My Top 5 Favorite Booktubers 🎥

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🌺Hi guys I hope you’re having an incredible day and you’re, above all, enjoying your readings. Today I bring you a somewhat different Top, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, this will be my Top 5 of my Favorite Booktubers. Personally, I’m a big fan and consumer of many amazing booktubers, I find their work very inspiring for me so I want to share, here with you today, some of the ones I love the most🌺

I have always found that watching video from booktubers is a great incentive to read more, so I recommend it a lot if you’re having a reading slump, you can check some of their videos, because I know they’ll be helpful and then you’ll want to read everything. You can also get many new books from them to add to your infinite TBR, so, you’re welcome(? 😂 💕

I love each of these ladies, and also I think they do an incredible job with their channels so if you want to check them out, I’ll leave a link so you can do it and spread the love!

🎥 BooksandLala 🎥


Lala is a Booktuber that is always innovating in terms of videos on her channel, you can find videos, among them, tags | readingblogs | challenges that you’ve never seen before and that makes of her one of the most original booktubers I’ve seen. He has been in Booktube for many years now so it’s likely that you know her or you heard from her. She reads a lot of Contemporary and Mystery, both Adult and YA

Her Channel 💕

🎥 chelseadolling reads 🎥

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.45.14 PM

I love Chelsea, not only because her videos are always super entertaining, but because she’s very loyal and honest to herself and that’s very valuable in the community. She’s super fun as well and reads A LOT, I think her reading blogs are one of the most entertaining to watch. Her favorite genre is the Contemporary (YA|NA) so you’ll find many recommendations within the genre

Her Channel 💕

🎥 BookswithEmilyFox 🎥

unnamed (1)

Emily is one of those booktubers that when uploads a new video I HAVE to see it, I really love it. One of the things that I love about her is that she’s 100% honest when it comes to giving her opinion about books especially about those she didn’t like. She has many unpopular opinions about books that are loved by everyone and I find that great, it’s always interesting to know her point of view.
She reads a lot of Sci-Fi (especially Adult) so if you like the genre you can’t miss her videos!

Her Channel 💕

🎥 Riley Marie 🎥


Riley is INCREDIBLE. I follow her channel for quite some time now and I think their content is getting better and better. Her readingblogs are others that I enjoy seeing, I don’t missed any of them, and I love that although she reads a lot of well known books, in the YA genre, I’ve also known others thanks to her that aren’t as well known, you know? so I think that’s great. I confess that I love when she reads a book that she doesn’t like because she’s very good at giving unpopular opinions. She reads many different genres, Fantasy | Sci-fi | Paranormal & Romance are some of them

Her Channel 💕

🎥 AbigailHaleigh 🎥

unnamed (2)

Abi is such an adorable person, it’s super fun to follow her channel, she uploads videos very often and also read A LOT, like for real!, it’s really amazing how many books this girl can read per month, so you have a lot of books to discover with her, which is great. Her read-a-thons are great and I also love her Wrap Ups. She reads a lot YA, in her different sub-genres like Fantasy| Paranormal | Contemporary | Dystopia | Sci-Fi | Romance and MORE!

Her Channel 💕

There are a lot more booktubers that I love, but I decided to show you only 5, but if you like this tipe of post, I could do a second part showing you more of them!

I hope you’ve liked it guys, and maybe you decide to visit their channels and have a lot of fun

Let me know down below, what is your Favorite Booktuber? I’ll love to know 😍

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37 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Booktubers 🎥

  1. Ooh, I really wanted to look into more booktubers so thank you for the recommendation. I feel like I only watch some of the larger, popular booktubers so I see the same videos over and over again and whilst I still like them, it gets rather repetitive.

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  2. Books with Emily Fox is one of my top 5 as well! I always watch her videos. I admire her stance on romance in books, Stephen King and I get the best sci-fi mystery recommendations from her. I appreciate Chelsea Dolling’s graphic novel recommendations & the unboxings Books and Lala do with her son are always adorable. Ah, the black hole that is Booktube 🙂

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  3. This post was actually perfect for me because I’ve been thinking I need to dip my toe into the Booktube community. I know absolutely NOTHING about it, but have been thinking recently it might be fun to try and watch some videos or follow some people. Thanks for a great list to start from 🙂

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  4. I’ve honestly not really dived into the Booktuber-world yet. I’ve seen a couple of videos and the only one I keep going back to – so far – is Book Roast. Probably has to do with her Harry Potter themed readathons, haha. Going to check some of these out when I get home tonight!

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  5. Ooh mine is…
    Peruse Project, Hailey In Bookland, Super Space Chick

    Basically Britt is my all time favourite, I just love her so much!
    I do have BooksandLala and bookswithemilyfox on mine ^_^
    Think i un-scribed to chelsea during my big clean up without realizing so I’ll go check out her channel and see if it’s up my street again

    Liked by 1 person

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