Spreading Love: Book Bloggers||Part 5||💕

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💞 Hi guys, as always, I hope you’re having the best day ever. Because I’ve turned 2 years with the blog, I decided that I wanted to celebrate it in some way, and I thought, what better way to do it that returning a bit of love and support, that this community has so generously given me in these years, right?
therefore, I’ll upload a post every week for the rest of the year with 5 incredible book bloggers, who do great jobs with their blogs and inspire me every day to improve with mine.
I also think that it’s a an amazing opportunity for you to meet new book bloggers that maybe you don’t know yet and decide to follow them and enjoy their contents
I’m very excited to start making these posts, so I hope you like them, share and support them.
This is the best way to be there for each other and help the growth of each of our blogs. Now, without further ado, let’s START with this incredible 5 book bloggers of the week 💞

Zuky||Book Bum||🌟 


I LOVE Zuky’s blog, I think besides being very beautiful aesthetically it’s also very organized, which I love. If you check out her blog you’ll find what you’re looking for very easily. And believe me that checking her blog is something you have to do, her content is great, especially reviews of her readings of mystery, crime and thriller

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Find her as well…


Nia||Shades of Paper||🌟 

2018-12-18 (7)

Nina’s blog is one of those that you have to see, it’s really great, so useful and entertaining. I also love her Wrap Ups, they’re, without a doubt, my favorite thing, but still there’s a lot of super varied content to see on her blog and I can’t stop recommend it. Plus: those images that Nina uses to decorate her blog are GOLD, I’m in love

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Find her as well…



2018-12-18 (2)

Rachel’s blog is so adorable, I really LOVE IT, I think her aesthetic is very beautiful and appealing to the eye. Her blog has a great and fun content, from new releases to recommendations, but other than talking about books, Rachel also has a large section of her blog dedicated to TV series, so if that’s something you like, you can’t miss it. I recommend it A LOT

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Find her as well…


Crystal||Paper Royalty||🌟 

2018-12-18 (4)

Crystal’s blog is absolutely great and I think I’ve said this once, but when someone is honest about what is talking about, I just love that. And Crystal is super honest when it comes to books, her content is super entertaining and I trust in her opinion a lot. I think that also her blog deserves much more love, she does a WONDERFUL job whit it

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Find her as well…


Elaine||Literary Blogger – A World of Literary Love||🌟 

2018-12-18 (5)

Elaine owns one of the most complete literary blogs I’ve seen, I admire how she develops her content, it’s always very interesting, creative and fun to read. Also she has a Youtube channel, so I recommend that you check out that as well, it’s really GREAT!

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Find her as well…


I hope you enjoyed it guys!

I hope you continue to support this idea, share and give a lot of love to these 5 amazing people 💖 

Find me at

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14 thoughts on “Spreading Love: Book Bloggers||Part 5||💕

  1. Oh my gosh. You’re the best! Seriously. This has made my day. 🥰😭
    I love the idea with this. Blogging can be hard and a lot of work so it’s always nice to show support and love.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks to you for checking the post sweetie and I’ve already check your blog out, I follow you and I think it looks adorable. I really like how you express yourself so openly, that’s great and I can see that you’re super natural and fun, I love that. And I wish you GOOD LUCK 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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