating style and Goodreads rating is very frustrating and confusing. My most books are 4.5 as I am very choosy when giving 5 stars. Very rare books get 5 stars from me. So this is very hard for me to handle 😭😭😭.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. This is a phenomenal post and it really reflects what I think about the rating system as well. I love rating books too because when I am thinking about recommending something to someone i go for books that are 5 star reads and even when I don’t remember much about them I know I loved them enough to give them a 5 star rating.
    recently I have gotten into the CAWPILE system by G over at Book Roast and it is helping me more precise with my ratings.
    I love looking at those creative ways of rating a book and personally I wanna do something like that too but I am not a designer and I know I will suck at so so I have stuck to stars.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much, honey! I’m glad you like it ❤️ & it’s great that you enjoy giving ratings. Same! when recommending books it’s easier to check the rating to see if you liked it or not, sometimes it’s difficult to remember every detail.Oh, I’m glad you’re trying a new rating system, don’t think you need to be amazing in design in order to achieve something nice and different, so don’t be discouraged! I hope that at some point you’ll be encouraged to try 🥰✨👏🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Our star systems are almost the same!!! I give a lot of 3 stars to books I enjoyed! And people keep saying “you didn’t like the book?” And it wasn’t until recently I learned people think 3 stars are bad????

    I would love to get more creative and do a rating system that is YES I LIKED IT YES I LOVED IT or I DIDNT LIKE IT and maybe that would bring more clarity!

    This was such a lovely post!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m SO glad that we agree!! I know, right? I think exactly the same, 3 stars are usually good books for me and even when I don’t love them, I could enjoy various aspects of it, so I understand what you mean 😅
      Oh, yes, or maybe add a little “clarification” below the rating.🤔
      I’m happy you liked it, thank youu! I hope you have a beautiful day ❤️✨


  11. Great discussion, Sofii. I agree about half stars, they are so important because I often have books that are, for example, too good to be three stars but not quite enough to have a four star rating.

    Happy reading!

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  12. I love ratings because they are a quick and easy way to see what someone feels about a book. I personally use teacups as my ratings. I use cut in half teacups to represent .5 ratings. I used to give DNFS a one star rating because the book couldn’t keep my attention but lately I haven’t and have just been adding them to a different bookshelf.

    I love your discussion posts and hope you keep doing them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m agree with you!! ❤️ & I love to see other rating systems and the one with teacups is one of my favorites, I love that you use them. 😍
      I also use a separate bookshelf and I think it’s a great way to keep those DNF books organized.😊
      Dana, you’re so sweet!! I’m happy that you like my discussions and I’m very excited to continue doing them 🥰🥰🥰🥰


  13. I completely understand all of your points and I love how you have bravely argued for the rating system! I don’t have one (although I do enjoy them) because all of the books on my blog are ones I would recommend. It’s like the “Silverbutton Seal of Approval.” So, for me, its really the WHY I liked it that stands out.

    Still, I do love your stars and trees and you never know – maybe I will change my mind!

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  14. Great discussion post as always, Sofi 🥰💖 I don’t know how you keep choosing topics that I have a lot of thoughts on, hahaha!
    I personally like the rating system, but it does have its flaws, in my opinion! i like them because they give a brief overview of someone’s feelings on a book, because reviews sometimes take too long to read. so in that way, a rating can sort of summarize someone’s feelings on a book! however, I feel like we all use the rating system differently. for someone 3 stars means that they’d recommend the book, but for another, it’s possible that they don’t recommend 3-star books.
    i’m also pretty strict about the way i rate books 😅 if i rated a book 3 stars, there’s still a possibility that i’d recommend it with my whole heart! so it makes me sad to think that some people will just look at my rating and think that i didn’t like the book, because that’s not the case! i also made the decision to stop using half-stars a while ago, and while it has made things a little less complicated, it’s also made things a little harder. there are just some books that fall plainly in the middle for me, and i have such a hard time deciding whether to round up or down! a good example of this is the book We Are Totally Normal, which I gave 2 stars, but is actually a 2.5-star read for me. 😅

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you SO much, beautiful!! ❤️ It makes me so happy that you like them, I really enjoy making them. 🥰
      I totally understand what you mean, 3 stars are always a matter of debate and I think they’re different for each one of us, in my case, 3 stars is a good rating and I recommend it, but I know that there are hundreds of opinions on that and it’s absolutely fine. 😊
      Oh, I get it, honey, I think it’s hard not to use half of the stars, but sometimes it’s hard to use them too, so everything has its pros and cons.😅 The important thing is that right now you feel comfortable with what you use and that’s great! 👏🏻

      P.S: I think I’ll remove We Are Totally Normal from my TBR, I’ve heard terrible things about it 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Another great discussion post, Sofii!

    I like using a rating system and I appreciate the rating systems from others, but I think we also need to take those ratings with a grain of salt at first too. If I’ve followed a blogger or a BookTuber or whatever for a while then I get a sense for their reading tastes and their likes/dislikes when it comes to books. If there is someone who tends to like the same sort of books I do, then their rating and review hold a stronger weight in my mind. Of course if there’s someone who mostly rates books as 3 or 4 star reads and they give a book 5 stars, that gets my attention as well.

    Also, I totally agree that Goodreads needs to allow us half-star ratings for our books. If I rate a book at 4.5 stars then I add it as a 4 star read on Goodreads and then clarify that it is 4.5 stars in the review section. I think it would be such an easy addition to put on the site, to allow us to utilize a half-star rating, but apparently Amazon doesn’t want to do that for us, which is annoying. They apparently do surveys and such every year asking how they can improve the site for our use, and in their reports from those questionnaire/surveys they have mentioned multiple times that people are asking for half-stars and yet they still won’t do anything about it.

    For the DNFing of books, it depends on how much I read before giving up when it comes to giving it a rating. If I read 80% of the book then I feel okay about giving it a rating, but if I only read 30% I feel that would be rude so I just move it over to my DNF shelf. Then again, I do not often DNF books–maybe two or three times a year, maximum.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I absolutely agree with you! and I get what you mean, each rating is super personal! 😊
      OMG, so true! I’ve been waiting for years for Goodreads to decide to implement half-stars, it would make our life SO much easier, I always struggle before putting the rating because I never know whether to put for example 4 or 5 stars to clarify that it’s a 4.5, you know? It sounds silly, but it’s so important at the same time. 😅
      Oh, I understand that I don’t usually DNF neither, but when I do, I write a short review of why and I don’t give it a rating, but I do put it on a separate shelf.
      I love to see how many varied opinions there are about this topic. 🥰✨👏🏻


  16. Great post, Sofii! I use a rating system myself (instead of stars I use blossoms) and it works fairly well but I notice that I don’t always have set standards for each rating. A 4 star for one book might translate to a 3 star for another book, depending on the genre, the author, my expectations, etc. So, in a way, my rating system is arbitrary and at times, I feel like I should completely do away with ratings and simply share my thoughts. But I like seeing ratings on reviews, for books or any kind of product because it helps put some things in perspective. But then again, some reviewers are more lenient or more harsh than other reviewers, so their version of a 2 star may be equal to a 3 star to another and vice versa, you know? In a way, such imbalance makes me think that ratings aren’t as helpful as we believe them to be. I think it all just depends on circumstance. I also feel that star ratings are a bit limited because sometimes a 4.5 just doesn’t feel right, but a 4.75 might lol. Despite all these faults, I still enjoy using a rating systems ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked it! OMG, I LOVE blossoms, I think is an adorable idea ❤️ & I love that you share your point of view with me and I understand 100% what you mean, I think that in general a 3 star, for example, will be super diverse depending on the genre or the context , so I get that. 😊
      Sometimes it can be so complex, because we have so many thoughts and ideas that are difficult to express through ratings, right? I still LOVE them and I can’t stop using them 😅, I still love to discuss this kind of thing because I see perspectives I’ve never thought of before 👏🏻🥰

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  17. To me, ratings are important. Ratings cement a lot of your thoughts and it’s another way to show how you feel about it. Sometimes you can’t tell if the book is a 4 or even a 5 star read just from the review alone. I like to use them because if my feelings are both good and bad, a rating helps me figure out where I stand on it? Great discussion

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  18. This such a lovely post and sorry for the late comment! I think I should go and re -evaluate my rating system….I started two months ago….and I recently only started using rating systems and now I understand why they are so important

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t apologize! I love receiving your comment and I’m SO glad you liked the post! I think it’s a fantastic idea, sometimes re-evaluating your way of giving a rating is super important, but in the end the most important thing is that it feels right for you 🥰✨

      Liked by 1 person

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