Book Review: It by Stephen King

27877138Title: It

By: Stephen King

Published: September 1986 (This Edition: January 5th 2016)

By: Scribner

Genre: Horror-Adult-Mystery-Dark-Paranormal

To the children, the town was their whole world. To the adults, knowing better, Derry, Maine was just their home town: familiar, well-ordered, a good place to live. It was the children who saw – and felt – what made Derry so horribly different. In the storm drains, in the sewers, It lurked, taking on the shape of every nightmare, each person’s deepest dread. Sometimes It reached up, seizing, tearing, killing…

The adults, knowing better, knew nothing. Time passed and the children grew up, moved away. The horror of It was deep-buried, wrapped in forgetfulness. Until the grown-up children were called back, once more to confront It as It stirred and coiled in the sullen depths of their memories, reaching up again to make their past nightmares a terrible present reality.

Frightening, epic, and brilliant, Stephen King’s It is one of the greatest works of a true storytelling master. 


Copia de SPRINGTIME (5)

It will be very difficult to describe this book, I know it’s very loved and I can see why, and even though I’ve enjoyed it, King’s writing style is not my cup of tea 


I will not tell you exactly what it’s about because I think that at this point everyone knows and if you don’t, it’s really better if you only read it without previous information, because personally after seeing both movies I found myself very familiar with the plot and the surprise effect is lost a little

I decided to read the book because I love the movie of this year, I think it’s brilliant. And although I had also seen the first movie, I had never felt like reading the book until now. It’s also my first King’s book which has meda me feel excited as well as fearful. I didn’t expect to find the writing style so descriptive, and immediately that I get myself into it, I knew that his books were so long because of that.

I understand that the events descriptions are super important especially for a horror book where you have to feel surrounded by that mystery and suspense aura, and in fact, King is very successful in that aspect, even so, I found it a little excessive, and believe me that it was quite frustrating too, since after reading pages and pages I felt that I hadn’t progressed yet, which has made me struggle to continue with it. 

The way in which the plot is told is a bit confusing at times, begins with the children being adults and from there we start to see the story of the past of each one separately and then together. This is how the story goes between past and present chapters. Although I was a bit lost in parts I think that once you get used to it, is a great way to tell the story and I think it’s a smart kind of thing to use in horror. Personally I liked the chapters of them as children the most, as it go through the beginning of everything from the relationship between them until their first meetings with Pennywise. I also like that although it’s a book that I personally found excessively long, there are chapters that are quite short and this makes it easier to continue reading, I think this is something that you might be interested to know, in case you are thinking of reading it 


One of the things I enjoyed most was the main characters, I love the different personalities that each has, how their experiences of lives make them what they are and then how they have progressed as adults. My favorite character is Ben, he’s absolutely adorable and I love him so so so much lol. He’s so brave and strong, I really admire his strength when it comes to living things as hard as he has to live.Not only Ben of course, all the characters go through shity situations at some point, but I have a weakness for this type of character, the typical overweight boy who has no friends and which bullies use for their entertainment, I just can’t handle the situation and just wanted to protect him all the time.

It was hard enough to read some scenes but I feel that what is crude and real is also partly why this book is so scary or creepy, to think that, taking away the supernatural aspect, all these horrible situations happen all over the world is really creepy. Touchs super delicate topics from homophobia to abuse and family violence. I recommend to be cautious since some of you could find the descriptions of this book difficult to read.

Apart from that, there is a moment at the beginning of the book that happen after the boys actually find IT, and it’s absolutely uncomfortable and disgusting. I was like “Are you serious?!”. I still don’t understand what was the point of that moment, even now as I write this makes me laugh because it was so weird and like WTF, I can’t guys

Pennywise, on the other hand, is a brilliant character, I greatly admire the ability to create something so macabre and ruthless, it gives me chills to think about it. I was during the entire book waiting for his appearances because I think he’s fantastic and the scenes in which he is, are the best, I can’t say anything bad about this character, he’s one of the best villains, maybe even one of the most evil that I’ve read


So, I recommend it if you like descriptive and atmospheric books, I think you’ll enjoy it a lot, it’s also highly creepy and I would never recommend it if you’re very young, because the content really is very strong and graphic. Although it is not a 5 star I’m still very happy to finally have read a book by King and even happier to have read a book of over 1000 pages in less than a month, I’m proud of myself. I would like to try at some point in my life another book by the author and discover and learn more about what this genius keeps in his head.


3.5/5 Stars

Feel free to leave your comment below, I always love to know what you think🙂

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82 thoughts on “Book Review: It by Stephen King

  1. I loved this one back when I read it but I’m not sure I’d have the patience to do it again. King is definitely one to call overly wordy and those kind of books have become sort of a turn off to me these days so I’ve put off doing a lot of his newer ones, maybe someday.

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  2. IT has been sitting on my bookshelf for about three years, I’ve just never been able to bring myself to read it, the size is really intimidating, and like you said, some people have said to me that it progresses really slowly and being an incredibly impatient reader, I don’t even know if i’m going to read it anytime in the future 🙂

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  3. I’m also struggling to get through IT because of King’s writing style. Which makes me sad because I LOVE Carrie, and want to read it, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to finish IT, and it makes me think I might have the same experience with his other works.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that, it’s not an easy book to read at all and it’s a shame because I think all that sttuf opaque how great the plot is. I hope you can finish it and enjoy it and if it’s not that way, don’t pressure yourself, maybe it just isn’t the book for you. I would love to try Carrie someday, I love the movie 🙂 🙂


  4. Great review! I’ve never read any Stephen King (gasp!) It is interesting to hear your take on this book, because some of the things you flagged are the reasons I’ve been hesitant. So I will move this down lower on the TBR pile. 🙂

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    • Thanks honey! Oh,It took me a long time to think about whether or not I wanted to read this book, but I guess I felt it was the time and it makes me happy to get that out of my goal list. Although I fully understand why you haven’t read it yet, I think if you ever decide to do it you have to feel prepared 🙂

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  5. It’s my first time reading It – not my first King book – after seeing the remake and re-watching the original and, like you say, it does take some time getting used it, especially his well-known style of long passages. I will say that reading is short bursts works for me. I’ve read only a little over 100 pages so far (and that’s over a couple of weeks, but I’m also reading another book co-currently), but I’m taking my time to take in everything. It has that horror feel to it, so I hope it’ll continue to be a good read until the end.

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  6. I tried reading this when I was 19 and first lived on my own, the book found a home in my freezer. I was unable to finish it. While I’ve watched the original movie countless times and have seen the new one as well, I just couldn’t do the book.

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  7. Wow you read that fast! I feel like just last week you were starting it! I know I read it for weeks on end. I’m glad to hear you, for the most part enjoyed it. I know Stephen King has a tendency to ramble on with descriptions, but I like it that way. A lot of his books have this same time of flow, and that’s why I can only read his books every once in a while. I burn out of the same writing type after a while and everything starts to sound the same, don’t get me wrong I love the guy’s writing, he’s brilliant at what he does, but I need to read need to put a few books between his!
    Great review! I loved the gifs you used 🙂

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    • Thanks love :)! In fact, I never read that fast, but something happend to me and I achieve it! LOL. I guess coming from having a great reading month in September helped :). It’s great that you feel comfortable with his writing style, certainly it is not for everyone, and I totally agree with you, King’s books aren’t to marathoning at all 😀

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      • You’re welcome! 🙂 Haha, well it’s still pretty awesome you read it that fast! Definitely something to be proud of!
        I agree, he’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s great that you gave him a try!


  8. I always found King to be a VERY wordy author. Lots of unnecessary descriptions & tangents that do nothing for the plot. He’s good at it, but sometimes man. Could make a lot of his books so much shorter if he just brought it back a bit. XD

    The only part that I was personally very upset with & found completely unnecessary was the……one…. “bonding” scene? I don’t want to give anything away but also I hope you know what I’m talking about. It just felt wrong. Like these are KIDS??? I felt gross reading the description & I’m so glad they’ve left it put of every adaptation. There are so many other ways to show them bonding & coming together & making a pact that can be just as striking & memorable. This was just….too much.

    But yes! Great review!

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    • I totally agree with you, even though King is unquestionably good at what he does, the whole eternal descriptions thing is too much, I guess it’s not for everyone.
      OMG, I know exactly what you’re talking about and it was gross and completely unnecessary, I’m still traumatized by that scene and I don’t know if I ever forget it, I was like WTF lol 😀

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  9. ” it’s also highly creepy and I would never recommend it if you’re very young, because the content really is very strong and graphic.”

    I knew this already about King’s writing style and this is the exact reason that I’ve been ignoring this huge monster of a book. I’m a pussy. Such a big pussy. I’ll have sleepless nights; I know I will, haha.

    *I skimmed over your review because I really didn’t want to spoil myself – although maybe that’s the better option if I don’t want to get freaked out while reading?*

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  12. I’d be curious if you have read dreamcatcher by Stephen King as well and if so what your thoughts are on that one if you have It has one slightly similar aspect in particular to it the novel that I like which is the story flashes back and fourth from adult to childhood and back again to adult hood with a group of individual Main characters though not on such a grand scale as it does. I myself like how Stephen king does that in a couple of his novels.

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    • I’m sorry that I’m answering the message so late but I’ve recently returned from my vacations :). I’ve never read Dremcatcher, in fact IT is my first King’s book, I still hope to try another of his novels at some time to be able to compare his jobs, but it seems that his style is quite personal and unique
      🙂 🙂

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  14. It was the first book I read by Stephen King when I was about 16 or 17. I absolutely loved it then, and I have reread it several times since then. I loved the back and forth aspect, Always have loved that about a book. It can be sometimes harder to follow along, but if you ever get the chance to reread it there are so many more connections you will make.
    If you are looking for a less heavy read by Mr. King, try The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. It moves fast, but be warned it does terrify.
    At 219 pages it gives a chilling description of being lost in the woods.
    My oldest refuses to read him now because of this book. Also refuses to go out into the woods at night.
    Loved your review,
    Chill Mom

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    • Sorry to be answering you so late, but I recently returned from my vacation.
      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this book so much, my best friend thinks the same way you do, she loves the book and King. Maybe I would try another author’s book in the future and have another experience to compare his works, I think it would be interesting 🙂

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  17. Ben is my favourite character too! 😀 I don’t know why. I like all the others too but for some reason Ben just has that little bit more 😛
    I love the description he uses. I really feel like I’m in 50’s America with the children. And he touches on some real topics and I know some people don’t like it and they think it’s weird to put stuff like that in his book but I disagree. I mean, that stuff really happens. Everyday. He’s just being a realist. Apart from that one scene. You know which one.

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  18. Having read a lot of Stephen King’s work over the years, I do think this is possibly one of his best. It’s not without its flaws, but King writes people and friendships like no other. He introduces the reader to characters that they grow to love and then he hurts them. That’s great writing right there.

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  19. Aaaaah I just finished this book, too – and I loved it. I think Richie was my favorite! I do understand where you’re coming from, though – especially if this is the first thing you’ve read by King. Honestly, “It” is a kind of a lot to take in if you’re not familiar with his writing style; he really pulls out all the stops with this one, but you might enjoy some of his other books more. Salem’s Lot is really fun, and has less unnecessary grossness and is a little shorter.

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    • Richie is definitely a great character! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, it’s great. I know, I would love to try another of his books someday, even when I loved several aspects of the book, I feel that maybe his writing style was a challenge for me. Even so he’s such a talented man, I would be happy to try one of his books again soon. Thanks for the rec ❤

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  20. I loved It. The book was really good, but the movie was even better.
    Now, I don’t wanna be THAT GUY, but there was no “first movie”…it was a drama mini-series….I don’t know why I get so annoyed when people call it a movie…Anyway, IT IS FRICKIN’ AWESOME!

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  21. I, too, ordered this book after I watched the movie this year; I loved the movie so much that I thought I must read the book on which it was based. Your review is very helpful, I haven’t read the book yet but will definitely get on to it!

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  22. I am a big King fan but have yet to pick this up. I tend to like his longer books but only when he needs the length to explain a global event like in Sleeping Beauties or 11/22/63. 11/22/63 remains one of my favorite novels of all time. If you haven’t read it definitely pick it up.

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  23. I love that you said that Stephen Kings’ writing style is not your cup of tea! People always jump down my throat when I say that he’s too long winded and descriptive! His stories are always amazing in concept but, I find that I enjoy his short stories and movies/mini series better because they focus on what’s important in a much more succinct way.

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  24. I think the size of his books has kept me from trying them as well. I took a swing at “The Stand” earlier this year, but quit about halfway through. He’s a brilliant writer, but the length and graphic writing proved a bit too much for me. I loved his book on writing though–highly recommend it.
    Maybe one of these days I’ll try some of his shorter fiction.

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  26. I remember watching the older movie as a kid and being totally freaked out by it. The new movie scared me quite a bit, too, and I’ve always wanted to read the book. Very helpful review!

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  27. Loved this book. Which bit are you referring to at the beginning though? With the boys? I can only remember one thing weirding me out and that happened at the end of the story. Lol

    It’s a nice long read which you can’t rush. It was my first King novel as well and I want to read another of his creations but I don’t know which one to read 😛


  28. This is totally me. It was a top priority on my reading list 2017 but up to now, i still haven’t finish it due to excessive descriptions. It kinda lost my interest. I am hoping that I can finish it asap so I can give a try to Stephen King Dark Tower series. Hahaha, way more excessive right? Lol

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