Book Review : It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han


Title: It’s Not Summer Without You ( Summer 2#)

 By: Jenny Han

Published: May 5th 2011

By: Penguin

Genre:  YA – Romance – Contemporary

Can summer be truly summer without Cousins Beach?

It used to be that Belly counted the days until summer, until she was back at Cousins Beach with Conrad and Jeremiah. But not this year. Not after Susannah got sick again and Conrad stopped caring. Everything that was right and good has fallen apart, leaving Belly wishing summer would never come.

But when Jeremiah calls saying Conrad has disappeared, Belly knows what she must do to make things right again. And it can only happen back at the beach house, the three of them together, the way things used to be. If this summer really and truly is the last summer, it should end the way it started–at Cousins Beach.



3.5 / 5 Stars


“I will never look at you in the same way ever again. I’ll never be that girl again. The girl who comes running back every time you push her away, the girl who loves you anyway.”

I feel so many things inside of me for this book, and that is incredible because when a book makes you feel that way it’s because without doubt it has reached your heart.


Already from the beginning something very tragic and emotional happens so you feel hooked right away, broken my heart from the start, really after reading what had happened I was dying to know as the history would continue from there, for me this book was very difficult to put it down , it’s completely addictive and emotional

I had these hopes within me that Belly‘s attitude would change, she would mature, she would be less annoying and itsn’t what happened, in fact I’m somewhat disillusioned about it, I really wanted to give her a chance, but to be a girl of 16 years old I think she act most of the time as a girl of 10, she is quite capricious and immature, and the truth is that she doesn’t even think about the meaning of the things she says and does, she has a long way to go through yet .

Even with Belly being unbearable, I couldn’t let that stop me from enjoying this reading, again it’s so easy to read, so light and super sweet.

“How do you regret one of the best nights of your entire life? You don’t. You remember every word, every look. Even when it hurts, you still remember.”

I think that an easier way to explain this love triangle would be to compare it with The Vampire Diaries, I mean we have Elena (Belly) who knows that Stefan (Jeremiah) is her best option, that is, he loves her and cares for her, He will never treat her badly or let her be hurt, but then we have Damon (Conrad) who is so bad and is so angry with life, and does nothing more than hurt to all who want to help him, and one day he tells Elena (Belly) who loves her and then kisses her and you think, Omg they are perfecto! , And then he ruins everything and behaves like a child and I’m already very confused right now.


The thing is that I’m still waiting to know what is going throughConrad‘s head , I really want to believe that there is a good excuse behind his behavior, even so I have to confess that I can’t wait to see what will be his next move, this romance It has me addictive.

Jeremiah, again, is the sun that illuminates all these silly behaviors, he’s the most mature character of the book for me, he’s the most sensitive and he always thinks about everything else, I really love him, I don’t know how everything will end, but I really hope that will be good for him. He deserves it!

“That’s when I finally got it. I finally understood. It wasn’t the thought that counted. It was the actual execution that mattered, the showing up for somebody. The intent behind it wasn’t enough. Not for me. Not anymore. It wasn’t enough to know that deep down, he loved me. You had to actually say it to somebody, show them you cared. And he just didn’t. Not enough.”


I love the summer house scenes , I think they are the most beautiful and I’m glad Belly has returned there in this book too, because as things had ended in the first book and started in this I wasn’t sure what would happen, but makes me happy to return to the beach once more.

I also like to know a little more about Belly’s relationship with her mother, since they are so different, I found it super interesting, they share for me one of the strongest and hardest scenes of the book.

I was holding my breath for most of the book, so stay strong to go for it, Jenny is an amazing writer makes you feel so many things with so few pages, she’s amazing 🙂

“And no matter what you do or how hard you try, you can’t stop
yourself from dreaming.”


I want to the next book right now!
I’m very excited, I need to know that what will happend with the characters and how everything ends for them, I hope that well , because I know that I’ll miss them in the end.

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