The ABC Book Challenge, Last Post!|Y|☕️

Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de SPRINGTIME (2)

☕️ Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great day and that you all enjoyed your weekend. Today I bring MY LAST POST of the ABC book challenge, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? because I don’t. I enjoyed it a lot, it was super fun talking to you every week about different books, it was really great. I’d love to be able to make it up to “Z”, but I don’t have a single book with that letter so I take the “Y” as our last letter of the challenge. I hope you enjoyed it and especially that you enjoy this last post. I’ve seen this challenge/tag in the blogs of Tiana (The Book Raven) and Jacquie (Rattle the Stars).
If you want to try it, feel free to do it, it’s really a lot of fun! And soon I’ll be back with another weekly challenge because I would really like to stick doing something on Sundays ☕️ 

Previous Letters

🌟“A” |🌟“B”|🌟 “C”|🌟 “D”|🌟“E”|🌟“F”|🌟“G”|🌟“H”|🌟“I”|🌟“J”|🌟“K”|🌟“L”|🌟“M”|🌟“N”|🌟“O”|🌟“P”|🌟“R”|🌟“S”|🌟“T” |🌟“U”|🌟“V” |🌟“W”

Memorable Titles That Start With “Y”


Books Starting With “Y” On My TBR

26 thoughts on “The ABC Book Challenge, Last Post!|Y|☕️

  1. This is such a good idea I think we’ll be stealing it! I want to read Your Turn to Die! I haven’t read any of these though.

    Ash @ JennRenee Read

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  2. I’ve seen The Young Elites so much in book stores but never picked it up (I get distracted with all the other books), I might go pick up a copy now.
    This tag seems so fun! (thinks of all the books she can buy with this as an excuse)

    Liked by 1 person

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