Book Review: The Loveless Princess by Lilian Bodley

34608556Title: The Loveless Princess

By:  Llian Bodley

Published: May 3rd 2017

By: Less Than Three Press

Genre: YA-Fantasy-Romance-Historical

Princess Anette doesn’t love her fiancé, Prince Everett, and despite constant assurances from everyone around her, knows she never will. It’s not that he’s terrible, it’s simply that she doesn’t love anyone, or want to be with anyone, the way the rest of the world says she should.

But princesses must marry princes. She’s expected to have her proper happily ever after. So Annette tries her best to be happy in her new life—until she catches her husband with the stable boy, and in a moment of anger wishes Prince Everett would just disappear.

And then he does.


A Book A Thought (2)

Oh well wow, that was fast, I had no idea that the book was so short, I would call it a short story, because it only has 56 pages, which is crazy, it was clearly quick to read but it was, certainly, the opposite of what I expected

Anette is a princess, she’s forced to marry with prince Everest because it’s what every princess “is supposed to do”, but Anette can’t be less excited about it, in fact she doesn’t want to marry the prince and not just because she doesn’t knows him, but she doesn’t feel like loving anyone or falling in love with anyone, she’s an asexual character, which was super interesting to read.

Well despite everything, she has hopes that once she get married then she might get in love with the prince as her mother told her, but one night she discovers her husband and the stable man kissing each other, then she gets crazy and starts yelling things at him, she feels so frustrated because she has had to give up her life for him and she thinks that he has not even mattered in any way and after facing him she wants so much that he disappear, that in fact he does, and then she feels super guilty about and deside to undertake a trip to find him so that he can be happy next to the person he has chosen, which is not her, of course and it’s here when everything becomes a bit weird guys

I think that the story seeks to be original and different and that is wonderful I’ve never read about a main character like this one, so I was excited to see where this was going. I like the idea of Anette to think that happiness doesn’t have to go through a marriage nor to love someone, I think it’s a very advanced thinking for the time where the plot unfolds. I really liked the fact that the search for Anette is for the happiness of seconds and not for her own, that is very noble of her


Originally I thought this would be a revenge story , for some reason sounded like that, but in the end I ended up finding myself with a fairy tale which took me by surprise, I didn’t expect the magic at all, but yeah, we have much of that here. In her journey to find the prince, Anette met very peculiar, magical and somewhat creepy characters , that somehow help her achieve her goal

Once you get used to how strange this is, then you can enjoy it, on the other hand, for being so short ,we don’t have much time with the characters, so I only have first impressions of most of them.

Find a little absurd the fact that Anette didn’t wonder herself where all those magical moments came out, it was like something totally normal for a woman to appear in a tree and then she blinks and is next to her and she was like “I didn’t want to get married” lol .


I think she asked all the wrong questions during her trip, although I admire her bravery and audacity, she’s a real and daring girl so I think if I would have had more time with her maybe I would have enjoyed it more

In short, it’s a short story with a great diversity of characters, I think I understood where her want to reach and what the author wants to express with her plot, you don’t need a romantic love or have a relationship or get married or anything of it, to be happy, and that’s a good lesson, although it wasn’t what I expected, it was a bit confusing overall


2.5 / 5 Stars

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16 thoughts on “Book Review: The Loveless Princess by Lilian Bodley

  1. The description had me thinking it was going to be like some giant plot thing where someone was trying to get the prince out of the way so they could marry her instead (or take over somehow). It’s always hard to execute short stories well enough and it sounds like it ran into the usual problems (rushed plot, not getting to know the characters very well), although the premise sounded interesting. Maybe if the author had extended it into a full-length book it would’ve developed smoother. It’s a shame because the cover is really pretty. Great review!

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