Book Review: Feel Me Fall by James Morris

34744383Title: Feel Me Fall

By: James Morris

Published: May 6th 2017

By: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Genre: YA-Romance-Mystery-Thriller-Dark-Contemporary

Secrets and survival in the Amazon

Emily Duran is the sole survivor of a plane crash that left her and her teenage friends stranded and alone in the jungles of the Amazon. Lost and losing hope, they struggle against the elements, and each other. With their familiar pecking order no longer in place, a new order emerges, filled with power struggles, betrayals, secrets and lies. Emily must explain why she’s the last left alive.

But can she carry the burden of the past?

Discover the gripping new adventure novel that explores who we are when no one is watching, and how far we’ll go in order to survive.


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It has been a great read, I really enjoyed, it’s a great survival, drama and mystery story

I want to thank James Morris for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review


The story is told in first person by the main character Emily who is the survivor of a tragic plane crash which has killed most of its crew, among them Emily’s school friends, leaving only 6 survivors, The plot tries to put the reader in 3 situations

The present: Where Emily is in the hospital struggling to get ahead after experiencing traumatic and loss situations , how she feels and all that recovery and the struggle that implies

The accident: These chapters try to place us at the scene of the plane crash, where these guys had to cope to survive in a very hostile place, doing what it takes to stay alive and find help

The past: In these chapters we know more deeply the stories of each character and we come to understand many of their actions later, these chapters are simply about the daily life and daily problems of these teenangels

I loved the writing style, I think it’s my favorite things, I found a very easy and quick read and that has been perfect, since it allowed me to come into to the plot without it becoming heavy in any moment

It’s super interesting to see how the characters personalities change as putting them in such an extreme situation, as surviving and how i’ts able to influence their decisions. We also have a variety of personalities in the plot that is fantastic, because you will always have someone with whom you will feel more attached, and it’s also interesting to see how such a traumatic situation influences each of their minds

I really appreciate how powerful the story is, the beginning is so compelling, I really propose that you read the first chapter and I assure you that you’ll not be able to put it down.

I felt very committed to Emily and the things that have happened to her and how she behaved during the most difficult times, it’s hard to read and it’s sad too, because it’s a true tragedy but still leaves you much learning and a feeling of improvement, it has been all an experience

The way the author is able to surprise you with plot twists and revelations is incredible, I didn’t see coming the things that happened, not at alI, so I’ve been left in shock in more than one occasion

I think that in summary the book explores the human mind and its actions in certain moments, and how then the person is able or not to leave behind all this to continue with their lives and the struggle that entails, it was a great job, I enjoyed it a lot and although I didn’t like all the romantic theme that the book has, I think the plot in general is super solid and I recommend it a lot, especially if you like survival stories, you can’t miss this one


4 / 5 Stars

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