TBR Lows & Highs #1 πŸŒ™

Β  πŸŒ™Β  Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of good readings. Super excited cause I decided to start with this new weekly series, which will be focused on helping me clean my Goodreads shelves and also prioritize some readings and organize myself in general. I LOVE this idea, I know that many of you already know it and do it as well, the creator is the incredible Destiny | Howling Libraries |Β πŸ’«Β whom I love as a human being and I respect a lot as a book blogger ❀️, so it’s really a pleasure to start with this new project especially because it’s created by someone who I admire a lot and that makes me very happy, I also really need help to organize my books, So here we go!Β πŸ‘πŸ»Β 
Of course, if you don’t follow Destiny yet, I’ll leave you the link to do it, she’s a super creative and incredible being, so I know you’ll not regret it, she has just opened her YouTube channel (super proud), so it’s the perfect time to meet her and follow her. 😊 


  • Link back to the original post atΒ Howling Libraries
  • Sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added,Β ascending
  • Find 5-10 (or more, if you feel ambitious!) titles to purge from your TBR (the β€œlows”)
    • ALTERNATIVE OPTION: Find 5+ titles that are at the BOTTOM of your TBRβ€”books you want to read someday, just not right now!
  • Post those 5 books in the list, with a brief explanation
  • Next, sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added,Β descending
  • List the last 5 (or more!) books you added to your TBR, with a synopsis or your brief summary of why you added it (the β€œhighs”)

This weekly meme has its rules of course, as you see, but I also wanted to give it my own twist to make it more fun and also fit my needs or what I hope to do with my books and my readings. So I’ve decided that as well as Destiny, I’ll be opening voting every week so that you can participate in the whole process and help me decide which books to prioritize, for this I’ll ask you to vote for one of the books in the “LOWS” section and at not only I’ll be adding it to my priority list, but I’ll also be creating my own TBR Jar with each of your choices!. So, every week the book you choose from my selection will be added to my TBR Jar and then at the end of the month, I’ll choose one of them to read and finally give a real chance to it. I’ll not be removing all my “LOWS”, only some if necessary, maybe one per week or sometimes none, I’ll be super honest about them and I hope you can help me make a decision anything can happen in these posts! LOLΒ πŸ₯°Β 

I hope you like this idea, I think it will be fun, I’ll be cleaning my Goodreads shelves a bit, which is great, but you can also participate in the process and so will have a super interactive experience, so we can all have a little fun ❀️. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for the support always, from the bottom of my heart & LET’S START! Β πŸŒ™

Book Reviews List (4)

πŸŒ™ The Iron King (The Iron Fey #1) by Julie Kagawa || I think I’m more interested now in this series than I was when I added it, which I did first because I love the author, so that’s my big excuse. After reading The Cruel Prince books I’m looking forward to having a little more of that dangerous and mysterious fairy world, so this could work. All the books I have on this shelf are books that make me doubt but I still think I could read it at some point. Maybe I could add it to my series of reading old series, we’ll see

πŸŒ™ Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas || I understand why this series was so popular at the time, because bad-ass killer girl, I get it. But even so, today it makes me very doubtful, I’ve heard people I trust to say that the main character is insufferable so that is a big NO for me. I also feel that I have other books I most interest in, with the same type of plot, so this is very close to going off my TBR for good.

πŸŒ™ Pivot Point (Pivot Point #1) by Kasie West || The promise of this book is a HUGE YES, going throughout potential futures is always something fun for me, every time I read it and remember what it is about, I feel that I’d love to read it, so I really don’t know what it is that prevents me from picking it up. It has been forever on my TBR, it’s quite sad indeed. I’ve heard mixed things, I know you either love the concept or hate it, so that makes me nervous. Another point in favor is that it’s a duology and that sounds very good to me, maybe I could read it for my series too lol, I want to read everything but I have to be realistic, so I’m still not quite sure.

πŸŒ™ Sweet Evil (Sweet #1) by Wendy Higgins || Right now, that I give myself the time to re-read the synopsis honestly I don’t think it’s something that I’ll enjoy, it would have been in a moment, especially when I loved the paranormal urban plots but right now I don’t feel that same desire for this book. I kept it so long in my TBR because a bookuber that I love is always saying how much she loves it, so I wanted to give it a chance for it, but I don’t know. In the next post, I’ll be letting you know which of these I’ll let go, but I’m still interested in knowing your opinion, of course

πŸŒ™ Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer || I read the first chapter of this book a while ago and I thought it sounded quite promising, but I didn’t fall in love with it quickly, I’m not judging the book for the first chapter, but I have to be honest. I don’t know if right now a retelling with sci-fi elements is something that catches me so much. I have my doubts, I know it has super hardcore fans, so don’t kill me, but I’ll make my decision soon. It’s a series with quite large books, so I don’t know if I’ll take the responsibility of starting it, we’ll see.

Book Reviews List (5)

πŸŒ™ You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson || As always, the first thing that captivates me is the cover, it looks like a super fun and light contemporary and I love that so much, is something I enjoy reading from time to time. On the other hand, it’s compared to Becky Albertalli meets Jenny Han, and that’s great because I adore both authors. Plus: Queer characters!

πŸŒ™ Beneath the Haunting Sea (Beneath the Haunting Sea #1) by Joanna Ruth Meyer || You know that I’m not a big fan of plots in the ocean or that sort of thing, but I made an exception with this one because besides that it sounds REALLY good, many bookish friends have recommended it to me and it has really INCREDIBLE reviews. It promises besides being a fantasy that has mythology too and there are gods and a family mystery, I LOVE THAT.

πŸŒ™ Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough || I hear to Lala from BooksandLola talking about this book and I think it sounds FANTASTIC. I’m a big fan of when the mysteries start being ones and the ending is unexpected and it surprises you, so that’s what I expect with this book. I also miss reading mystery/thrillers so this year I’ll be adding several to my TBR

πŸŒ™ The Looking Glass by Janet McNally || This book sounds like everything I love! Its main plot is the disappearance of a girl named Julia and her sister Sylvie feels the need to continue with her legacy, but one day she begins to see signs that could be from her sister, and things begin to get very fantastical from there. I heard Chealse from chelseadolling reads talking about this book, she thinks it’s perfect for those who enjoy strong sibling relationships and hello, here I am, super excited for this book.

πŸŒ™ The Wives by Tarryn Fisher || Everyone’s talking about this book, has just come out, so I still don’t have it in my hands, but I think it sounds very intriguing. It’s about a man who has 3 wives but each wife knows the existence of the other and they have as an arrangement to see him on specific days each one. It sounds weird and this can potentially go wrong in thousands of ways, so I’m excited to find out.

Credits for the source of the original imageΒ HERE

 🌿 Now is YOUR time to decide! Choose one of the books in my “The LOWS” section and I’ll add it to my TBR JAR to give it a chance at some point.
I’ll be making the decision of which books I’ll be letting go of my TBR completely, cause I really need to clean this out, after knowing your opinion and in the next week I’ll let you know 🌿 

Resultado de imagen para blow kiss giphy

I hope this hasn’t been too overwhelming, it’s the first post, so I wanted to give you all the info, this series will be like the original one but I’ll want to give you some of my own version to make sure I organize myself well & I hope you enjoy it, my love ❀️

Let me know EVERYTHING you think in the comments, you know I LOVE to know and talk with you Β πŸ₯°Β 

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35 thoughts on “TBR Lows & Highs #1 πŸŒ™

  1. Beneath the Haunting Sea sounds so good, I can’t believe I’ve never hear it before!

    I love the Iron Fey series so much, it’s the book that introduced me to the fey world and it makes me really nostalgic reading this post! I’m really due for a reread πŸ˜€ Not so sure with ToG and Cinder- I know a lot of people really love the series but they remain unfinished for me… I hope I can get to them this year though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, right? I haven’t heard much about it but it sounds SO unique, I can’t wait to read it 😍
      The Iron Fey sounds super promising to me, I’m SO happy that you have a good memory of it, it always happens that you read a series when you just start reading and then it stays with you in that special place, LOVE that πŸ₯°
      Yes, I understand what you mean, I appreciate your opinion so much, it helps me a lot to make my decision ❀️


  2. Hi Sofi,
    this post was very cute. I initially was really confused by it, but now I have understood that it’s a very simple concept, it’s more difficult to explain it than to write it.
    I haven’t read any of your “Lows”, but I really want to suggest you something. Let me think, I’ll go by process of elimination. I don’t like Julie Kagawas’s writing stile, I read “Talon” and that’s enough for me; I also don’t like Sarah J. Maas’s writing style, only having read a few chapters of “A Cour of Thorns and Roses”; I don’t know “Sweet Evil”, so I’ll also exclude that. Finally “Cinder” and “Pivot Point” are both on my Tbr too and they have been there for so long that I’m not interested in neither of them any more, but maybe I’ll go with “Pivot Point”, that’s my choice. If you end up linking it, I’m going to read it right away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Marta, thanks for this amazing comment. I was scared of not being able to make myself understood, so I’m glad it was fine.❀️ And I LOVE your idea to choose one, super original! To be honest with you I don’t think I eliminate Pivot Point, so I’m super glad you pick that one 😊


    • I LOVE Julie too, so I don’t think it’s a book that I deleted from my TBR yet, I really want to give it a chance & I still have my doubts about TOG, I think I’ll think about it a little, I know that many people love it but I’m not sure it will be for me, you know? 😊


  3. I’m going to vote Throne of Glass, because that one was great…can’t really say the same for some of the later books in the series though, but book 1 was definitely worth it πŸ˜€ IIRC, Sweet Evil was pretty terrible, though to be fair its main focus is the romance, so everything else (characters, setting, a LOGICAL PLOT) sort of gets thrown out the window.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Honey, thank you SO much for your vote! 😊 I knew it would be one of the most popular, so if I read it I hope to enjoy it! & nobody mentioned or I speak very well about Sweet Evil, so I think it will be time for it to go, I must start cleaning my TBR, for real lol. Again, thanks for your opinion, it’s very helpful ❀️


  4. Ah hard first choice! I really enjoyed The Iron King, Cinder and Throne Of Glass so could make arguments for all of them πŸ˜… I guess if I have to pick one then maybe The Iron King as you’ve already loved another series by the author plus it’s a great time to start the series as theres a new book of some kind next year. Id really recommend keeping all three on your TBR though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Charlotte, thank you SO much for your incredible comment, it’s really helpful to make my decision & it makes me happy that you choose The Iron King because I adore the author, so I have expectations for that book, I hope that if I get to read it, I’ll enjoy it as much as you did! πŸ₯°

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww thank you ❀ I have really high hopes for the books I still need to read by that author. And I hope that you end up enjoying it as much as me if you get around to it too.


    • Thank you SO much for your vote Rebecca!❀️ I adore the author, so I’m excited to read her older works, I think it would be interesting & without a doubt, I agree with you, once you get involved with the fairies it gets really addictive πŸ˜…


  5. I love this post idea! One of my goals for this year is to clean up my Goodreads shelves and my bookshelves at home of books that I probably will never get to. I’ve read Throne of Glass and Cinder, but wasn’t a huge fan. So I will vote for Pivot Point, because that’s on my TBR as well (LOL) and I’ve read books by Kasie West and enjoyed them.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is an awesome idea too! I can’t say much for the highs, since I haven’t read any of them, but for the lows, I’m thinking Throne of Glass. But I’ll be honest. I don’t like the first book. It didn’t ring true of the badass assassin theme it was trying to give me. But the second book is far better and I’ll be diving into the third book soon. So far, I can see it getting better from here. The only drawback is Maas’s writing, which is not fantastic. So, with that in mind, I tentatively recommend TOG. But as backup, I also say The Iron King, though it’s not as dark or mature as Holly Black’s fae!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m SO glad you like the idea, honey! πŸ₯° And thank you SO SO much for this incredible comment, it really helps me a lot to know your thoughts on these books, I’ve had them for too long on my shelves, so it’s time to make a decision.
      It’s good to know that the first book of Throne of Glass isn’t as solid as its sequel, if I read it, I’ll keep that in mind, I get perfectly your point about the writing as well & The Iron King received many more votes than I thought it would, so that’s waking up, even more, my curiosity for it. 😊
      I hope you have an incredible month ❀️

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I absolutely love this idea! and I hope this way you’ll find some books that will surprise you in a good way.
    From your lows, I’d say give a try to Throne of Glass. I’m not a huge SJM fan but I loved this series. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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