Participating in my first Read-A-Thon EVER🎉 & Currently Reading📖

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Hi guys, I hope you’re having a beautiful day, I know it’s difficult to start the week but, well, you can do it and from here I send you all the positive vibes for your week 🌟 

I’m so excited to share this with you, you’ll know what it’s about by title lol, but anyway I want to tell you that I’ll be participating in my first Read-A-Thon ever!!😄. This is so excited really. I never wanted to do one before, because honestly I wasn’t sure how they worked and the whole thing of the reading pressure in such a short time made me kind of anxious, but I have always always enjoyed reading your updates of your participations in these challenges and I also believe that they’re my favorite videos to watch made by Booktubers, so after thinking about it a lot I decided that maybe it was time to, at least, try it for myself 💪🏻 

So, I started my search for one that was perfect for me, I thought of several since many, who seem to be super fun, are about to start, but I dind’t want to demand too much to myself. It will be my first Read-A-Thon so it has to be one with which I could feel comfortable with and I think I’ve run into the indicated

I’ll be participating in the CONTEMPORARY-A-THON 🎉 and I’m SO HAPPY with my choice.
This Read-A-Thon is created by Chelsea (chelseadolling reads on Youtube), she’s an amazing booktuber, I love her!. If you still don’t know her I highly recommend you to check out her channel, especially if you enjoy contemporary, she usually reads a lot of them and her personality is great. She will be uploading daily vlogs for the read-a-thon so it’s the perfect time to subscribe and enjoy!💕 

I’ll leave HERE the video of the Read-A-Thon announcement + the challenges, in case you’re interested in participating. It’s going to be running from Sept. 17th through Sept. 23rd. Personally I’ll be uploading my TBR later in the next month📚 , I have already created it and I’m very happy, I think it will be fun

I would really love if you leave in the comments below your some tips for this which will be my first Read-A-Thon, I’ll be reading and answering all, also if you have a advice of another type or just an opinion about it, I would love to know that as well.👌🏻 
Tell me if you’re going to participate in any in the next month and how you feel about it!💕 

Currently Reading

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid


I’m really immersed in this story, it’s captivating and addicting and I can’t stop. I hope to upload my review before the end of the month, I haven’t finished yet, but honestly I’m not in a hurry, I’m enjoying it. This book is meant to be a movie, write that down because I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN!
There’s something in Evelyn that’s so politically incorrect, she’s capable of everything to get what she wants and it’s really brutal, to follow a character like that is so interesting for me, so obviously I’m willing to sit down right now, make a coffee and continue reading this beauty, I can’t wait. Plus: I LOVE that Evelyn is Latina, that makes me happy❤️

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23 thoughts on “Participating in my first Read-A-Thon EVER🎉 & Currently Reading📖

  1. My readathon tip is to lock your phone in a drawer or something and not look at social media!! This is where I seem to lose HOURS of my reading time. I look at instagram, then I check twitter, then I fall down a rabbit hole of youtube, buzzfeed, memes and then I look up and it’s been five hours and I’m still on page 23 of my book. Ooops?!

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  2. Good luck with the readathon. I have no idea when was the last time I participated in one. I kinda miss it…
    I’ll check this one out bc contemporary books are what I read the most, so I know I would enjoy it, I’ll just have to check out if I’ll be free (I mean, I have to go to work, but I hope I won’t have anything else planned).
    My advice is to have fun and to me, having a reading buddy(aka my cat) always helps.

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