First post ever! & Book Tag!

I’m very excited to start with this blog, I have so many plans for it, I’ll try to invest a lot of my time here and make something nice and interesting for all of you.

First, I want to thank the people who have supported me to start with the blog, it is very important for me that kind of love and trust that they give me.

I was thinking about how I could start and I thought that with a book tag it would be fun, so I was inventing a little and I found this one that I think is super ingenious, besides, that is perfect for that you all begin to know me a little bit.

Book Tag : “A Book…”


A Book… that started you in the reading world



This book is just so incredible!.
I don’t even remember why it was that I decided to read it haha, but I certainly frame a before and after in myself. Without a doubt, he started my trip for the reading world and I’m very proud to say it, in fact, I’m dying to re-read it some day.


A Book… to which you would write it another ending


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This is definitely the book that I’d change the ending , I loved the first parts , I lived very passionately these books, because I love Colleen Hoover, but that end guys, it was a big disappointment.

These are very short books, and although the end didn’t like me at all, I’d recommend the first ones, since they are full of suspense, maybe something be diferent for you.


A Book… that you would have liked to write



This is an obligation to read, guys , this book is a masterpiece. You have to read it!

After reading it I need so many kleenex, that’s for sure, but I realized that maybe it’s the book that has made me feel more things in my life, one of my absolute favorites.
Raw, real, exciting and wonderfully written by Queen CoHo.


A Book… ofย which there is a movie, which you hated and loved


I have mixed feelings wih this book, I found it very
original and I give it points for that, but on the other hand the characters have seemed quite flat to me, so, for the moment, I’m not interested in continuing with the series.
The film, this time, for me , was better than the book.


A Book… that you would like for a film




This was so difficult to choose, there are many books that I would love to someone make a film about, but right now I think a movie of this trilogy would be fantastic.
There are high impact scenes, lots of action, dangerous vampires more the kind of animal side ones than the human.
In short, it would be an incredible movie


A Book… whose cover you liked the most and why



I don’t think this book needs much explanation, just by seeing it you know why I chose it.

Not only it’s one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen, but it’s also my favorite book of the trilogy, so it also has a sentimental value in me. Even so, it’s a beauty


A Book… in which you would like to live and, if you could be a character, which would you be.



I would love to live in the shadow hunters world , especially at the time of these books and to be Tessa would be incredible. Can you imagine?, be Bane’s friend , be Will’s wife, live in that world full of magic, live as much as she. I don’t need to say more, do I?


A Book… that you couldn’t stop reading



I’ve read this book 3 times, two in spanish and one in english, and I would read it again. It’s one of the first books I’ve read and it’s super special to me. I love the plot, the characters and I wouldn’t stop to recommending it.

A story of discovery, revelations, love and hope.


I hope you liked it!, I’d like to know what you think. Feel free to leave your comment. XOXO


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