Book Review : Black (Clashing Colors #1) By Elin Peer


Title : Black ( Clashing Colors #1)

By : Elin Peer

Published : September 18th 2016

By: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Genre : NA  – Contemporary – Romance – Dark.  ( Arc – Giveaway )

“Some people grow up with caring families, summer camps, and birthday parties.
Not me!
If you saw me, your first thought would be: Goth girl – and then you would look the other way, like everyone else.
But that’s okay, I get it, and I don’t care.
Caring is a luxury I can’t afford. My life isn’t about caring. It’s about surviving, and it’s been that way ever since I ran away from home seven years ago.”

When twenty-one-year old Black, is arrested for shoplifting, she’s forced to reach out to the father who never wanted anything to do with her. As expected, her father rejects her again, but to her surprise his younger stepbrother, Gabriel, a decorated war hero who has just returned from duty in Afghanistan, shows up, committed to do the right thing and help his new stepniece get back on her feet.

Can a man who gives and takes orders for a living help a rebel who breaks all rules and answers to no-one? And what happens when Black is forced to go into drug rehab with an unorthodox therapist whose methods are bat-shit crazy and require a parent to come along? Gabriel and Black hardly know each other, but when Gabriel offers to step up and replace his brother, things quickly get intense between them.

This book is intended for mature readers only, as it contains a few graphic scenes and some inappropriate language.

The Clashing Colors series consists of five separate stories. For the best reading experience and to avoid spoilers this is the recommended order to read them in.

Clashing Colors 1 – Black
Clashing Colors 2 – Violet – November 2016
Clashing Colors 3 – Green – December 2016
Clashing Colors 4 – Blue – February 2017
Clashing Colors 5 – Yellow -March 2017



3 / 5 Stars


This book is very deep and a little weird somtimes

From the beginning I found this super interesting plot abou a girl with a very hard life that had to fend for herself in the streets without knowing what the familiar love is, without anyone to worry about her, with this mother who made horrible things with her , and this absent father that never helped her in any way , the truth that there was a lot of material to stay hooked with the story.
On the other hand we have a soldier who just comes back from the war and turns out to be Black’s uncle (our protagonist). And when he learns that he has a niece and is in trouble, he does not hesitate to go for her, this would be the beginning of everything, then the plot focuses on the development of the relationship between Gabriel and Black

And this is when my problem with the book begins, I thought the book would try of the overcoming of this girl, to solve her personal and family problems, drugs and more.
But the truth that the plot all the time is centered between these two characters , and although the secondary characters make their appearance is quite flat and somehow I feel that I can’t never deepen what I was so interested in knowing, which was Black knowing her family, the acceptance between them and for her, well , what happened was a lot of sexual tension between the characters, some moments became absurd, when illogical things began to happen, in order to make these characters find themselves in a sexual position somewhat uncomfortable. I mean, I found many “coincidences” where the characters had to perform a sexual task between them, which was something that at first I took as a joke, and I laughed about but then kept happening and I was there as SERIOUSLY ?.

So I was quite a bit annoyed by the absurdity of all this situation, but then the book takes up quite a bit of the original plot, and I managed to finish by saying, “Yes this was good”, it was a good read about acceptance and personal growth.
It was not what I expected, but they could enjoy it if they are looking for a light reading, something sexual, and with a style of writing very easy to read.

I want to highlight again that, the writing was very easy to read and I’ve enjoy that, so I would surely like to read again something by Elin Peer , especially I would continue with this series, because I think is so original the idea of putting titles of colors and that everything has a meaning, is very intelligent. I feel quite curious about the next “Violet”, because we know this character in this book and I’ve loved her :).

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2 thoughts on “Book Review : Black (Clashing Colors #1) By Elin Peer

  1. […] I was so excited when I won this book, even so, and sadly I didnt feel the same way when I read it, although at first this seemed to be a great story, deep and serious, I think it wasn’t with what I ended up finding, I have to say that the writing has been very easy to read, which is great, but in the end the plot hasn’t been able to catch me as I think it would, I find myself on quite absurd moments that I couldn’t overcome. If you want to know more I’ll leave you my review HERE […]


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