3 Years Bloggiversary || Top 5 Blogging Tips & Hosting a Twitter Giveaway πŸŽŠ

Β πŸ’«Β Hi, guys! I hope you’re having the best day & you’re especially enjoying your readings❀️. This post is SO special to me, my beloved blog has torn out 3 years old this past November 14 and OMG, it’s still crazy to think that so much time has passed, time really flies when you’re doing something you love, right?. I never know very well how to start this type of posts because I’m always sitting here full of emotions that I cannot explain very well with words, you know? but basically and as you already know cause I make sure to tell you this every day, I’m eternally grateful to each one of you for supporting my blog every day and accompanying me on this beautiful journey full of learning and wonderful readings.Β πŸ₯°Β 
I honestly feel blessed for being part of the book community, it’s one of the most friendly and wonderful places to be part of. I know that sometimes things happen but it’s like in every family and then we’re already well and for the most part, the energy in the community, in general, is a lot of support and about mutual love. Something that I’ll always love of being part of, is the fact that I discovered hundreds of wonderful people who give love, support, and advice without expecting anything in return and that’s absolutely extraordinary.Β πŸ’žΒ 

I don’t want to make this post something endless because you know that I get very excited at n this type of situation, so I wanted to do it because I would like to talk a little with you and give you a top 5 with my personal advice about book blogging. I’m not an expert, much less, I just have a lot of desire to share with you things that have worked for me and that keeps me motivated to continue on this beautiful journey even in the most difficult moments 😊, I think they could be of help to you right now, so without further ado let’s start!Β πŸ’«

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Synopsis (12)

Β 1- Ask Yourself and Keep in mind, Why you Started Blogging?

Maybe this one seems kind of obvious, but there are moments in the life of every book blogger or blogger in general, where we began to lose that spark of joy or inspiration that we had at first or we just don’t see that our blog is going where we want and those moments, although brief, they can make you feel lost. So it’s there when it’s of the utmost importance that you wonder why you started blogging in the first place? Maybe it was something that inspired you, a video, an idea or a person… come back to it and feel inspired again. Maybe you started because you wanted and desired to share your ideas and your passion for something with the rest of the world or maybe simply because you needed this little place to deposit your ideas and reflect until you find those people who feel and think like you to be able to make a connection. It could be ANYTHING, but sit a minute with yourself and meditate …. ask yourself: Why did I start? What did I lose along the way? and go back to the source that inspired you first. You’ll see how that renews your energy to continue doing what you love or maybe it’s no longer something you need in your life and it’s OKAY to admit that. We must always keep in mind that what we’re doing feels good inside. Search inside you and I’m sure you’ll know exactly what to do next. And maybe new ideas flow to you!

2- Find Your Own Inner Voice

When I started blogging I had this little idea in my head that I should sound, express and write like the people I followed, other book bloggers or some booktubers that I still love. All of them absolutely original people, I admired them, so obviously I thought that doing the same thing they do, I would get recognition with my blog and my works. HUGE mistake and it was something that in fact, I understood very soon, because when you write something that you know doesn’t feel really like yourself, you begin to understand that you don’t know who you are as a blogger and you feel fake, even when your intention is honorable and honest, when you build about an idea that’s not yours everything starts to be 1000 times more difficult. I realized that I should write and build my reviews in the way I felt comfortable with, and from that little realization inside me, EVERYTHING changed. I started to write, and it was a complete disaster, but it was MY OWN DISASTER, and I was showing all this mess to the world like nobody but myself and although I still have a lot to learn, I can say that I’m proud of how much I’ve learned and grown as a book blogger.
It’s perfectly normal to feel lost when you just started and it’s good to have a role model, but don’t get lost in the process, you have to understand that your blog will be successful and you’ll be proud of it when you see it and it’s 100% you. It’s so simple but so complex and magical at the same time.
This will also greatly increase your connection with your readers because as a reader of blogs myself, I’m very aware of the style of each of the people I love to read, you know? and that makes me love them even more because they express themselves with their true selves and speak from the inside, it’s really incredible the things you can achieve if you do it from what you believe.

3- Compete With/Against Yourself

There are thousands and thousands of amazing book bloggers out there, and I’m sure we’ve seen one of them and we thought “Why does mine not look like that?” or “I would never achieve this with my own blog” and I have something to tell you about this: STOP!! By doing this you’re not only filling yourself with negativity and toxic thoughts, but you’re also limiting yourself. You’re capable of amazing things with your blog, I’m 100% sure of it, you just may not believe enough in yourself and your abilities, but believe me, we all have the power to make of our blogs something special, that people will want to read, share and comment.
One thing that cost me a lot to understand, but that I managed to master, is the art of competing against myself, and I speak of competition in the best possible way. We tend to want to compete with other blogs and compare ourselves a lot, which is really unhealthy and it could even make you want to quit because surely you’ve thought that you cannot do something or become something with your project. So, how do we compete with/against ourselves? well, my advice is that you focus only on your content, if one day you upload a post and you’re very proud of it, it’s wonderful, but don’t stop there, continue creating, continue thinking ways to make it even more unique, more yours and more original, and every time you’re writing, assure yourself that it will be better than your previous work. Always try to be better than the day before, try to be better than you were yesterday, you get me? Your biggest competition is yourself and your negative thoughts that tell you that you can’t achieve things with your blog, you know what? IT’S SUCH A LIE. You’re capable and deserve each of those “likes” and each of those “comments”. Are you enjoying your experience by blogging?, well… try to enjoy it, even more, share your work with the world and try new things without fear.
You can always be better, you’re unique and you must keep in mind that we’ll never be like someone else, because what we should aspire to, is to be the best version of ourselves as a book blogger and learn from our mistakes to create wonderful things.

4- Learn to Plan

OMG, I used to be so bad at this, but I learned, so I want to share it with you. I used to sit the day I had to post something and just wait for the idea to come to me and then write. This is highly dangerous because sometimes no idea will come to me at that precise moment and I felt very stressed about it. I learned that I should plan my posts better, this doesn’t mean that I have a ton of Schedule posts, in fact, I have some, but I don’t usually do that in a long period of time because it just doesn’t work for me, but I may be having a notebook with you all time or maybe on your own phone like a place to deposit every idea that comes to you relate to the blog, that will be AMAZING. Because sometimes, personally, ideas come to me and if I don’t write them down I end up forgetting them and then I feel so sad, besides the ideas can come at any time even when you run or bathe, so it’s okay to have something on hand to write down for later and when you sit down developing it better. It can even be a word, you don’t have to have a complete idea about what you want to write in order to make it work, with a word that you start your post can all start to flow much better.
Right now I decided to write on weekends for the whole week, so I’m relaxed later to read and use my time a little better.
I’m not saying that you should be super structured and plan everything, in fact, I’m not that kind of blogger because I tend to change a lot of opinion or I have an idea and then I give it a thousand turns to make it a little more fun, so I just say… write down and be creative later, so in this way you’ll be relaxing at the time of sitting down to create your post

5 Be Grateful ALWAYS

If you’ve been blogging for a while, even a few months or even some years, then you’ll have that wonderful group of people who support you and are there for you always in each post, commenting and giving likes, maybe 5 people or 5000, that doesn’t matter, my point here is that you need to be grateful for each one of those people who come to your blog and appreciate your content. This seems so obvious, right? but believe me I’ve seen really unrespectful and even rude people with their own readers for the simple fact of expressing another idea, and that’s not right at all. You cannot expect to connect with anyone or have hundreds of millions of followers if you’re not respectful and friendly with each of the ones you already have. Maybe this sounds so silly, but every time I see a comment I get that little joy in my belly because I know that someone has taken his/her time to write something about my post or even give me some nice words and that’s so magical, don’t underestimate that. Appreciate each one of those wonderful people who come to you through your content and take advantage of the situation to create bonds and maybe meet other amazing bloggers.
Be thankful every time, because we hope to have thousands and thousands of people loving our blog, but if we don’t know how to appreciate those 5 people who are always there, then you’ll never be able to appreciate even a million or no even have them.
Support other bloggers too, I know that life is crazy and we don’t have much time, I understand that, but maybe you can support a couple of bloggers at day, maybe with a comment or sharing their content, you guys, you don’t know how much that can change someone’s day and supporting each other is completely free and feels INCREDIBLE, so don’t miss the opportunity

 🎊 I’m Hosting a Book Giveaway on Twitter!!! 🎊 

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Obviously, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make a book giveaway to celebrate my three years with the blog, it’s something super exciting and significant for me so I hope you can participate. I want to see you there celebrating with me so I leave the link HERE if you’re interested. I would love to buy thousands of books for everyone but I’m not a millionaire yet, (someday lol) so I’ll be giving away just one book of your choice for the value of $15 from Book Depository.  🌟 
I LOVE you, you know that, so I wish all the luck Β πŸ’•

I hope you enjoyed the post, I really mean a lot to me to share this with you, so I hope it helps and also, I would love to know your opinion! ❀️

I love you, thanks for all the support, I promise that I’ll only continue trying to be better every day with the blog for you & see you next time, very soon πŸ₯°

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75 thoughts on “3 Years Bloggiversary || Top 5 Blogging Tips & Hosting a Twitter Giveaway πŸŽŠ

  1. Happy Bloggiversary Sofi!!!πŸ’œ
    I really liked your tips, I feel some more than others, for example number 3. I’m not good at designing my blog graphics, i hate doing that and i usually get so stressed when I try to understand something connected to it, that i hate it even more. Now i only use my own photos, a little Unsplashed and mostly Canva and i feel great, because i use things I know and that look pretty good. I know my background is very simple, but i don’t want to stress myself out, so I don’t mind it and simply feel happy whenever i post something I love.
    For advice number 4, i actually plan really little, I go with my mood, as i do for reading and it works for me. If no idea comes to my mind i don’t write anything and try to get along with it. i like being lead by inspiration, doing things in advance bores me. I only do that for reviews, becuse they take me soo long.
    Finally I really like the last one. Sometimes i feel so sad thinking about my subscribers, because i have so little and they comment very rarely. But I am grateful for them, i would simply love more interaction, but don’t know what to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Martha, I’m so happy that you liked the tips, I was a little nervous to write them, I hope it was well understood & thank you SO much!!! ❀️
      I LOVE simple and clean blog designs, I think they look organized and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with, it makes me happy that you’ve found your style, that’s wonderful 😊
      I admire that you flow so well with your humor when doing your pots, I think it’s great and if that works for you, I love it! Personally, I’m a little control freak lol, so I have to have this organized to calm my mind, you know? πŸ˜… And finally, I think that valuing and thanking for the subs you have, regardless of the amount, is SO important. I think the best way to create more connections in commenting and interacting a little more in other blogs, I know that sometimes there’s no time, and I get it, but maybe some blogs every week will help you, no doubt, to create a greater connection πŸ₯°
      I hope you’re have a wonderful month ❀️


  2. Happy Bloggiversary, hun! ❀

    These advices are spot on! I'm sure all of us felt like copying other people's styles because we love them so much or they get a lot of attention. And I'm sure many of us struggled with organization, time management, and just every-day blogging routine that comes with running a blog, struggles that we don't really realize exist before we become bloggers.

    I feel like I should print these and put these advices on the wall behind my desk to be constantly reminded to keep working on myself every day. ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO SO much, love!! and TOTALLY! I agree with you and your thoughts, it makes me so happy that you’ve liked the tips, I was a little nervous doing them, but now I know that talking about what I really think is the best way to always show myself. 😊
      Oh, that would be the most adorable thing EVER, thank you SO much for your support always, honey, you’re the best & I hope you’re having a wonderful month ❀️❀️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Blogiversary !! I completely agree with all of your tips- I especially like the way you said you should compete with yourself, rather than other bloggers. I never thought of it this way, but now I am definitely going to adopt that mindset! This was a great, super useful post πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Bloggiversary Sofii, congrats on the 3 years! I love the advice you shared, especially “compete with yourself,” that’s something I’ve been working on this year when it comes to how I write & its really made me feel more confident about my content! Grateful to have met a wonderful blogger like you & looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!! πŸ’–πŸŽ‰

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG, thank you SO much, honey! I swear your comment made my day, it’s such a pleasure for me to have met you and your content!!❀️
      And it makes me so happy to know that competing with yourself has worked for you, I think it’s one of the most important things, to be focused on improving yourself every day. 😊
      I hope you’re having a wonderful month πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on your three year bloggiversary, that’s amazing!! And the advice here is wonderful too. I can’t imagine being unappreciative to the people who take the time to check out my posts and I definitely agree that planning is so, so important. I actually need to catch up with my planning as I fell behind last month but I write ideas down too. I think it’s also a great tip for writing (: all of your tips are amazing though and im so glad that I found your page ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you SO much, Charlotte, you’re an angel, I’m so grateful that you’re there for me always! ❀️
      I find it so hard to understand the importance of planning my posts, but now that I do it, I enjoy it a lot and it makes me feel 100% relaxed. Also as you say, I have a note app on my phone, where I write down every idea that comes to mind. I used to have a notebook for this, but things always come to me in the most unusual moments lol, so the phone is much more practical 😊
      I hope you have a wonderful day and it makes me happy that you liked the tips! πŸ₯°

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aww thank you so much, that’s so, so sweet ❀️
        Yes it definitely makes things a bit easier when you plan (: and I use the note app on my phone quite often too. I have a notebook where I copy notes down as well but I’m always adding notes to the notepad bit to do with blogging and also when I see a book to add to my tbr. As you said, it’s so easy to do as your phones pretty much always with you. Thank you ❀️ you too.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. OH MY GOSH! CONGRATS ON THE 3 YEARS!!! I love your first tip. It’s always good to remember the WHY. Recently, I’ve had some health issues so i haven’t been able to blog … which STINKS! But then I remember that I started this to talk about books and make friends, not as a side business to be stressed out about.

    I can’t wait to see more from your blog, love! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sweetie!! thank you SO much, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for always being there for me and supporting me with your comments, means the world ❀️
      Oh, honey, I hope you’re feeling better, and don’t worry, your health is first ALWAYS, okay? Anything you need, I’m here πŸ₯°
      Totally, remembering that, is key! because although it sounds super simple sometimes we can over-stress ourselves for being perfect and that only leads to more stress, so you have to take it easy and enjoy
      I hope you have a wonderful day!❀️ ❀️

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my gosh … now I’m blushing ha-ha! Thank you for being an incredible human being!!! I’m so happy we’ve had the opportunity to get to know one another this year!

        Awe, thanks love! I’m slowly getting there! Thank gosh … I miss eating fun food ha-ha!

        Liked by 1 person

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