Why have I become a Book Depository affiliate? πŸ€”

I’m a Book Depository affiliate!

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great day, today I want to talk about something new that I’ve decided to do. I made the decision a few days ago to send an e-mail to the people of Book Depository and tell them that I was interested of becoming an affiliate, to be able to provide direct links to the page so that you can use them and buy the books directly from there. They answered me very quickly and kindly telling me that I was already an affiliate, which made me feel very happy because I honestly adore the page and it’s a pleasure for me to have them present, in a small part, in my blog.

I wanted to be honest and talk about this, because I want to tell you the reasons why I decided to be affiliated of the page. I’m from Argentina as many of you know, or what most would call an international blogger, and things here are really difficult economically at the time, due to the change of government and others matters. So for me it’s very difficult to buy books where I live, since obviously they are extremely expensive and for the moment they just keep going up. Because of this I have always found in Book Depository a super reliable page where I can buy my books in a much cheaper way, also since their shipping is free, one only ends up paying the price of the book itself and that’s great. Unfortunately now with the rise of the dollar is also a bit more expensive for me to buy them on the page and because of this and because I’ve been recommend the page for years now, I wanted to try to be an affiliated, this way every time you click a link provided by me, in my reviews, wrap up or in other types of posts in my blog, (‘ve even provided a banner in the sidebar, as well), you’ll have the possibility to buy the book you want from the page and if you do, I’ll be receiving a small percentage of it, a 5%, that obviously will be of great help for me, to be able to continue reading all these amazing books that make us so happy, to continue reviewing and talking about them with you.
I want to clarify that nobody is being forced in any way to buy the book from my links, not at all, but to do so, I repeat, would be of great help to me 😊 .

I felt the responsibility to talking to you all about this, since I don’t want to you to go into my blog one day and think that I have changed in some way or added links with another type of intension. Also since I started with the blog I valued the dialogue that I have with you and I have always been 100% honest. This blog wouldn’t be possible otherwise, so I think we’re already like a family and wanted to let you know.

I’ll respect any type of comment even if you don’t agree with this, I’ve seen that it can be quite controversial, but I want to try it anyway and see how I feel about it

Thank you so much guys, I hope you’re having a great reading monthΒ πŸ’•Β 

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24 thoughts on “Why have I become a Book Depository affiliate? πŸ€”

  1. I’ve been ordering from book depository more and more and I definitely like them. I find them a good company and I’m always happy with the shipping. So I’ll keep this in mind for next time. Thanks for explaining the whole thing though πŸ™‚

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  2. I have yet to try book depository but I have heard really good things! I don’t order a ton of physical books and I usually just use Amazon because its easy and I order everything else I need from there.

    I totally get being an affiliate tho! That is awesome! I am an affiliate for Amazon and honestly I have made like $5 in 9 months so its not really worth it yet, but It might be some day!

    Personally I would rather use affiliate links if it is something I am going to buy anyway. When I buy books I often try to find an affiliate link to use. (Amazon doesn’t count it when I use my own links haha) The cost is the same to me, and if I can help out a fellow blogger than why wouldn’t I do it? I don’t understand why anyone would be against affiliate links? Why can’t we all just help each other out?

    I am going to bookmark your page and hopefully next time I need a book I will be able to use your links! I know for Amazon if you use a link, even if you buy a different item, as long as it was purchased in the same session as you opening the link, it gives you credit for it. Is book depository the same way?

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    • I’m so agree with you, you have taken the words out of my mouth. Why don’t use this type of links to buy your books if you also help others in the process, right? To be honest I didn’t know about this until very recently, but now that I’ve researched I think it’s great, it’s a very good way of, in fact, support and help each other. I really appreciate your words!πŸ’•
      Yes, Book Depository works exactly that way 😊


  3. Yay for becoming a Book Depository affiliate! That is so awesome for you, and I hope it helps you keep getting more books to read. I very much enjoy Book Depository; their prices are reasonable, and I love their free worldwide shipping. Those are very much reasons why I give links to BD every time I do a book review (I also give links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-million–I figure I should at least give people options for where to pick up books). I have several series that I’m collecting from BD because I love the UK paperbacks more than the US ones.

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  4. I really don’t understand why people get upset about affiliate links. As long as they’re disclosed it doesn’t cost me any more and I get to support the bloggers I love! Win win in my mind. I hope it goes really well for you xx

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  5. Hey congrats on your link!! I’m an affiliate and I have only used my own link once and it worked- other people say it doesn’t… What’s your experience?😊

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  6. I love Book Depository too. The prices are amazing and as long as you’re not in too much of a rush it’s fine! Typically I find it takes over a week to deliver but the prices definitely make me choose reading a physical book over e-readers!
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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