Top 5 || My Most Anticipated Books of 2020 📖💫

💫 Hi, guys! I hope you’re having a beautiful day, full of good readings!❤️ I was thinking a lot this last week and I realized that I hadn’t yet shared with you my most anticipated books of next year, so I had to fix that. Even so, instead of making a list of 10 or more books, I’ve reduce my list a lot to my top 5 most anticipated books of 2020. 👏🏻 I’ve decided to do this because I know that as the year progresses I’ll have my “new monthly releases” posts and more thousands of other books that I’ll find out about, and I’ll end up adding too many books to my TBR that I’ll not read later, that’s why I decided to keep my list small and manageable, and then once the year has come I’ll know that these are the books that I want to focus on or that I want to give priority to, so this in addition to being a list of my most anticipated will also be a sort of TBR for the year, because I’m completely sure that I’ll read each one of them in 2020. 🥰 
I feel super comfortable doing this kind of small list, so I hope that all this makes sense to you and that you enjoy the posts, I also hope you find in my list a book that’s of your interest. 🌷  Now, without further ado let’s start, my loves 💫

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Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1) by Rin Chupeco

 March 3rd, 2020 by Sourcebooks Fire


Tala Warnock has little use for magic – as a descendant of Maria Makiling, the legendary Filipina heroine, she negates spells, often by accident. But her family’s old ties to the country of Avalon (frozen, bespelled, and unreachable for almost 12 years) soon finds them guarding its last prince from those who would use his kingdom’s magic for insidious ends.

And with the rise of dangerous spelltech in the Royal States of America; the appearance of the firebird, Avalon’s deadliest weapon, at her doorstep; and the re-emergence of the Snow Queen, powerful but long thought dead, who wants nothing more than to take the firebird’s magic for her own – Tala’s life is about to get even more complicated

Goodreads || Book Depository

Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1) by Rin Chupeco (1)

April 28th, 2020 by Disney-Hyperion

40205399. sy475

An epic tale of revenge and redemption in a world where a memory thief must fight against terrifying monarchs bent on the destruction of her people.

When the royal family of Puerto Leones sets out to destroy magic through a grand and terrible inquisition, spy and memory-thief Renata seeks to kill the prince, leader of the King’s Justice, who plans to use a terrible new weapon to wipe out the magic of the Moria…

For fans who enjoyed the ferocity of Ember in the Ashes, INCENDIARY explores the double-edged sword of memory and the triumph of hope and love in the midst of fear and oppression. 

Goodreads || Book Depository

Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1) by Rin Chupeco (2)

 June 23rd, 2020 by Page Street Kids

45554589. sy475

Danger lurks within the roots of Forest of Souls, an epic, unrelenting tale of destiny and sisterhood, perfect for fans of Naomi Novik and Susan Dennard.

Sirscha Ashwyn comes from nothing, but she’s intent on becoming something. After years of training to become the queen’s next royal spy, her plans are derailed when shamans attack and kill her best friend Saengo.

And then Sirscha, somehow, restores Saengo to life.

Unveiled as the first soulguide in living memory, Sirscha is summoned to the domain of the Spider King. For centuries, he has used his influence over the Dead Wood—an ancient forest possessed by souls—to enforce peace between the kingdoms. Now, with the trees growing wild and untamed, only a soulguide can restrain them. As war looms, Sirscha must master her newly awakened abilities before the trees shatter the brittle peace, or worse, claim Saengo, the friend she would die for.

Goodreads || Book Depository

Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1) by Rin Chupeco (3)

February 4th, 2020 by Wednesday Books


When “Perfect” Parker Fadley starts drinking at school and failing her classes, all of St. Peter’s High goes on alert. How has the cheerleading captain, girlfriend of the most popular guy in school, consummate teacher’s pet, and future valedictorian fallen so far from grace?

Parker doesn’t want to talk about it. She’d just like to be left alone, to disappear, to be ignored. But her parents have placed her on suicide watch and her conselors are demanding the truth. Worse, there’s a nice guy falling in love with her and he’s making her feel things again when she’d really rather not be feeling anything at all.

Nobody would have guessed she’d turn out like this. But nobody knows the truth.

Something horrible has happened, and it just might be her fault.

Goodreads || Book Depository

Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic #1) by Rin Chupeco (4)

July 7th, 2020 by Delacorte Press

47361132. sy475

From the author of the New York Times bestseller Wilder Girls comes a new twisty thriller about a girl whose past has always been a mystery–until she decides to return to her mother’s hometown . . . where history has a tendency to repeat itself.

Ever since Margot was born, it’s been just her and her mother. No answers to Margot’s questions about what came before. No history to hold on to. No relative to speak of. Just the two of them, stuck in their run-down apartment, struggling to get along.

But that’s not enough for Margot. She wants family. She wants a past. And she just found the key she needs to get it: A photograph, pointing her to a town called Phalene. Pointing her home. Only, when Margot gets there, it’s not what she bargained for.

Margot’s mother left for a reason. But was it to hide her past? Or was it to protect Margot from what’s still there?

The only thing Margot knows for sure is there’s poison in their family tree, and their roots are dug so deeply into Phalene that now that she’s there, she might never escape.

Goodreads || Book Depository

Besides the Goodreads link, that I always add in case you want to add the book to your TBR, this time I’ve also added a link to Book Depositoryin case you want to pre-order the book there. In that case, I want you to know that as an affiliate, I’ll receive a small percentage of your purchase and it would be REALLY helpful to me, to buy more books, and keep sharing with you ❤️

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I hope you enjoyed it, it was really hard to choose only 5 but I think these ones represent my personal reading tastes quite well and I’m dying to read them, now I’d LOVE to know all your thoughts in the comments below! 🥰 

 🌿 Are you excited about any of these books, as well? | What are your most anticipated books of 2020? 🌿

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43 thoughts on “Top 5 || My Most Anticipated Books of 2020 📖💫

    • In fact, it’s a release with a new cover, the book originally came out in 2008, but as soon as I saw the new cover I fell in love, and now I know I have to read it 😍
      Same about Forest of Souls!!, I couldn’t resist that cover 💞


    • In fact, the book was originally released in 2008, but it will be released again with a new cover and I fell in love! 😍
      I know!! It was very difficult, but in this way, I feel less stressed about it, there are still many more books that I want to read, but I’ll try to focus on these ones and so I’ll try not to go crazy 😂


  1. Nice list! I’m also looking forward to Rory Power’s next release, but I didn’t know Courtney Summers had a 2020 book coming! Thanks for putting it on my radar, I really liked Sadie. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked the list, honey! 💞 I can’t wait for the next book by Rory Power, I’m so curious about it! & In fact, Courtney Summers’ book was originally released in 2008 but they’re launching it again with a new cover, and I just couldn’t resist, I also loved Sadie, so it’s the perfect excuse to read it 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve had Incendiary on my TBR for FAR too long – it needs to arrive in my hands, stat. Hopefully we both love it!
    I was unaware that a new edition of Cracked Up to Be was being released – I rather enjoyed that one (I think I read it a year or so ago?) but I actually haven’t read Sadie yet. I’m really hoping to love Sadie, what with all the hype.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG, super excited about Incendiary, I think it will be unique and also looks so beautiful, that cover is perfect 😍
      I love Sadie SO MUCH, it’s a heartbreaking book but it’s SO worth it, so I hope you enjoy it once you read it, I can’t wait to read Cracked Up to Be, even more so now that they came out with this new edition, so beautiful 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I want to read all of these too. I actually already have Cracked Up To Be along with another of the authors books as a sort of double book, I just need to hurry up and read it! Other books that I’m super excited for are A Song If Wraiths And Ruins, Addie La Rue, Kingdom Of Back and Kerri Manscalco’s new series. Plus way too many others. 2020 has some truly amazing sounding books coming out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Super excited to know what you think about Cracked Up To Be once you read it! when I saw that they came out with this new edition so beautiful, I knew I had to finally read it 😍
      OMG, SO MANY incredible titles, 2020 is undoubtedly a great year of releases 👏🏻

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll let you know what I think of it (: I can’t believe I haven’t got around to reading it yet. I’m interested in finding out what you think of it too. And I agree, it is a beautiful edition of it.
        Definitely ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

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