Book Review: Dream On by Kerstin Gier

25858039Title: Dream On (Silber #2)

By: Kerstin Gier

Pages: 317

Published: May 3rd 2016

By: Henry Holt and Co.(BYR)

Genre: YA-Contemporary-Paranormal-Romance-Mystery

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Things seem to be going well for Liv Silver: she’s adjusting to her new home in London; she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper, one of the cutest boys in school; and the girl who’s been turning her dreams into nightmares, Anabel, is now locked up. But serenity doesn’t last for long.

It seems that Liv’s troubles are far from over—in fact, suddenly they’re piling up. School gossip blogger Secrecy knows all of Liv’s most intimate secrets, Henry might be hiding something from her, and at night Liv senses a dark presence following her through the corridors of the dream world. Does someone have a score to settle with Liv?


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 🌸Book One: Dream a Little Dream (Silber #1)by Kerstin Gier

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Well, this is probably one of the biggest disappointments I’ve had this year. I think the idea of creating a story based on dreams, mysterious and terrifying things is sensational, in fact, that’s what caught me in the first book. But sadly, I feel that the author has decided to take another path with her sequel and take the whole plot to a completely different plane, even the characters seemed strange to me. Maybe this change of the plot could be something that you enjoy, but wasn’t for me.

I can’t tell you what this book is about exactly because in case you want to read the trilogy it would be spoilers, but I can summarize what the first book is about and the story in general. These books follow the character of Liv Silver, many strange things have started to happen to her since she came to live, along with her sister, to England with her mother and stepfather, things that are very difficult to explain to a scientific mind like Liv’s. She begins to have these very strange dreams, which feel very real and she sees in them a group of boys, which end up being the popular kids from the school where she attends to, but they suddenly seem to know everything about her, and how is that possible?!, unless they really are getting into her dreams. 

So that it’s kind of how the first book started, which I enjoyed a lot, I have a review about it as well if you want to check it out, but yes, I was very excited because it was a light and fun reading, the idea is brillant, you can do a lot of incredible things with dreams. But this is where Dream On comes … where I was expecting something similar to the first book but to my surprise I found something completely different …

Even when I knew that the characters wouldn’t be incredible (with the exception of Greyson, he’s an angel), I expected, at least, some growth in them, and not only did I not find that, but I feel as if they were not the same characters as they were in the first bookmany of their actions are meaningless and they act in very immature ways. Especially I was surprised to see Liv behaving this way, in fact something happens with her new grandmother, and she takes revenge against this woman doing something abolutely meaningless and out of place that lasts like thousands of pages, I mean, doesn’t even contribute or has something to do with the main plot, that was very uncomfortable to read.


There’s something about the romance that becomes so toxic and weirdHarry’s all the time keeping secrets and playing the mysterious guy, so Liv asks him for explanations and he acts like “Can I kiss you instead?”, And Liv is like “Oh OK”, and I was like Excuse Me??! LOL. I swear I don’t exaggerate, the dialogues are something like that and it was too much for me.

Then the most important thing, and perhaps what most influenced on myself, is that it no longer focuses on the dream world as fully as it did in the first book, now it’s all about Secrecy, discovering her/he identity and about the gossip that she/he writes about them. And even when,I love Gossip Girl, and the types of books with this theme are fun, in this case it felt strange and it wasn’t what I was looking for in the first place when I wanted to continue with this trilogy.
This is super personal you guys, I think maybe other people could enjoy it but it took me by surprise and made me lose interest in continuing with this trilogy. In addition to this, there is a new villain and I think it was very predictable from the beginning, so I didn’t really care that much 

Leaving aside all this, I want to mention the things that I liked:
I love the writing style of the author, I think it’s easy and quick to read and because of this I’m very interested in trying her most famous trilogy, Precious Stones, especially because I think it’s about time travel and that’s my jam! .
I also think that the last maybe 15 or 20% of the book was pretty good and I could almost see my characters again and I liked that

I can’t really say that I would recommend this book, sadly it has been a disappointment for me, even so, if you want to try the first book it’s very good!, and if you decide to continue with this one the best thing is that you have your mind open to other possibilities, the plot takes another absolutely different course and this may please or not. But to be honest I really hope that if you think about reading this book, you end up enjoying it more than me 


2.5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Dream On by Kerstin Gier

  1. I liked the concept of this series so I was excited to read the first book. However the first book didn’t appeal that much to me and I was putting off getting the sequel from the library for two years now. After reading your review of the second book I don’t regret not continuing the series.

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