Favorite Book Covers || 2018

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⚡️ Hi guys, I hope you’re all having an incredible day. Today I bring you a post that I’m really excited to share with you, It’s fun and it’s perfect to start the week with something beautiful to see!. You know I love a good cover and this year we have had many of them, and although I know that content is what matters, a beautiful cover helps a lot. In this opportunity I’ll be only highlighting the covers that I liked the most of new releases of this year.
There has been so much variety, with such original creations, lots of color, SO beautiful. I can’t wait to show you my favorites, so let’s start, and enjoy with me!⚡️ 


These are my favorite covers of 2018, but I may be forgetting some, so let me know your favorite, down below, as well. I would love to know!!

And I’m curious to know your opinion: a pretty cover influences when deciding to buy a book ?, what do you think?! 🤔 

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37 thoughts on “Favorite Book Covers || 2018

  1. These covers are absolutely gorgeous! I totally think that a cover influences what book you read, despite how the saying goes; a beautiful cover makes you want to take that book off the shelf and give it a try!
    Were you able to read a lot of these? If so, which would you recommend?? 🙂

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    • I completely agree with you, I confess to being a big cover buyer lol
      I’ve actually read only three of these: Restore Me, Summer of Salt and The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein and honestly loved and highly recommend all of them.
      Restore Me is the fourth book in the Shatter Me series and if you like dystopias with super powers theme, then I recommend it.
      I recommend Summer of Salt if you like stories full of magic and sisterhood.
      And finally I highly recommend The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankestein if you enjoy retellings and anti-hero characters.
      They’re all incredible, so if you try any of them, let me know!❤️

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  2. Beautiful covers, indeed. I guess I loved the cover to “Washington Black”, the one which is in gold, which I saw in a shop recently. I thought it was very pretty.

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  3. The cover of Out of the Blue is what made me buy the book! Unfortunately I didn’t love the content equally as much though, haha.

    I think some of my favorite covers actually consist of all the different editions of The Cruel Prince by Holly Black – especially the OwlCrate one!

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  4. If I am going to buy a printed book I definitely want a good cover. After all ,it’s going to end up displayed on my bookshelf. Bonus points if it’s pink😉. If I am reading it on my e-reader the cover is less important to me but still may be a deciding factor on whether I keep scrolling or purchase it.

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  5. I am currently remodeling my office and am on the hunt for books with pink covers. Let me know if you know of any good ones😉 my new office colors will be white, blush pink and gold. 💝

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  6. My kind of post! I am currently reading my 59th book this year, so yes – I loooove books. And yes, the cover and title have to catch my interest. It’s the first impression after all.

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  7. Lovely choice of covers. Beautiful covers are a dangerous thing, I download so many free amazon kindle books just because the cover is amazing.

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