Merry Christmas!πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŒŸ

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❄️Hi guys, MERRY CHRISTMAS!, I hope you’re having an amazing day full of love, peace and family
This will be a pretty random post of my wishing you the best, because even though I always tell you this, it’s important for me, so I couldn’t stop writing in this day to express my love and best wishes for all of you, babes πŸ’›Β 

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🌟 This is a time of the year to reflect and to think about what really matters in our lives. I think sometimes we forget it and we can be sad for nonsense or be focused on things that don’t deserve our attention, but we must turn back, and ask ourselves the right questions to refocus on what is really important. In my case, is to enjoy more of my family and especially of my brothers, sometimes I’m so busy that I can’t see them and as a big sister that kills me, so I’m determined to spend much more time and be there with them as they grow up. On the other hand, here in the community I have begun to be more grateful, I know that I am in general, but you can always be more and this community has given me so much, it has simply made me part of something magical. And I can honestly say that it is not in my plans to stop blogging or to stop sharing all my readings and my thoughts with you because it’s something that makes me honestly happy. But you must remember, and you can take this as a piece of advice if you want, that when things with your blog get difficult or you just don’t feel relevant in the community or if it’s hard to achieve your goals, then you have to think about why you started in the first place. I know that sometimes it can be stressful and you can feel that what you do is not enough, but you know what?, It is enough, and you should be proud of the love and passion you put in something you love doing, because there’s nothing like that feeling and nobody can take that away from you. And above all remember, why you started in the first place, and if you still feel that passion, you shouldn’t stop, you shouldn’t be disappointed or feel bad, take some time if you need it, but don’t give up if it’s something you love to do, because I’M PROUD OF YOU AND I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO IN YOUR BLOG. And at the end of the day you’re not alone, most of us start because we love to read and it makes us feel good and we love to imagine all these stories in our heads, or maybe because we need to escape from something, because I myself have been there.
Well I want to tell you that you must not forget why you started in the first place, YES, I said it again lol. And if it was for a good thing, keep hold of that and if it was to escape from something bad then you can transform it into something positive and beautiful. There’s a lot of love and support in the bookish community , I know there is because I feel it every day and I see it in other people as well, but it’s real that sometimes it gets difficult and you can feel overwhelmed by situations, well, there’s no shame in it , we’ve all been there, so if you need someone to talk to, you can write me, you know I’ll always be there to help🌟 

Maybe that was too much, but I felt that I needed to express it and get it out of me, so I did it lol. I hope you have a great Christmas, that you’re surrounded by love and understanding and that above all, you’re really really happyπŸ’•Β 
I send you my best wishes and I love you guys❄️ 

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