Book Series I won’t Finish ❌

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⭐️ Hi guys!, I hope you’re having a beautiful day, today I bring you a post that, as the title indicates, could be something controversial, but I really want to pass the pages and in this 2019 face the reality. There are some series that I’m really sure I don’t want to continue with, either because I don’t enjoyed the first book like THAT much, you know?, or just lost interest on it. It’s time to stop lying to myself, honestly I’ll not continue with these series, and there are so many new ones that I plan to start this year, and others that are about to come out, that I would like to focus on them. These are the series that I’ll not be continuing in the future or ever, and please I want you to remember that this is just my opinion, I know that many of these books are very loved so don’t kill me lol. If I talk about a book that you enjoyed a lot and you die to continue with the rest of the series then that’s wonderful, I’m super happy for you and I hope you love it more and more with each book, but for me it’s just not happening. So, without further ado, let’s START!⭐️

❌ The 5th Wave Trilogy by Rick Yancey ❌

I read the first two books of this trilogy, and to be honest, I loved them!, but After a while, never take the third one and I losed interest completely now and I feel that if now I would decide to read the last book I would have to also re-read the first two and I have no desire to do it. I think that my tastes have changed a bit about these dystopian worlds, so I’m sure that I’ll not end with this trilogy

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❌ Graceling Realm Trilogy by Kristin Cashore ❌

I remember loving the first part of the book but from there it was downhill. Like, I don’t feel that I could connect with the main character, I didn’t like the romance either and I don’t know, what I remember about the book, a positive thing, was the world building, I think it’s original and interesting. Even so, I have zero interest in continuing with the rest of the books

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❌ Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series by Ransom Riggs ❌

In fact, this series is not over yet, I think there are 2 books left to come out. And well, I read only the first book and honestly was very boring, I know it can be controversial because everyone loves this book, but in my case it was pretty “meh”. I like Jacob, but I couldn’t stand Emma, for some reason I remember thinking she was unbearable lol. And although I love the concept and the images used in the book, the story in general couldn’t captivate me

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❌ Clash of Kingdoms Trilogy by Erin Summerill

I read the first book of this trilogy and OMG, one word: tropes. I was so excited for it, I remember that I had an ARC and I was super happy about it, but it wasn’t for me. This book has a very predictable plot, especially if you have already read a lot in the genre, there’s nothing special or unique about it. In addition, the main character is sold as a strong and independent woman, and she’s not. I just don’t like this book and I have no interest in continuing with the trilogy

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❌ Empress of a Thousand Skies Duology by Rhoda Belleza ❌

I really liked the first book and I was fooling myself saying that I would re-read it to finally read the second one, but to be honest I don’t feel like doing it. The first book was great but it slipped from my mind, I don’t remember almost anything of it so I lost my interest, the only thing that makes me want to read it are those beautiful covers

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❌ Flame in the Mist Duology by Renée Ahdieh ❌

And this is very curious because I loved the first book, I gave it 4.5 stars, so I really liked it. But then time passes and there’s something that always happens to me, I’m very prone to forget things when a lot of time passes between one book and another, then when the second one comes out I already had forgotten almost half of the first one, then some time ago I tried to read the first one and for some reason I didn’t feel the same as the first time, so I never finished my re-reading. I have other books of the same author that I’m more interested in, so I feel like I’d lie if I say I’ll read the second, I just don’t feel like I want to do it

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❌ The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski

I like the main idea of the book, but I think it’s executed in a very absurd way, yes,I said it lol. The characters are so flat, I didn’t like them at all. The construction of the world seemed very poor to me as well, but apart of all that, I can see that it’s not a bad book, I think I gave it 3 stars which is great . But it’s not for me, I didn’t connect with almost any aspect, I looked for something more political and I found myself with a quite dense romance. So obviously I have no interest in continuing, although at some point I thought about it, because you all told me how much you loved it , but I must be honest with myself, it’s not for me

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❌ Empirium Trilogy by Claire Legrand ❌

I don’t think this is a bad book, at all, I think it has good and strong aspects and the plot could take any interesting turn. BUT, the more I think about it, the less interested I am, and I honestly prefer to dedicate my time to those series that I really want to read, you know?. Again I don’t feel much connection with the characters and that seems to be something that I repeat a lot in this post but it’s the truth, I’m a character person and if I don’t feel connected to at least one of them, I can’t stay interested in the plot. Even so, I’m interested in knowing what you guys think about the second book once you read it, but I’ve already decided that I’ll stop here

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Oh this was a difficult post, honestly I feel much better and even more relieved now that I’ve officially declared that I’ll not continue with any of these series.
I feel that a large part of the pressure to continue series is that books have a lot of hype and sometimes even when you don’t want to, that can affects you, and you end up reading things you’re not 100% sure of, you know?
I recommend that you don’t read books just because they’re popular but because you really want to read them, this is something I’ve started doing myself and if you want to even re-read your favorites 600 times, DO IT. Do what you feel with your readings, you’ll never stop being “relevant” or whatever, for it, I think we all know how to identify when a person is honest about what they read and their opinions.
This is a good conclusion to finish, right?. I get all passionate latina “mode on” here, but YEAH, is what I think ❤️

It’s time for us to chat!

Confession Time: What are those series that you know in the depths of your heart that you won’t finish? 🤔

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73 thoughts on “Book Series I won’t Finish ❌

  1. I’m never finishing the Daughter I’d Smoke and Bone series. I read and loved the first two when they came out years ago, but I didn’t like where a lot of plot lines were headed and was reluctant to read the third book. Now it’s been too long, so I’d have to reread one and two in order to finish the series off, and it’s just not worth it for a finale I’m not convinced I’m going to enjoy anyways. I think I’m better off with my happy memories of book 1 and 2

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    • Personally, I LOVE the Daughter and Smoke and Bone trilogy, but I completely understand your point, I have the same thoughts as you about several of the series that I won’t finish . And I think at the end of the day it’s better that you focus on those series that you’re more sure of or that you’re more excited about 😄 💕

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    • OMG I haven’t finished the Divergent trilogy either! LOL. I forgot it completely. I read the first book and then I heard so many bad things about the third one that I honestly lost interest. I watched the movies and that’s it 🤷🏻‍♀️
      I’m glad you agreed with me about Miss Peregrine, I thought it was the only one who didn’t like it 😅 💕

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  2. I’m glad I missed the Fifth Wave bullet. I was so depressed with The Flame in the Mist! If they didn’t sell it as a Mulan retelling, I would’ve probably read Smoke in the Sun. (Also didn’t finish Miss Peregrine’s for similar reasons.)

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  3. After reading the first books I decided that I wasn’t going to finish The Magicians by Lev Grossman or The Illuminae Files by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. I also won’t be finishing Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I read the first two and found the second book somewhat boring.

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  4. Great post! I’m not continuing Miss Peregrine either, I read only the first book and a long time ago, I honestly can’t remember much of what I thought but I think I liked it? anyway, eventually lost my interest. I’m thinking about giving The Winner’s Curse a try, I’ve heard good things about it … Let’s see what I think of it 😛

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    • Same thing happens to me, I don’t know why, though, but if I don’t LOVE the book, then I start to forget facts about it lol. Yes!, try The Winner’s Curse!, most of the people that I know love it, so there’s a good chance that you’ll love it too or I hope so 💕 😊

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  5. I’m in the same boat for the first two series. I really liked “The 5th Wave” first book, but I just had no interest in the rest. Then I found out the ending and was like “WTF…not even gonna try to read them” lol!

    I LOVED the first book in the “Graceling” series. I thought I liked the second but I don’t remember finishing it or why I would’ve stopped reading it. Then I kinda forgot about the series and never read the final one. I would maybe give it a go…but now I feel as though I’ve left that series behind…oh well.

    Great list!

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    • OMG I have to find out how it ends, just for fun! LOL
      Oh, I understand the Graceling thing, sometimes you have those series that you read the first book and you love it, and then one day you stop and for some reason you lose the memory of why you did it, it’s a fact 😅
      I hope all your next readings are incredible, honey! 💕

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      • LMFAO! PLEASE tell me if you find out and tell me your thoughts! I was seriously peeved.

        I think I started it when it was first released, so the others weren’t out yet. Then I was in school and leisure reads just kinda were…forgotten about…whoops.

        I hope yours are as well, love! ❤

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  6. I agree with the Miss Peregrine books! I actually rather liked the first book, but whyohwhy are there more of them 😩
    Another one for me is the Game of Thrones series (controversial I know!). I read the first and that was quite enough for me 🙈

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      • I’m hoping to reread it at some point, which I why I haven’t unhauled the sequel. There are so many books that I’m planning on reread for the foreseeable future so it’s not high on my list at the moment.

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  7. Lovely post! I think it’s time to admit to myself that I probably won’t finish the Miss Pergrine series, even though I loved the first two books. I also doubt I’ll finish the Flame in the Mist Duology and The 5th Wave trilogy. I’m the worst at finishing series and I think reading books I’m not super excited about, just because they’re hyped is a big reason for that. Thanks for the reminder that it’s always best to read what you really, really want to ❤️

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    • Aw darling, I’m so happy that you like the post and even more that helped you to remember that you should read what you really want 💕 . I think it’s time that we all read what we really want to read and sometimes with the series, if you lose interest, you can force yourself to continue and that’s not fun. So I love seeing people DNF more series, in a way, can be healthy 😄


  8. I am so much agree with you about Miss Peregrine’s series. I personally don’t like that book that much, I think it just don’t vibe with me. I’m always read a book before I watch the movie, but for this one, as I gave up reading it, I just go directly to watch the movie to know what happened next.

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  9. I completely agree with your note at the end about not reading popular books for the sake of it! I have very specific tastes and I know what I’m likely to enjoy or not; I don’t mind branching out if I find something intriguing, but whenever I’ve tried to push myself to read something that I’ve been iffy on, it’s not ended well. (ACOTAR, case in point) I do feel a bit sad at not being able to join in on the excitement in the book community when new books come out in that series or having to confess ignorance when people reference something, but life’s too short to suffer through books that aren’t my thing just to look cool.

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    • TOTALLY!!!, more people need to start thinking like you, I think life is definitely too short to read things just because of the hype when you’re not sure if you would like it. Also, there’s nothing better than really enjoying and having a good time with your reading. I own ACOTAR since ever and I always ask myself if I’ll ever read it lol, I’m still intrigued, but if I lose interest I’ll be getting rid of it 😊

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      • I’m a bookhoarder so I won’t be donating or throwing it away, haha. I know that Marie Kondo chick was all like ‘rid yourself of unnecessary books’ and I’m like ‘BUT IT’S MINE, RAWWRRR’, hahaha.

        there’s nothing like starting a book and knowing in the first chapter that it’s going to be an amazing ride. I don’t want to be apprehensive and ‘ohhh, this isn’t going to end well!’ I forced myself to read a 500 page fantasy that was NOT at all my taste just for a book club I was in a few years ago and then when I got to the meeting, it turned out to be more of a social thing and none of the chicks had read it! I was so mad I suffered for nothing!

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  10. I was shocked about The 5th wave ones haha but I totally understand that you will need to reread the whole series to got to the third one XD So bad, I just read them and I think they are pretty good 🙂

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